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Monday Night Tournament Game

Game was at 6:00 p.m. Daphne against Foley.  Foley Batted first, and my nephew is the second batter in the line up.  He makes it to first base and then without any other base hits he steals all the way home.  That would end up being the only point for Foley.  They started out strong however they were careless with the fly balls.  A lot of errors were made by letting the ball  hit their glove or not catching the ones in the air.  They lost 10-1 in the top of the 5th inning.

So they get one more chance tonight to stay in the tournament.  There game is at 8:00 p.m. so I am looking forward to it.  Go Foley Combat  !!!

All-Star Baseball Games Continue

Went back to Daphne, AL last night to watch another tournament game Foley, Al was playing Fairhope, Al .  We lost that game 10-1.  They were a sharp looking team from their uniform to their team skills.  Fairhope looked like they had really good coaches.  There is a huge selection of coaches and it is unfortunate that children miss out on perfecting their abilities because the coach does not have the skill.  My nephew Bryce’s Foley team do not have much exposure to curveballs being pitched to them, it threw them off !  It is always interesting to hear my father and brother comment on the plays of the game.

My Nephew Is In The All-Star Baseball Tournament In Alabama

I went to Daphne, AL  last night to watch my nephew Bryce’s all-star  Foley Combat team play their first game at 8:00 p.m..  I think he put in  2 weeks of practice with his new collection of Foley players.  This is his fourth year being picked for the all stars.  My brother and father went as well to watch the flourishing seeds of the next generation.  I know Bryce has inherited the natural athletic abilities of his daddy ( my brother was an excellent baseball player, he hit balls out of the park consistently) and his grandfather(my dad use to be a good baseball player)  It is my family, however this is factual, it is what it is, I am a proud aunt, sister, daughter.

So they were down 4-1 and then they came back in the 5th inning.  They had bases loaded for a couple rounds walking their runs in.  Both pitchers on his team are excellent.  Bryce plays 3rd baseman.  They ended up winning 10-4.

Fathers Day Was A Treat For Me

My siblings, myself  and their families went to Five sisters blues cafe and it was great from the food, to the music, to the atmosphere.  We were a large group and we preferred outside.    The day was beautiful and all my nieces and nephews were there, plus my dad. The restaurant provides southern cooking, soul food. The cafe carries a different menu on  Sunday, so I’m curious to see what foods are available M-Sat. You can download their menu on line.  I ordered the chicken strips with the waffle and the chicken kept up to its reputation, tastefully moist, cooked to perfection.

I’m embarking on a new adventure in my community to go to all the hidden jewel eatery places.  So for all you Gulf Coast locals and visitors,  I will be reporting and exploring our distinct magnificent cuisine.  I am picky, I usually like eating and cooking at home, however, I love food, delicious, tasty, flavorful food.  I am a foodie!  So if you have places to recommend in your region by all means share!

June And July Bring A Slew Of Family Birthday Celebrations

In June we celebrate birthdays of my sister-in-law, nephew and myself.  My nephew turned 4 and he is very adamant at letting you know he is older and bigger.  He has recently informed me that he can now reach the button to close the garage door.  He has been trying for the last year or so.  I turned 43 and just feeling younger and excited about the new adventures, things to come into my world.  The age thing does not register, my body tries to remind me every now and then.

Heart Disease In My Family

Heart Disease is one of the top three health problems in America.  Within the last year both my father and brother have had arrhythmia detected, not sure if it is serious or not.  To what extent is it genetic ?  Within the last couple of months I have been overloaded with health scares of my dog, father, and brother.  Every situation is in limbo, a lot of uncertainties.  I know life is full of uncertainties,  it will throw all kinds of scenarios your way at times to see if u have learned and evolved, or it takes you  into brand new unfamiliar territory, experiences, to see how you whether through it.

Sandy’s Surgery Update

Sandy’s Stitches

So Chickie pooh had to be at the vets office before 9.  Sandy’s Dr. performs surgeries on Tuesdays, it was May 15,  many thoughts of new moments running through my head( her first surgery, first time being under anesthesia, will she have a bad reaction, possible fatality under the knife,  etc…. ) So we drive to her vets office, once we get out Sandy gets excited to smell all the different animal smells ( cat and dog).

I am not a drama momma I just had normal worries of my loved one.  The vet must have seen the look of concern all over my face, he explained she would get a  loopy shot and then she would get the put her out ketamine shot.  She held up pretty well with the loopy shot, then we went back with her to the surgery room and as soon as he stuck the needle in her vein she was out .  It was an eerie feeling to see your dog lifeless with her tongue just a hanging, and being hooked up to a monitor.  I got a little teary, gave her a big kiss and we took off.

About an hour later we got the call that she was waking up, so we headed back to the vets.  They had her in a large kennel and she was  out of it.  I knelt on the floor next to her, rubbed her head.  It took a good hour maybe before she got up.  It was weird to see her body, motor skills, come to in sections ( from her head all the way back to her tail).  The doc spoke to us and half of what he said about exercise, getting the area wet, went out the window, I was wrapped up in newness, however he did say to call with whatever questions I had.  So we got her back home, she was not herself, she pretty much slept all day, and into the next.  I had antibiotics and pain medicine that I gave her for a couple of days.

So we got the biopsy report and it was adenocarcinoma .  They were two small tumors, doc thinks he got it all, it is an awful limbo state to be in.

Sandy Went To The Vet Yesterday

My dog sandy had her yearly check up at the Vet’s office.  Her tag was updated, heart-worm test, and we weighed options on the mass that is around one of her nipples.  She has never been spayed so mammary tumors are more common for dogs like her.  We would like to have another Sandy, I’m just not sure it will happen, it’s been almost 9 years, we have never tried leaving her with a male, and she shows no interest.   So we are going to have them remove the mammary tumor on the 15th of this month and they will do a biopsy on it.  It’s still going to seem like forever before we know for certain whether the tumor is good or bad.  I just hope for the best, she is my baby.

My Dog Sandy And A Little Golf Ball Moment

Sandy is my profile picture that I have on Facebook.  I have 2 pictures on my blog of her that I posted back in 2009, one of Max, and I need to get a picture of my brother’s dogs.  They are all family. So I am introducing her again on a more personal level.  I had taken some videos of her a couple of months ago and decided to share one.  I get so wrapped up in my thoughts to put them out there, that I do not put the spotlight on my furry pal.  She has been with us for almost nine years and what a gift she is.  She is one of my best friends.   My life is brighter because of her.

My Family In Iowa

Iowa is where my Dad’s family is from.  Within the last two years we lost my cousin Mike and recently my cousin Keith.  Now my uncle Richard is taking a turn for the worst.  I can only imagine what his children and spouse are going through at the moment. Nothing is for certain, my uncle may take a turn for the better and be around a few more years.   Some of us experience the loss of a loved one sooner than others, and we all have a different way of dealing, coping with it.  Unfortunately time is what notify s us of our healing.