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Attended Nephews Two Baseball Games This Week

I went to Bryce’s  Tuesday night and last nights game.  Focusing on him individually, he likes to hit and not walk, he loves to slide into his bases.  I must say it does come in handy, he had two close calls , baseman caught ball however was not able to tag Bryce because he slid in low.  He pitched two innings last night, struck a couple players out, he needs to follow through on his throw, he holds back his power.  I think he gets derailed with the batter.  If he is not pitching he is playing first baseman.  It is nice to watch the team work together as well, they won both their games.

The Anniversary of My Cousin Mike

My father, along with other family,  met up in Washington D.C.  for my cousin Mike’s memorial, March 14th.  It is hard to believe a year has come and gone.  My cousin was a son and a husband.  I would have loved to have had talks,discussions with Mike.  Since I do not have children, I can not process what the loss of a child does to a parent.  My uncle Dean has had to experience his first year.  I have shared my sister-in-laws experience with death as well.  Is the effect of loss the same, or is there a difference between losing a parent, child, sibling, partner, niece or nephew, friend?  Each relationship is different, and they are all important.

I Went Boating A Couple of Weeks Ago

The last time I can remember being on a boat  was with my family on my dads boat around 10 years old, and sailed in the same area.   I was invited and thrilled at the opportunity, I went with another couple and our dogs.  The dogs had a blast although my dog was not overly thrilled speeding on the boat, between the noise of the motor and the bouncing she was a little leery and a little new to the experience.  It is amazing how dogs are so aware they are not on solid ground.  The water in the bay was much dirtier than when we got to the opening of the gulf.  We ended up driving out to Fort McRree , we docked and took a stroll.  The dogs frolicked, jumped in and out of the water. It was a nice glimpse into the warmer weather approaching.  Having the beautiful scenery of a clear blue sky, dolphins swimming around us, white sand, priceless.   I did not see any signs of oil, tar while walking, however in the bay area I was not sure.

My Nephews Last Basketball Game This Year

So my nephew Bryce( who is 9) had his last Basketball game(tournament) last night.  His first year playing for his school,and he is a natural(and I am not being biased).  I was there  on the edge of my seat, clapping, shouting, and probably annoying people in front of me.  I Love being supportive with whatever he is involved in(or any of my little ones), its funny because  I do not watch college or professional basket ball yet I was glued, engaged on what was going on the court.  It’s thrilling to see the youth in their pre- stages of athletic abilities and to wonder what may become of them.  They lost 14 to 28 (coming in 4th in tournament) however his team played  cohesively well through out the season.  I’m proud of his sportsmanship, dedication, and drive !


Next is baseball !!!


Introducing Max, Sandy’s Pal

Max is my sisters dog, and Sandy has been spending a great deal of time with him.   Max is a rescued dog from Katrina.  It is a shame that during hurricanes, fires  etc…a lot of animals get left behind.   The two buddies are quite a pair.  Size does not get in the way of their play dates!

Happy Belated Birthday Jessica!!!!

Jessica turned 15 on March 14th.  She is becoming an adult,  facing new responsibilities and choices of  Universities.  She got her permit and will embark in a year of partnership driving and  drivers education.  I wish you safety and skills in defensive driving.  I still have 5 to 7 years before my nephews get behind the wheel.  A big population of motor vehicle drivers tend to be on autopilot while operating dangerous machinery. Everyone driving needs to pay attention on the road.  It is a challenge just driving sober, without phones or all the other distractions.  I just mentioned a few weeks back that my cousin passed away from a head on collision.

A Hard Goodbye To The Binky

My Sister-in-law informed me that my nephew Landon ( will be 2 in June) has been without his pacifier since this Monday, today is the 4th day!  Way to go little guy!  Her strategy was to tell him that Binky went bye bye.  My niece Madison is 2 and binky is still used.  Parents come up with clever strategies to change behaviors, also keep in mind children have different personalities and learning curves.  Basically to parents, do not feel like your child is behind, you know your child better than any leading authority.  It is amazing how some children skip pacifier stage.  It is written in parenting books that after a certain age it can hinder a child’s speech abilities.

The Top Reader In His 2nd Grade Class, My Nephew Bryce!!!!!

My buddy called the other day with such self accomplishment of being the top reader in his 2nd grade division.  I got to hear the smile  through his voice, which was a special gift to me.   I’m a proud Aunt !  I told him that his award was a big deal.  Reading is a tool for life.  As we all know, the US Literacy rate is in the toilet.  Kids need to be motivated and inspired regarding their reading abilities, their education, period!

To My Uncle Dean

My family and I got word Sunday, March 14th that  my cousin Mike died in a head on collision.  I never know what to say in those situations, I have not experienced a loss by death.  I can only imagine, and that is nowhere near the same.  Mike was my Uncle’s only son and they were very close.  They both reside in different states, so any time they could get together they did.

The world really operates backwards most of the time, for people who suffer loss, they  long to stop time,  and for others who have all their loved ones, they disregard them , hold grudges , have severed relationships, for what, and why?  There is nothing more incomprehensible  then to live a life of regret, solidarity, fear,anger, then why exist?    For those of us with our eyes and hearts wide open,  we always keep learning in our journey of life.  We have  individual lessons to learn and to be mindful of the multi -layered human beings that each and everyone of us is.  The different experiences,  exposures, regions that we come from, makes each one of us who we are.  Basically, do not let self imposed limitations get in the way of receiving or giving love in your life.

Kris Allen-Live Like We’re Dying

What Does Regulating Banks and Companies Mean For Us?

We have to be clear about  what regulation does.  I know the term sounds self explanatory however regulations usually equates to deregulation. Corporations, and banks get bailed out by government which intern is us.  I was always led to believe if you went bankrupt it was on you, your problem no one else s.  Politicians( a huge chunk of congress) get a huge kick back!  Mom and pop businesses do not get aid from the government, if they fall on their face, they fall on their face.  Big companies can afford lobbyist to get them what they want.  We need government to step out of regulating companies, companies have lobbyist to persuade Congress to make the laws that protect companies(Corporations), not the people or the environment of the country.  It is a dirty monopolized business and it needs to stop!

This brings me to my introduction for my next blog, a brilliant and  great woman, Ayn Rand!  She spoke through her books, movies about this very thing  she experienced in Russia on regulation.