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Another Illness In My Family

Getting word of someones illness is an awkward situation for me, I never know what to say.  I’m not worried about what people think my words or reaction should be, It’s a situation out of my control.

My boyfriends brother is not doing so well right now, there is a possibility of cancer.   They lost their parents that way, he still has four brothers.   He has two children one in high school and one in college.  This is unexpected and I’m hoping that the diagnosis is positive.



My Nephews First Play !!!

Landon is in pre- K and his class had a singing part in the Nativity play last night.  The younger kids were all dressed in their pj’s.  When it was their scene, they had to get on stage and belt out into song.   It was fun to see an array of reactions the kids had.  Most of them were singing on Que, some were crying in rebellion, dislike, objection( whatever goes through their minds).  He is at an age where he notices his supporters.  The reaction on his face when he saw his grandpa in the audience, my dad, was priceless.

My sister-in-law captured my first debut on Facebook.  I am waiting on getting my new phone to start having pictures and videos on my blog.

My Sister And Her Family Are No Longer A Hop, Skip And Jump Away

Christmas is coming and its another silly magical time we come together.   My parents are going to Virginia to visit my sister for Christmas and invited me to come along, However I have a lot of things on my plate right now.  In my latest conversations with my niece, Madison who is 4, soon to be five, she is telling me all the  fun things we can do when I get there, and that since Grandma, Grandpa, and I are going, she tells me only two people can fit, to sleep in her bed. It is definitely weighing, and  hard on my heart that I have to tell her I will not be seeing her yet.  I use to be able to see her beautiful smiley face anytime,  and my nephew (her brother) Nathan as well.  It’s alright, its not now, just a little later.

Turkey Day Was A Feast

My uncle and aunt have been in town for a little over a week. I got to spend Thanksgiving with them, my parents, and my brother and his family. Would have liked to have visited some of my boyfriends family, there is always Christmas time.

I know I could eat a turkey spread any day of the week, however there is something insanely magical about thanksgiving day.  It is just a day, and my head swims with visions of the food I am going to consume.

I Have Been MIA,There Has Been Many Events Packed In A Couple Months

My Uncle Richard Passed on,  he had a close call a couple months ago, he fought and held on for a while.   My uncle in Spain has been diagnosed with cancer, My nephew Landon Started Pre K, My sister and her family have moved to her husbands next duty station .

Life happens every second, minute, hour of  everyday.




We Went Wahoo for the Wahoos

My uncles Bob and Dean drove down from Iowa for a visit, they arrived yesterday afternoon. We all went to a Wahoos 7:00 p.m. baseball game last night, they were playing Mobile BayBears.  Wahoos won 6-3, it is so different watching baseball in a stadium vs my nephews up close games.  Smaller field, space and players, its a n adjustment to the eyes.  This is the first year for the Wahoos and the completion of the stadium.

Baseball Tournament Comes To An End

Went to my nephews game Tuesday night in Saraland, AL.  They started out strong, scoring 3 runs by the second inning .  In the 5th inning it is when they started making little mistakes, they had their bases loaded, the ball was a foul ball, runners were in motion, stealing bases, told to run by their coach, and then told to go back, they ended up getting 2 outs because of it. The opposing team came back 4-3.  Not sure what place my nephews team will  hold however it just puts more experience under their belts.  Bryce played 2nd baseman for two games, giving him different exposure to his execution of the game.

Family Birthday Celebrations In July

For this month we have my nephew Nathans birthday, which was yesterday ! My father and sister share the same day which is coming up !  So my nephew turned 13 and he will be starting over with his move to a new school and new friends.  I wish him all the best on his new experiences in school, his environment/ community and new peers.  I remember moving around with my family during my fathers time in the Navy.


My Sister is Moving Away

My sister got the second relocation orders within a month from each other.  Her husband was promoted so it changed his previous orders (PCS).  Being in the Navy, your choices are sometimes very slim and very quick, anyways, it is all happening so fast, she will be leaving us sometime in August, which is very soon.  There is a difference in being able to drive 15 minutes to get to her, as oppose to 10 plus hours of travel to see her.  (well depends if you are traveling by car or plane) What is relevant is a much greater distance from us where she and her family will be moving. I think about my Maddie not seeing her cousin Landon, missing out on their visits, play dates.  Alyson, Nathan and Bryce will miss out on their cousin time as well, I hope they will stay in contact with each other.  Kids grow up so fast anyway, so to miss out on seeing them so frequently will be a change.  I wish my sister and her family a smooth transition to their new surroundings.

Lovely Wednesday

I did not go to my nephews game last night.  My father filled me in and there was a question of an illegal bat being used by the opposing team.  The  refs pondered, looked up rules  over the call, let it go during the second inning, in the 4th inning they reversed their call.  The game started back to 2nd inning eliminating any points that were scored during 3rd and 4th innings.  They lost 14-7, however they got the experience.  Next will be football !

So I went and had breakfast this morning at Trigger’s with my sister and her family, family friends, and my dad.  It is the first time I have ever been there, it was breakfast so that was kind of a safe restaurant experiment for me.  I will have to go back and sample the chefs fish dishes, sauces and such.  I’m up for the challenge of my taste buds.