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Down Sizing The Clutter

By: Nat on December 13, 2015

Through past years I had heard the phrase downsize your life. Tom Shadyack did the movie, I AM and introduced his journey of downsizing his life and finding meaning of true happiness. The Young Turks did this amazing video interview with Mr. Shadyack where he spoke very candidly.

I enjoy watching Ted talks and more recently I came across one  video  that spoke to me on multiple levels. These two friends created a blog called the minimalists wanting to improve their rich lives . Eliminating the clutter around you and inside of you frees up space to be a more productive, influential, healthy member to your community and the world around you.

I believe true happiness, joy are fleeting moments, we are wired with cognition , mood, feelings so what we experience, read, see, hear brings about different ways of thinking, seeing what is around us.  Are we truly objective or is the clutter in our minds/brains blinding/blocking us from a better way of seeing, hearing, being in the present moment of our interactions with nature and nurture ?  I believe many of us are cluttered materialistically and mentally,  we need to organize, downsize our physical/mental baggage to see what is going on around us.  We are consuming more junk than we can process or enjoy.  Do not rush, do not move on to the next bigger better deal, learn how to be happy with what is manageable, affordable, worry free able, loveable.

What Is Josh Fox Up To These Days ?

By: Nat on March 8, 2015

Josh Fox put hydraulic fracturing on the map for us with Gasland 1 & 2. Since 2010, what is our progression on fighting back the big company ? Mr. Fox is currently doing a tour traveling in his state of Pennsylvania and New York doing his lectures on getting off our dependency of fossil fuels and a contest for the public to write in on.

There is a great video on this page of EarthJustice about a couple (Mr. & Mrs. Slotterback) who took the steps to save Rider Park by  getting a petition signed by their community, your state, or others states that we all live in, and travel in, could be next !  Here is another great  video, Mr. Heatley is a scientist and a member of RDA , putting his credentials into his lectures across the globe.  Drilling is happening all over the world, not just in the U.S. !

What Caused Gas Prices To Lower ?

By: Nat on March 5, 2015

OPEC is on my mind.  The Daily Signal wrote an article back in October 26, 2014 regarding the drop in price of gasoline at the pump.  Mr. Steven Moore wrote the article and mentioned our expansion with fracking and horizontal drilling. This process was brought to light to us by Josh Fox  when he did his documentaries Gas land. What do the residents in  Oklahoma , Texas and North Dakota have to say about this process, there is a lot of drilling going on in those states.  Do the residence in those states see a drastic change in the air, their water source ?

It Is Pruning Time For All Your Wonderful Plants !

By: Nat on January 31, 2015

For those of you with a variety of plants throughout  the landscape of your home.  Whether its your roses, mexican heather, muhly grass, lantana hydrangeas , monkey grass  mexican petunia agapanthus, mexican iris, smaller  crape myrtles, it is time to cut them back ! Make way for the new growth for the year.

Mr. And Mrs. Brusaw

By: Nat on June 2, 2014

Solar roadways, what do you think about them ?  Scott and Julie Brusaw are wanting to put to use the sun, our recyclables eliminating the growth of our landfields,  moving us forward in our environmental way of thinking.  Here is a link to their website  which will provide information on their great idea.


I went back to work today after staying home last week to heal my back.  I was a little apprehensive wondering  if I might re injure it, or something along those lines, I still plan on using extra precaution.  I want to include a sports massage and a visit to a chiropractor  in the near future for my healing regime.




Pensacola, Florida Flood, And Its Surrounding Communities

By: Nat on June 1, 2014

Pensacola, my home town, suffered a big, massive flood on April 29, 30 2014,  we got at least 18 inches of rain, just rain, however neighboring neighborhoods got several feet because of low lying land.  Governor Rick Scott declared Florida a state of emergency .  A lot of residents have lost their homes, many are having to reconstruct theirs, tearing out sheet rock, throwing out furnishings, personal memorabilia,  so far it has affected 3200  residents and businesses.

There is a link in the PNJ website to charity, volunteer groups in the Escambia , Santa Rosa, Okaloosa communities.  For example in Pensacola, manna food pantries  was affected with the flood they need help restocking their shelves to help feed the needy within the community.

Who is covered for flood insurance ?  Most people who live near or on the water get  coverage through their homeowners insurance.  With all the hurricanes and coastal water in Florida, insurance companies make it very expensive to get coverage because they do not want to pay out or get wiped out( go bankrupt).  For people who live in water free zones that coverage was not necessary, so what happens now?  Will residential homes and businesses get assistance from FEMA ? Will they get assistance period?

Here is a list of all types of insurance companies in the United States. ( home health , car, travel. workers compensation etc…)  All this coverage and yet normally we do not get what we pay in to these insurance policies.  Something is mathematically wrong, just wrong period.






The Ogallala Aquifer And Surrounding Tap Water

By: Nat on May 30, 2014

Watched Gasland 2 a couple months ago and it is very upsetting, unsettling the damage we are doing to the many countries, world, water supply and the trail of pollution, not just with fracking but with pumping out states water.  If you never watched it you need to, Tapped came out in 2009.  The Nestle , Coca Cola, and Pepsi corporations are reselling our lands water supply back to us, and to boot, in a much unhealthier manner by the petroleum casing, the bottles created to hold the pumped water that leak toxins in our bodies.  We, all citizens, around the world, need to stop buying bottled water, to stop these companies from selling back our tap water to us.  We are making these corporations richer and ourselves sicker.  Our tap water is  bottled water !


The Ogallala Aquifer is a region of 8 states providing 80% of drinking water supply to those citizens.  Each state, or each country, has its own  water supply and the fracking  and pumping that the gas companies and beverage companies are doing is going to leave us all  without water.  We have to protect our waters.


Oil Drilling In Black Water River

By: Nat on February 4, 2013

What do locals in Escambia, Santa Rosa County, who live near and frequent the Black Water River think of this plan ? Doug Broxson a Florida state representative, has re introduced  the bill, last time a gentleman by the name of Clay Ford had introduced it and it was killed. They are using bringing jobs, to make it attractive,  really, who guarantees that the natural forest will not be harmed, and land around it.

I watched Promised Land last night and, I wanted to see how far they had come from the documentary GasLand.  I wrote a blog on Dec 8, 2010 about Josh Fox on fracking.  He is back  making a follow up documentary GasLand II, I can not wait.  He is causing more waves, watch the linked video from Democracy Now.  He has been speaking about this for several years now, the very real and grave concern of gas drilling, the documented reports of contamination and undisclosed truths of land, air, water, pollution.

I Want Bees To Stick Around

By: Nat on April 25, 2012

Back in December of 2009 I blogged about The Bee Movie and what a great message it sent of how significantly important bees are to being a sole source of food for all of us.  It is 2012 and there is still a decline in the population.  IBRA which is researching the loss in bees, have found there discovery to be ,  CCD,  the Varroa mite , bad weather,  and the use of chemical pesticides.  I hope they get to the bottom of it so we can keep the colonies and the bees healthy for every-ones sake.

Wednesday Was The Year Anniversary of Oil Rig Exploding

By: Nat on April 22, 2011

Earth Day Today !!  Please think about our natural resources , how public and free they are.  We share space and we need to protect and care for them.

There is still a lot of oil out in the Gulf of Mexico that will be around for a while.  I know that Louisiana marshes are still in a very bad state.  Here in Pensacola there is tar still being washed up on the beaches on a lesser scale for now.  There is a group of  approximately 100 oil spill workers cleaning tar balls around the surrounding beaches in escambia county and santa rosa county.

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