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Children In The South Are Back To School

By: Nat on August 11, 2017

So school started  back yesterday for  my nieces and nephews in Pensacola, Florida, as for many other students who live in the southern states.

When I look back at all the years educators, parents, have been battling the horrible  education system,  the lack of funding that goes into the schools and to the salaries of teachers, how our education ranks in the world, and yet the horrible system just continues.  Why do we never see improvements ? We have all these un important people who make millions of dollars, who do not invest in the important areas of  our country,  and yet we still believe in government to make the changes that we never see !

Well there is a very important reason our education system ranks horribly,it is because it was  hijacked just like a lot of our other institutions. Below did a wonderful video piecing  this information together. There are many brothers and sisters who do such in depth research to put their work on the internet to share it and alert us of the hidden truth.

The Pursuit of Justice For Children Entangled In A Horrible System

By: Nat on January 9, 2013

I get email updates from the Dixie Chicks, I have been a fan for a long time.  In the email Natalie Maine was performing a rendition of Mother, by the great Pink Floyd, for multiple reasons, one in particular the West Memphis Three case.  They made a documentary of it, West of Memphis I have not seen it yet , but its on my list.

There is something fundamentally wrong going on with our society, our children are being tossed away, Nature and  Nurture have a lot to do with it.  We have so many institutions that are corrupt, and our Government  governs a lot of these institutions, and is helping them put our countries priorities in the toilet. Health care, Education, and the Environment are just a couple.

 Pink Floyd- Mother

The Chatty Twins On Youtube !!!

By: Nat on April 7, 2011

It was just a great moment caught on video.  It just brings smiles and laughter witnessing an amazing transfer of  interaction.  Children are communicating before their words get perfected.  I have always been in awe of children.  Nature and Nurture go hand in hand to the stimulus that children take in. Children mirror what their parents do, and take in all that is around them.  So sorry to break it to you parents, you provide them with their fundamentals, so whether it is their cognitive skills or motor skills in question,  it is on you to build the best foundation for them!

I was given heads up on this great talk on TED regarding the start of children s words.


Sleep Over, Baby Sitting My Nephew Saturday Night

By: Nat on December 16, 2010

It has been a while since I have mentioned my nieces and nephews.  Landon and Madison are the youngest and they are growing so quickly.  Landon is 2, 5 months younger than Madison, mirroring  similar stages regardless of their gender.

So Saturday night I went to my buddies house, while his mother and father went to a Christmas party.  I spent some one on one time with him.  He was sporting a pair of red footed, Christmas pj’s , that is what he calls his pajamas.  It was  nice to spend time in his,  unfiltered, in the now,  world.  It is nice to be in the presence of an unconditioned human being.  They are so free.

I Was Blessed By The Breast Fairy Since I Was 11 Years Old!!

By: Nat on August 10, 2010

I was developed at the age of 11 ( and this was in the  late 70’s).  Now it seems that girls are developing at much faster rates ( reaching puberty at age  7!?%).   No conclusive research, however, some of the factors could be hormones in food, child obesity,toxins.  This is not normal. I love children,  this world is always passed down to them(the next generation).

Baseball Season Is Back!!!!

By: Nat on March 31, 2010

I love to watch the little people play sports.  I went to my nephews game( 7 and 8 year olds ) last night and it was  enjoyable and entertaining.  This is my nephew Bryce’s 4th year playing and what a difference in performance.  He plays lots of sports, his mom started him when he was 4.  I believe he inherited his dads natural athletic abilities.  The genetics in our DNA is amazing, and we never know what other things are passed down through generations.   If children play sports they learn valuable life tools.  (not every child needs to play sports, he or she can have other interests) My mom made the comment yesterday that when my brother played baseball, (they split up the children according to their age) he was a tall boy and very good, parents would get mad and think that he was lying about his age.  It is amazing to me how sometimes parents get more political than the kids,  competitive, misguide, and teach them incorrect lessons of sportsmanship.

Spring Break Is No Break For Parents!!!

By: Nat on March 28, 2010

For children of all ages it is a week of vacation and for parents it is planning time.  Children need to stay busy doing productive things, healthy activities.  My older  nephews each have a  different week off being that they go to different schools.  I feel for parents who do not have family support, okay, not everyone has the ideal family support  however, for those who do, it is a blessing.  Family can encompass great supportive friends as well.  It is always going to have a deeper meaning to accomplish everything on your own, but everyone would love to have a helping hand now and then.  Especially now a days with both working parents, or single parents.

It Is My Niece Madison’s Birthday Today!!!

By: Nat on January 14, 2010

My Little MadisonThis little amazing person is turning 2 today!  She is an evolved spirit, pays attention to everything around her.  She loves all kinds of animals.  My dog Sandy is just at 100 pounds and she touches her everywhere, even on the mouth.  Madison will be a force to be reckoned with when she gets older.  Happy Birthday! It is a celebration of the years she has been in the physical world and In my life!!

In fairness, she has an amazing brother, Nathan that contributes to my blog and a half sister Alyson who permanently resides with her mother  in a  different city.  Alyson came to visit during the Christmas Holiday.  By the way Alyson, write me some time and tell us what is going on with you, or just stuff you want to share.  We miss you!!

Landon And Madison, These Are More Videos For Your Enjoyment!

By: Nat on January 12, 2010

Just some smiles and tunes for my nephew and niece!Nephew Landon

My nephew loves Mickey mouse

Niece Madison

Madison sings this song and will usually want to watch the video.

Sesame Street,Mana Mana Song

Will Bindi Continue Her Father’s Legacy Wrestling Crocs?

By: Nat on December 23, 2009

Bindi Irwin has been bedazzled by the Stevo gene. Bindi The Jungle Girl can be seen on the Discovery Kids show teaching us about the world we share with all animals and the threat of extinction. She also has a family website at Australia Zoo their Australian Wildlife Park.

“Bindi The Jungle Girl”