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Oh My Russell

By: Nat on March 18, 2015

Russell Brand is just simply brilliant.  He has his own YouTube channel and does radio, is a comedian, writer,  activist,has done movies and voices on several movies, etc…  He is someone who seems to have been self reflecting, self examining, himself, and the world around him.  He has been improving his ways and always has something worthy to say.  One of the biggest things you do in life is self examination and making improvements where you can.  He has tried on drugs, fame, and through it all still displays his creative side in all of his work.  As a comedian he has said a lot.  I love the great comedians, and he is definitely one of them ! He has a new book out, Revolution.

“Freeway” Rick Ross Can Shed Light On Our War On Drugs

By: Nat on February 24, 2015

Love Joe Rogan, not only a comedian, a very multi talented individual.  He has a podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience  its on You Tube, he has been doing it since 2009, so there is a collection of interesting videos with an array of great guests, one in particular “Freeway” Rick Ross .  Mr. Ross wrote a book about his life in the drug business and Mr. Gary Webb did investigative research on crack-cocaine in Los Angeles linking Mr. Ross, the CIA and Contras cocaine trafficking in the U.S., and so did Michael Rupert.  A movie was made, Kill The Messenger, to tell the story and so was a documentary, Freeway : Crack In The System.

Massachusetts Is In The News

By: Nat on January 28, 2015

To Massachusetts and other states along the northeastern coast  areas that were effected by the blizzard, hang in there. It is not known what the total damage is, hopefully everything is recoverable. The  New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks in the upcoming Superbowl game is causing waves of nonsense over previous deflated balls.

Some of my favorites from the state are  senator, Elizabeth Warren ,Temple Grandin

Comedians :

Bill Burr , he was on Bill Maher this past friday, way to go !  Hopefully  Mr. Maher will continue to cast his fellow comedians !   Doug Stanhope ,Patrice O’neal  , Steven Wright , Louis C.K.

Another Brake During A Break

By: Nat on May 26, 2014

So in December I stepped away from my laptop again, having a physically demanding job leaves me little time for other projects. I am currently working more hours than my honey bunny , he is pursuing his dream of being a stand up comic and he is amazing.  He has already done several payed gigs within the gulf coast area(Alabama, Louisiana) only  6 months into his journey.  He knows how to deliver a punch line, well many. He dominates the English language, and is very layered in his delivery ( highbrow). He is very intelligent, quick wit, very knowledgeable, and all of that is a plus in the field of comedy.   He is old school style like George Carlin , Bill Hicks, Mitch Hedberg,Dennis Miller.  I met him 12 years ago in a speech class and he was an amazing speaker then ! He can do anything. He has many skills one is a software engineer/ programmer, writer.  Comedy will not be his only legacy.


Love, Love Louis C.K

By: Nat on August 3, 2010

Louis C.K. , Great comedian in my eyes.

Louis C.K. On Father’s Day

Love The Stewart , And Colbert , On Comedy Central

By: Nat on January 1, 2010

Comedians will always have a place in my heart! They are the researchers of the world with their clever analogies, ironies, and satires of all things that encompass the world around them! They bring humor and provide laughter to the masses, alleviating audiences of life’s harsh realities.

Two of these mastermind comedians are John Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. You can catch their shows on the Comedy Central Channel, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I usually like to get some of my news from them. They almost always have interesting guest, the topics are current and the writing is cleverly spot on!