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Mr. Assange, Are You Helping Bradley Manning ?

So I was having a little chat Wednesday about Julian Assange’s new show and the conversation  brought back up Bradley Manning.  Even though Mr. Assange was not the one to turn him over, is he planning on helping Mr. Manning ?  Are the two related to WikiLeaks ?  Remember the news coverage of the hacker Adrian Lamo who chatted with Bradley via internet and turned him in to authorities, is Mr. Lamo connected to WikiLeaks or did he operate solo?  There are some of you who have moved on from the whole WikiLeaks scandal however there are lives at stake, and not all of  the information regarding the involvement is transparent.  I hope more information and aid to Mr. Manning will be forthcoming.

I Want Bees To Stick Around

Back in December of 2009 I blogged about The Bee Movie and what a great message it sent of how significantly important bees are to being a sole source of food for all of us.  It is 2012 and there is still a decline in the population.  IBRA which is researching the loss in bees, have found there discovery to be ,  CCD,  the Varroa mite , bad weather,  and the use of chemical pesticides.  I hope they get to the bottom of it so we can keep the colonies and the bees healthy for every-ones sake.

The Inflex Of Terrible Destructive Tornadoes

What is going on with the increase in tornadoes that are appearing more frequently?  The Midwest  and parts of the south have been trampled over by the tornadoes.   Some Scientist are taking their ques from nature, plants and animals migrating to regions that were not an inhabited climate for them before.  Not everyone agrees with Al Gore’s assessment on global warming .  There is always a financial driven agenda,  each side has scientists and investors making a buck,  staying or believing in our status quo or going the better  route.

Florida’s Home Insured Are Getting Dumped By Allstate

A selected 120,000 people in Florida and a huge total of others around various state coastlines are taking a hit, losing their Allstate homeowners  insurance.  This has been in the process for several years, what is going on ?   The insured payed into a possible risk occurring to their property worth thousands of dollars through the coarse of 30+ years and now having their coverage dropped, giving  thousands of their accumulated dollars to the insurance company.  It seems crooked, illegal for Allstate to close up shop and leave with all unclaimed , unused  insured money.  The west coast has earthquakes, the east has hurricanes, so why would a company who insures homes bail ?  There is slim pickings for homeowners who live in natural disaster zones,  I came across Citizens Insurance,  covering people in Florida and Louisiana.

The  unfavorable 2008 bailout caused a tornado with upside down mortgages and home insurance.  There are people who walked away from their homes, or where fraudulently put in foreclosure.  When is the housing mess going to be straightened out and prosecution procedures started ?


I Like My Bill’s

Bill McKibben was instrumental along with NRDC  and U.S. citizens to stop the Canadian pipeline through the U.S. for now.  Another battle that is not over yet !

Bill Moyers has brought great journalism to us on and off through the years on PBS.  One of his many great pieces was The Secret Government, The constitution in crisis, regarding the lies we have been told about the wars we have been in, and the overthrowing of heads of state up until the late 80’s.  Was The cold war (started 1945) a catalyst or opportunity for the covert creation of the NSA  and CIA ?  The U.S. started so many secret operations  before they became wars, the Korean war (1950) then followed the Vietnam war (1959) and later the Iran Contra ( 1985) affair with  Oliver North .

In Iran (1953) The U.S. CIA orchestrated the removal of Mohammad Mosaddegh because he wanted Iran to control oil in their country not the British companies within Iran.

Guatemala (1954) Jacobo Arbenz was removed, replaced by colonel Castillo Armas  because he gave the peasants of his country land to live on that the United Fruit Company owned.

Cuba (1961), we wanted to remove Castro, assassinate him, our government turned to the mob for hire and then in 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Watergate (1970)

Chile (1973) Salvador Allende was booted out of presidency by U.S.

Allen Dulles and his brother John were a big influence in carrying out the orders for those many secret attacks.  What do you think about the CIA, NSA acting as a separate entity, above the law, accessing what they think other countries should be doing, benefiting the bottom line?

Look at where we are today, still removing heads of state only to put others who are far worse in their place.  The citizens of those countries are outraged, they have lived under a certain rule and then our covert ops orchestrate an up-rise, removing  their ruler by  replacing him with a real dictatorship, killing their people, for our own agenda.  They claim we go in to these countries to make them democratic, BS,  they end up worse off.  Hopefully we still question the wars and the illegal behaviors that go against our Constitution.  I’m looking forward to the day we (citizens) stop the wars and  hold our people accountable for violating their own U.S. Laws.

60 Minutes, Citizens, It’s Not Over Yet !

We have to give huge credit to 60 Minutes for bringing attention to it, and the citizens who signed the petition, or wrote to their state representatives to stop the STOCK Act, it passed in Congress, so lets see what happens !   I  hope the bill is not tweaked in their favor, it must stand to the strict adherence of no insider trading or political intelligence.  President Obama must pass it in its original context, no loopholes !

It is not over yet, we need to put pressure on Congress.   Take a look and watch last nights John Stewart with Congress woman Louise Slaughter .  My head was on fire on how Congress wants to appease us by a charade of a revision of the bill.  It is illegal, for goodness sake, for them to do insider trading and leak it to wall street, with their inside insight to political intelligence.

Google Our Global History

Slavery, Homosexuality, Native Indians, Women’s suffrage, Holocaust these are horrible events in history that occurred to groups of people, that are still happening today.  Have we made sufficient steps toward human rights ?  We still have a disconnect, ignorance, today we need to get the facts,  build our knowledge, and use it as our weapon to fight all the harmful laws being set in motion.  Do not get distracted, or uninterested, we are suppose to be doing better now, and  for generations that follow.  Facts can not be ignored, nor  the people taking stands throughout our history and today.

Slave trade  has existed since the biblical times, and it still does all over the world, including Africa.   America, Europe did not step foot in Africa and capture the natives,  Africans already had its own people enslaved, it was a money making business, they sold their people to Europeans and America.  America got a lot of free labor during slavery,  it provided a tremendous amount of rapid development and growth for the U.S.  African Americans were strategically bred to produce the toughest, strongest labor force workers.    It is unreal to think of the different treatment African Americans experienced in the north of  the U.S. verses the south.  The 13th amendment was added in 1865 .   Slavery was abolished however the blacks still had more freedom in the north and it depended on what state they lived in.  The south had  introduced the Black Codes  during 1865 and then the Jim Crow Laws from 1876-1965, keeping blacks segregated from the rest of  Americans.  Human trafficking still exists today.

Homosexuality has existed for centuries.  Gays , Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders have been around a very long time, they did not just come out of no where.   Genealogy, DNA , is a make up of where we come from through many centuries of our history.

Native Indians were the first to live in America.  Eventually, the Europeans came over and settled over most of their land.  Indians are an indigenous people that have been treated unjustly and have struggled within their own culture due to the stripping away of their society and heritage in America.

Women were not allowed to vote in America until 1920 when the  19th amendment was placed in the constitution.  There are still a couple of countries where women are not allowed to vote, Saudi Arabia is one of them.

During the holocaust (1941) 5million to 6millon Jews were killed in Germany,  and around Europe.  It is astonishing the antisemitism strategy that Hitler orchestrated.  Jews were living together with the German community and it all came to change.  Jews were targeted by Nuremberg Laws,  their rights  taken away, eventually escalating  to their lives.  Genocide is still occurring today in countries.

Groups have been owned,  oppressed, segregated, killed, for what?   There has always been a group singled out and that should not be.  We are all different, that has been a given for centuries, so why do we continue the battles with race, religion, gender, sexuality, when we all come from the same creation ?  When will we start to care about the facts of our history, remembering them today, verses  living a  bigot, ignorant , misinformed life ?  Make an informed decision, a stance on the facts, the root of its origin.

They say evil has to exist to balance the good.  Which is worse ignorance or evil?  People have always fought for each other, or causes, except not enough in numbers.

Football Fans vs Super Bowl, Commercial Fans

Super Bowl day is here, out of (32 teams) it is down to 2.  The NFL is a huge money making organization, is there any wonder it just had a lockout, the third one in the last 32 years ?  I do not follow professional or college football.

I enjoy  S B commercials, and boy do corporations put up some serious money for the advertising slots.  Nowadays there is a big population of people watching everything on the internet with online advertisement.  I wonder  what the Nielsen ratings are going to look like today?

National Security Archives At Our Fingertips

Scott Armstrong is the man to thank for this gift originating in 1985. The National Security Archive stores declassified U.S. Government files.  You can click on the link National Security Archive and it will take you directly to their website to research on line through years of what really happened in our foreign affairs.  You can also go to the research and archival institution at George Washington University in D.C and check it out for yourself !  There are many avenues in this massive collaborative tool, the internet, or your local library !

If you are on the internet,  there is a wealth of information that is available to find.  I think it is everyone’s duty to research everything !  It matters when our government has been operating in secrecy for over 50 + years, worsening our liberties with our Constitution’ s 27 amendments (changes)  the new bills that come to exist.    Some of the changes (infringing on our freedom)  to our Constitution, Bills that have been passed,  happened on our watch, we did not stop them !  We can not afford to do nothing anymore, we have to act on the changes we want to see !

Congress is still working on the SOPA and The STOCK Act bills.  We have to stay on top of what our Legislative, Executive and Judicial  branch is introducing to the country.

Jury Duty, What Is The Experience?

I watched 12 angry men last night for the first time, enjoyed it ! ( I was summoned this year for jury duty however, did not serve). This film should be a requirement, a must see for people  to understand the full scope of being a juror.

After the famous case verdict here in the U.S.,  it caused a big uproar in citizens to question our legal system.  (It has been in question for many years, way before that case) I question it.  Look at the amount of innocent people that are found guilty, serve half or 3/4 of their sentencing, then are released for never having been guilty in the first place.

The movie is spot on about the paramount components to consider everything that takes place in a courtroom, the attorneys, evidence, witnesses, jurors.  One major problem is that most people are never really objective, letting personal influences get in the way.

When I was waiting in the room during the jury pool selection process, it was amazing to see the ratio of men to women being called.  I Did not know whether it was for a civil or criminal case, my mind started to wonder why attorneys go to such great links to get that specific juror.  It really seems to create a sense of an orchestrated process being rigged.