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Ball Game Nights

By: Nat on October 9, 2015

This Monday and Tuesday night I went to see my nephew play ball. I enjoy watching him.  This is one of my favorite seasons of the year to be outdoors. So being outdoors, watching the skills that the children are developing, especially my nephew, is a great time. It is a real treat, and many of these moments only happen once.  Landon will never be 7 again( Madison will never be 7, Bryce 13, Nathan 16, Alyson 18, all my nephews and nieces ). I have always had a profound respect, adoration for children. They are beautiful young people with beautiful open hearts and minds. Adults have a huge responsibility to respect, love and do right by these smart absorbing sponges.

Baseball For The Nephews Is Back !!!

By: Nat on March 15, 2015

My nephew Landon had 2 games yesterday, it was opening park day.  I made it to his second game.  This is his last year in t ball.  I have not attended any games for two years. I dropped the ball big time on my aunt duties.  Because  of work, I quit doing all the fun stuff.  I had no balance in my life.  I enjoyed every second of it ! Those little ones can hit.  My nephew played first base and it was sad and exciting to see him play. Sad because I have missed out on his development, changes, growth in all aspects of his life. ( their lives) Just like my sisters children, even though they are in a different state.  It is time you do not get back, however, it is what I do now that counts. Landon has sharpened his skills, I can see his progression from two years ago.  He throws, catches, and hits very well. Bryce is still practicing baseball with his team, games have not started yet for him.  Both boys have inherited their dads natural athletic abilities.  My brother,  any sport he played or plays, he excels at.

Very Emotional Morning

By: Nat on February 13, 2015

I just started balling. I think I may have found a friend of mine that I have thought of over the years. I have reconnected with a couple of good friends recently, however this one in particular broke a little piece of my heart. I lost contact many years ago.  I do not know what the outcome will be, I will try my best and pray for the best.  It has been so long that I wonder if she has changed,  I do not think so, not her foundation.  Of course with years that go by, new experiences, new additions, subtractions, what we choose to keep or extract from our lives modifies us. Things that were important before, become less important, vice versa.  She will always have a special place in my heart, she made an imprint and I will always be grateful.

When you lose touch with friends and you reconnect it is nice to feel that even though there was a loss of time, connection, involvement, missing out on each others journey through life, that the bond, the love is still there.  I do not have that many friends however the ones I do have are the best, I treasure them.

My Family In Rota Spain, My Memories

By: Nat on February 8, 2015

If you have ever been to Bodegas El Gato in Rota,Spain then you have been to my uncles place . A bodega is a winery/store/warehouse.  Boy do I have beautiful memories of  the times that I spent with my moms sister and her family. It was a house full of women, my 4 girl cousins, my uncle and aunt. My aunt Juana is no longer with us however I have so many memories of her nurturing ways, she was an amazing healthy cook). My cousin Chari and I were the same age and we spent a lot of time together.  I remember her and I  going down to the bodega to bring back coca cola for lunch or sometimes ice cream for our desert. My last visit to Spain was in 2006 and then in 2011 and what a change to his establishment.  Well there were big changes to Rota since it had been over 16 Years later that I had stepped foot back on its soil.   Two of my cousins, my uncles daughters, have learned the business and work with my uncle.  My other two cousins, One is in London working in the Oxford University, and the other works at Hotel Playa De La Luz.  Here is Rota , Spain through the eyes of Google earth.

If you have ever been to Pizzeria Burger Ton you have been to my cousins restaurant.  I am so proud of my cousins, My Aunt Natalia (an amazing cook and mother) who I am named after, has 4 children and they are some of the most sweetest, and smart people you will ever meet. My cousin Manolo  owned this restaurant  when I was still living in Spain, my dad being in the Navy was stationed in Rota. My cousin Natalia and Agustin are singers. They sing locally in Rota and have gone to do other gigs in near by towns. My cousin Angeles  was a teacher, she has 2 children that she is devoted to.

Google maps view of Pizzeria  Burger Ton.  It is embarrassing however I never thought to look at Rota, Spain on Google earth until today.  I forget what a powerful tool we have and that I can reminisce and look at all the places I went,  the laughter, my high school classmates and our amazing times and experiences overseas.and my heart, my bloodline of family that  I miss. Here is my parents home in Rota,( Google maps/satellite) it is were I lived growing up, and stayed when I visited.

Hola a todos, os quiero mucho, y pienso siempre en ustedes.

Virginia On My Mind

By: Nat on February 3, 2015

My sister resides in the state of  Virginia right now. She is an amazing human being and has been a wonderful influence, she is my sounding board.  She is the calm perspective to some of my red buttons. My brother-in-law is in the military so they have traveled and lived a few places in the U.S. and overseas. I have not gone to visit her yet however I would like to.  I miss seeing the changes my niece and nephew are making as individuals.  Children grow up so fast.  Hopefully she will make it down for the summer with the kids so we will be all present.  I will have to step up my game this year and do more visiting then I did last year.  I’m on my crusade of fun !

I Am An American Spaniard

By: Nat on February 1, 2015

I posted back in December 17 th,2009 in my about Nat category,  and written periodically about my family, that I was born in Rota, Spain and my mother is a native as well.  It is her home, where her family that we miss dearly resides.  I found a military video of footage of Rota and the Naval Base. There is another video in Spanish, by a television show Comando Actualidad,  that in this segment goes  through Rota, Alicante, Barcelona , Malaga  and Palma De Mallorca Spain. It basically talks about other cultural influences, large population of the foreign inhabitants in the 5 cities of Spain.  In Rota it is the Americans, in Alicante is the Norwegians,  in Barcelona are the Pakistanis, in Malaga the Finnish,  in Palma De Mallorca the Germans.

I have been very fortunate to be born by an American father and Spanish mother, this combination and exposure has enhanced my life. Through the videos, I hope to share pieces of the beautiful country.

It’s Another Sports Season For My Nephews

By: Nat on April 7, 2013

Landon is playing t-ball, and Bryce finished his basketball season and is on to baseball.  Both boys take after their dad with natural sports abilities, they are both very good in all sports they play.

I unfortunately have not been able to attend any games as of yet.  My new job has been the most physically demanding one I have ever had. I usually do not get off until 5 or 6  (Back on November 25th when I blogged about my weight when I went skydiving) it just makes it a little more of a challenge.

See You Later Dear Family Friend

By: Nat on February 1, 2013

My precious Sandy passed on Sunday morning.  The days seem different without seeing her.  She was a beautiful noble soul, one of a kind.  Sandy is in my thoughts, and I remember different moments about her.  I was just telling my mom that she was a unique dog.  We never went through a chewing faze with her,she never destroyed leather, shoes, socks, nothing.  She was the best behaved dog, super smart. Well, she did like laying in grandma and grandpa’s flower beds, and eating their green peppers. She could never be petted enough, she would nudge you with her nose on your hand if you stopped.

My beautiful boyfriend had mentioned that if I wanted to get another dog, he was for it, of course he stated it was not to replace Sandy.  Without a doubt, I will eventually get another dog.  I want to keep my heart open to a new experience with a new dog, with new lessons to be learned.  It is one of the best relationships you can ever have.

Communication Is Not Always Speaking

By: Nat on January 25, 2013

 P2709120003  Animals prove it all the time, we can communicate without  words, because I am a human being, I can communicate in multiple ways.  Hence my blog, to express my thoughts, opinions, experiences.  Sandy taught me that regardless of words, she always loves me, she would lay down her life for me.

This is a tough time for me, those of you who have never had a pet dog, or other animal, you are missing out.  I respect not everyone likes having, and raising one in their home, however you miss out on great lessons that animals teach you.  My dog has been the best friend I have ever had.  She has loved me unconditionally and she has protected me, been my body guard. She is, and has been one of my most loyal friends.

 The timing could not be worse, my dogs life is ending and my boyfriends brother is struggling with health issues, I can not go into specifics with his, because it is a private matter for him, and I pretty much write about experiences, circumstances, that affect me directly  in  my life.

My Beautiful Sandy

By: Nat on January 23, 2013

We took her to the vet yesterday and I got the worst news.  My beautiful dog has bone cancer in her elbow that is why she can not use her leg, and the cancer has spread to her lungs and ribs.  I am so sorry for her, my poor babies organs are collapsing, she is slowly dying.  I was hoping we had gotten all the cancer.  ( she was operated on last May with adenocarcinoma in her mammary gland)  She is the best dog, friend I could ever have been blessed with.  I have never experienced a direct immediate family loss until now, and its too much.  As the tears run down my face, I was not expecting this outcome yet, the facts are not good, however maybe a miracle could happen.  She is so brave,  still nurturing and still loving after 10 years, worrying about us, despite her condition. I do not want to lose her.  I try not to cry near her because she senses all that.

Its a double whammy because it affects my boyfriend just as hard, he is losing his buddy.  Cancer has played a big part of his life with ones close to him. This is a hard time for our hearts.

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