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Who Has Ever Heard Of Illuminati ?

Do you believe that Illuminati still exists ? Think about our history, blue blood lines, and wanting to keep  family power alive and govern the world in a certain  controlled direction.  They infiltrate all areas of the government, CIA, All levels or organizations.  TV, the music industry , are two of the many areas they are degrading to destroy a stand up society.  What you see and hear influences you and if the standards keep getting lower and lower, slowly you accept all the crap, and are left with no backbone to fight.  Children’s promiscuity at such early ages 9 and 10, where do you think that comes from ? They are bombarded by the crap that they watch.  TV is getting worse and worse.  There is exploitation of children shows, women, and we allow it.  We are so blinded by the infiltration  agenda to dummy us down,  TV choices, paying attention to what the real message is.

A couple of years ago parents were up in arms with Disney, boycotting them for their subliminal messages of sex in their movies.  Things are put in there purposefully.  Music videos and lyrics can tell a very different story if you are paying attention.

In music Tupac Shakur wrote about the secret society, illuminati and how it was still well and alive today. He is revered for all the truth he put into his music, he was a smart man and he made people think.  He comes from a humble activist lineage. ( Geronimo Pratt, mom, Afeni) This is a great article, take a look back in history, this behavior , this society has been here for a long time. This is a video to watch, however for children it is not suitable, it has profanity.


Shooting That Killed Children In Conneticut

The horrible school shooting of innocent children is unspeakable.  Animals, children, the elderly are a no no on my list of people to harm.  I am in no way advocating to hurt anyone, however, in fighting you fight people your own size, able to defend themselves.

There are people who snap, and then there are people that have issues for many years.  Mental health, the mind is a powerful thing, and not everything will have answers.

I had a brief conversation with my brother and his wife regarding  guns.  It should always ignite conversation about what is going on in our country, how to improve it ( when our bill of rights come into question, write to your congressman ) .  Anytime something horrible of this magnitude happens it gives government the opportunity to take more of our freedoms away, we have to think that  bad things are going to happen, however we can take action to solve it in a logical way, to lower incidents or the access to them.  The NRA was established for a reason, it is not a bunch of shoot em up fanatics, they stand for our freedom and our protection.  My boyfriend had a great idea of arming teachers .  Train teachers to use a gun,or have some form of weapon to defend themselves and their students.  Our  2nd  amendment  in the United States Constitution is the right to bear arms and that is not negotiable. I want and I have the right to protect myself against my government, or any hostile take over. There is no discussion, guns do not kill people, people kill people.

Bindi Irwin Is My Kind Of Human Being

What is Ms. Erwin  up to these days ? Her father was a captivating soul, and its apparent she has part of him as well.  Bindi, what an extraordinary conservationist, this young lady, living amongst nature and its beautiful animals fighting and educating the world about the importance of wildlife in her parents Australia Zoo.  All her works of art, are for making a better life for the animals, and the environment they inhabit.

I’m Battling With T Mobile Over A Recurring Charge

At the end of June this year I switched my cell phone service from T Mobile To Straight Talk. I wanted more freedom of usage, with ST I have unlimited everything for $45.00 a month. I know offers are changing again and I will eventually make another switch.  I do not like being locked into anything regarding cell phones.

I had gone with a Non contract, non binding account with T Mobile, I did not want to be locked down especially since offers and services become cheaper, little did I know That T Mobile would charge me a recurring fee after the fact.  I was sent a letter with ” we regret your cancellation and there is a remaining balance of $48.42″ I had my last monthly charge to pay, never was there any other charges included in my letter.   Well then I get another bill due by 8/21/12 in amount of 96.78, the added 39.99 recurring charge and taxes totaling 48.36.  I was upset and called them and the customer service rep was not budging. I explained my case and  she insisted I still had to pay it. Well instead of asking to speak to someone with more authority I was upset and did not.  I let it go, I felt powerless going up against the big company, looking back that was a mistake for me to feel or think that way.  I have excellent credit, I have never had problems, delinquency, paying for what I use.   I let it go and then in late October T mobile turned my account over to Diversified Consultants .  I got a letter from them that I have 30 days to dispute or they will consider debt valid.  So I proceeded to fax them a letter with the additional 10 pages of correspondence from T Mobile pleading my case.  I’m  offended that I have to take these measures ( I will own that I did not follow up after my unresolved call with T Mobile)  So It is a waiting game now.

My purpose is not to hate on T Mobile, they are a business that provides service to the masses, and because they do, they have to be professional to all, everyone has a different situation.

What Does Memorial Day Mean To You ?

I’m sure there are a variety of answers, opinions for the significance of Memorial Day.  For those of us that defend land , humans , countries, oceans, animals, we all fight for a cause however, not everyone is willing to risk their lives for that cause.   I see many different types of heroes and to fight for your country is among those.  Generation through generation warriors are passed down and they should be thought of.

Mr. Assange, Are You Helping Bradley Manning ?

So I was having a little chat Wednesday about Julian Assange’s new show and the conversation  brought back up Bradley Manning.  Even though Mr. Assange was not the one to turn him over, is he planning on helping Mr. Manning ?  Are the two related to WikiLeaks ?  Remember the news coverage of the hacker Adrian Lamo who chatted with Bradley via internet and turned him in to authorities, is Mr. Lamo connected to WikiLeaks or did he operate solo?  There are some of you who have moved on from the whole WikiLeaks scandal however there are lives at stake, and not all of  the information regarding the involvement is transparent.  I hope more information and aid to Mr. Manning will be forthcoming.

I Want Bees To Stick Around

Back in December of 2009 I blogged about The Bee Movie and what a great message it sent of how significantly important bees are to being a sole source of food for all of us.  It is 2012 and there is still a decline in the population.  IBRA which is researching the loss in bees, have found there discovery to be ,  CCD,  the Varroa mite , bad weather,  and the use of chemical pesticides.  I hope they get to the bottom of it so we can keep the colonies and the bees healthy for every-ones sake.

The Inflex Of Terrible Destructive Tornadoes

What is going on with the increase in tornadoes that are appearing more frequently?  The Midwest  and parts of the south have been trampled over by the tornadoes.   Some Scientist are taking their ques from nature, plants and animals migrating to regions that were not an inhabited climate for them before.  Not everyone agrees with Al Gore’s assessment on global warming .  There is always a financial driven agenda,  each side has scientists and investors making a buck,  staying or believing in our status quo or going the better  route.

Florida’s Home Insured Are Getting Dumped By Allstate

A selected 120,000 people in Florida and a huge total of others around various state coastlines are taking a hit, losing their Allstate homeowners  insurance.  This has been in the process for several years, what is going on ?   The insured payed into a possible risk occurring to their property worth thousands of dollars through the coarse of 30+ years and now having their coverage dropped, giving  thousands of their accumulated dollars to the insurance company.  It seems crooked, illegal for Allstate to close up shop and leave with all unclaimed , unused  insured money.  The west coast has earthquakes, the east has hurricanes, so why would a company who insures homes bail ?  There is slim pickings for homeowners who live in natural disaster zones,  I came across Citizens Insurance,  covering people in Florida and Louisiana.

The  unfavorable 2008 bailout caused a tornado with upside down mortgages and home insurance.  There are people who walked away from their homes, or where fraudulently put in foreclosure.  When is the housing mess going to be straightened out and prosecution procedures started ?


I Like My Bill’s

Bill McKibben was instrumental along with NRDC  and U.S. citizens to stop the Canadian pipeline through the U.S. for now.  Another battle that is not over yet !

Bill Moyers has brought great journalism to us on and off through the years on PBS.  One of his many great pieces was The Secret Government, The constitution in crisis, regarding the lies we have been told about the wars we have been in, and the overthrowing of heads of state up until the late 80’s.  Was The cold war (started 1945) a catalyst or opportunity for the covert creation of the NSA  and CIA ?  The U.S. started so many secret operations  before they became wars, the Korean war (1950) then followed the Vietnam war (1959) and later the Iran Contra ( 1985) affair with  Oliver North .

In Iran (1953) The U.S. CIA orchestrated the removal of Mohammad Mosaddegh because he wanted Iran to control oil in their country not the British companies within Iran.

Guatemala (1954) Jacobo Arbenz was removed, replaced by colonel Castillo Armas  because he gave the peasants of his country land to live on that the United Fruit Company owned.

Cuba (1961), we wanted to remove Castro, assassinate him, our government turned to the mob for hire and then in 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Watergate (1970)

Chile (1973) Salvador Allende was booted out of presidency by U.S.

Allen Dulles and his brother John were a big influence in carrying out the orders for those many secret attacks.  What do you think about the CIA, NSA acting as a separate entity, above the law, accessing what they think other countries should be doing, benefiting the bottom line?

Look at where we are today, still removing heads of state only to put others who are far worse in their place.  The citizens of those countries are outraged, they have lived under a certain rule and then our covert ops orchestrate an up-rise, removing  their ruler by  replacing him with a real dictatorship, killing their people, for our own agenda.  They claim we go in to these countries to make them democratic, BS,  they end up worse off.  Hopefully we still question the wars and the illegal behaviors that go against our Constitution.  I’m looking forward to the day we (citizens) stop the wars and  hold our people accountable for violating their own U.S. Laws.