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Jacksonville On My Mind And On Google Maps !

By: Nat on February 14, 2015

I get to share with my family here and abroad the actual locations, places I lived or went to in Jacksonville, Florida. Riverside was one of my favorite areas of Jacksonville. I lived in several places throughout Riverside. I lived off of Hendricks St.  I use to walk the streets in the neighborhood and would frequent St Johns Ave.  I ate at Biscottis regularly.   At one point I resided off Riviera Parkway  apartments on  the water on  the right hand side. I would eat lunch at the Jacksonville Landing when I worked at the  State Employees Credit Union (used to be Government Employees Credit Union).  I also lived off Riverside Ave.  I lived in Jacksonville from 1990 to 2001.  I met some amazing people and friends there.  It is a place that holds fond memories in my heart.

Today is Valentines Day and I have a lot of love, not only for my honey bunny, for my family and friends who have demonstrated and been an extension of love.

Pensacola, Florida Flood, And Its Surrounding Communities

By: Nat on June 1, 2014

Pensacola, my home town, suffered a big, massive flood on April 29, 30 2014,  we got at least 18 inches of rain, just rain, however neighboring neighborhoods got several feet because of low lying land.  Governor Rick Scott declared Florida a state of emergency .  A lot of residents have lost their homes, many are having to reconstruct theirs, tearing out sheet rock, throwing out furnishings, personal memorabilia,  so far it has affected 3200  residents and businesses.

There is a link in the PNJ website to charity, volunteer groups in the Escambia , Santa Rosa, Okaloosa communities.  For example in Pensacola, manna food pantries  was affected with the flood they need help restocking their shelves to help feed the needy within the community.

Who is covered for flood insurance ?  Most people who live near or on the water get  coverage through their homeowners insurance.  With all the hurricanes and coastal water in Florida, insurance companies make it very expensive to get coverage because they do not want to pay out or get wiped out( go bankrupt).  For people who live in water free zones that coverage was not necessary, so what happens now?  Will residential homes and businesses get assistance from FEMA ? Will they get assistance period?

Here is a list of all types of insurance companies in the United States. ( home health , car, travel. workers compensation etc…)  All this coverage and yet normally we do not get what we pay in to these insurance policies.  Something is mathematically wrong, just wrong period.






Nat’s New Job

By: Nat on March 30, 2013

I work between a 6 to 12 hour day, five days a week ( I’m sure in the summer it will be 6 days a week).  I enjoy mostly everything about it,( the only downside is breathing in dust, pollen debris in leaves, grass and plants)  I drive a truck with a trailer, and I travel all areas of Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, and Gulf Breeze.

It keeps me very busy so I do not have a lot of down time to think about my Sandy.   My brother in- law is fighting his battle with cancer.  It is very upsetting that our globe is over run with a high number of individuals and animals affected with cancer.

Something is very wrong with cancer running rampant across the globe, and no cure, after countless years of study.  I do not buy it.

Oil Drilling In Black Water River

By: Nat on February 4, 2013

What do locals in Escambia, Santa Rosa County, who live near and frequent the Black Water River think of this plan ? Doug Broxson a Florida state representative, has re introduced  the bill, last time a gentleman by the name of Clay Ford had introduced it and it was killed. They are using bringing jobs, to make it attractive,  really, who guarantees that the natural forest will not be harmed, and land around it.

I watched Promised Land last night and, I wanted to see how far they had come from the documentary GasLand.  I wrote a blog on Dec 8, 2010 about Josh Fox on fracking.  He is back  making a follow up documentary GasLand II, I can not wait.  He is causing more waves, watch the linked video from Democracy Now.  He has been speaking about this for several years now, the very real and grave concern of gas drilling, the documented reports of contamination and undisclosed truths of land, air, water, pollution.

Another Family Get Together

By: Nat on December 31, 2012

We went out to Freeport again yesterday and spent the day with my boyfriends family.  It is amazing to see they are 5 brothers with their own personalities and stories within their family.  Siblings all have a different experience in their own lives, in and out of their family dynamic. Time, age, experience, are all variables in this game of life.  Our reality vs what we perceive to be true within ourselves and those around us is a challenge, and can be a little biased instead, of more objective.


Going To See My Boyfriends Brothers Today !!

By: Nat on December 28, 2012

I’m excited, he has 4 older brothers and they are all meeting in the Freeport area. (Two live out of town and one out of state). It does not happen very often. I hope to hear about their parents and childhood family experiences and their current ones.  From being with my boyfriend, I have an idea of the amazing parents he had.  I hope this puts fire under their butts to meet more often, and not just when there is an illness.  They are all very smart intellectual boys, and it comes from a lineage in their family tree.  The lineage is what is left behind and its nice to see how it progresses, and you have to be in the loop to see that wonder happen.

I Went Skydiving !!

By: Nat on November 21, 2012

I went skydiving for my first time on Nov. 10, two weeks ago !   We traveled to  DeFuniak Springs, Fl, where there is a huge hanger  20 + acres of land, just beautiful open country.  We were greeted by the owners of skydivelive Melanie and her husband Jim and her team of instructors.  A nice welcoming family team.

We had to watch standard video on the risk of jumping,  you sign a waiver knowing the possible outcome.  I had no fear, no worries.  Then we proceeded to meet our instructors who put us into our gear, that was provided.  They explained having to strap you in tight and the several positions you would make during the jump.  They were very professional , I did not have many questions, most of it is simple easy rules to follow.

Your first several jumps are tandem, before you jump solo with a instructor next to you.

It was a short and amazing experience.  I analyze everything and because I did not know what to expect or how to feel, it went really quick.  There were about 5 other jumpers besides us, jumping solo, one was  a wingsuit jump.   We were all straddling the two benches in the plane, Melanie the owner, is still active in the military,  flew us into the sky for our jump.  Four jumpers went before me.  The wingsuit  jumper was jumping last.  So I am at the door with high winds and I’m looking out below me, not scared,  and the instructors yells go !  The first 60 seconds of free fall,  did not register for me.  Once the parachute was pulled I got to float in the sky and take it all in. We jumped 13000 feet,  it is the highest sky jump  we found in our area.  It’s a nice experience.

I will post video as soon as I can !

I Like My Ice Cream, Especially During Hot Summers

By: Nat on July 8, 2012

Went on another afternoon motorcycle ride out to Pace and then on the way back stopped at Dairy queen off scenic highway for a chocolate dipped cone.  I remember when I was younger (12-13) living in Pensacola and my dad would take us to DQ, I got chocolate dipped cones back then too.  I never went for the super loaded ice cream with sprinkles, syrups,  I was pretty simple.  I was still conservative then with food, I was never over the top.

Florida’s Home Insured Are Getting Dumped By Allstate

By: Nat on February 23, 2012

A selected 120,000 people in Florida and a huge total of others around various state coastlines are taking a hit, losing their Allstate homeowners  insurance.  This has been in the process for several years, what is going on ?   The insured payed into a possible risk occurring to their property worth thousands of dollars through the coarse of 30+ years and now having their coverage dropped, giving  thousands of their accumulated dollars to the insurance company.  It seems crooked, illegal for Allstate to close up shop and leave with all unclaimed , unused  insured money.  The west coast has earthquakes, the east has hurricanes, so why would a company who insures homes bail ?  There is slim pickings for homeowners who live in natural disaster zones,  I came across Citizens Insurance,  covering people in Florida and Louisiana.

The  unfavorable 2008 bailout caused a tornado with upside down mortgages and home insurance.  There are people who walked away from their homes, or where fraudulently put in foreclosure.  When is the housing mess going to be straightened out and prosecution procedures started ?


Wednesday Was The Year Anniversary of Oil Rig Exploding

By: Nat on April 22, 2011

Earth Day Today !!  Please think about our natural resources , how public and free they are.  We share space and we need to protect and care for them.

There is still a lot of oil out in the Gulf of Mexico that will be around for a while.  I know that Louisiana marshes are still in a very bad state.  Here in Pensacola there is tar still being washed up on the beaches on a lesser scale for now.  There is a group of  approximately 100 oil spill workers cleaning tar balls around the surrounding beaches in escambia county and santa rosa county.

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