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The Last 4 Days

Sunday : Did not sleep the best last night, woke up to chatter of  concerns of lice so my niece, my sister and myself manoeuvred to put olive oil in our hair, then my sister and I took all bedding off beds, we tossed, threw away all bed pillows, and mattress  cover .  My sister and I took off to a laundromat to wash all bedding , then while beddiing was being washed, we went and bought new pillows, mattress cover. I had a back bed pillow I had since I lived in Jacksonville and I tossed it as well. It was in great condition however it need to be replaced. I did not think it would survive the wash.  I take care and maintain things.  I tend to be picky what I buy. I like quality, that I can use , that is functional, practical not temporary. So then we bought lice shampoo, got to the house and all three of us washed our hair, you put the solution on for ten minutes then you lather it with warm water, wash then you take a comb and comb off all the dead lice.  My niece and I had more than my sister. I think this is the only time I have ever had lice in my life.

Monday: Did not sleep very well. Did some house chores and then just read,, tweeted, visited with my sisters dogs Milo and Max, Max is still with us. I have an older picture of max. in my blog, max and sandy, my dog were buddies. Sandy is buried in my parents back yard so I am near her.

Went to my nephews baseball game, an hour away,  out in rural country, just so  calm and spread out with many  roaming cows outside. I took a picture that I will post. When we parked my sister said something so I walked to the trunk of the vehicle and there was a thin wired fence with cows and goats literally feet away. The sight just lit me up, it was another little gift during the travels there. My nephews high school has scheduled games on their spring break. How crazy is that and then he is going to a university  as well during this time off  with his high school team.  There is no break for this child.  I am very disappointed with school sports.  In my opinion they have taken it too far with the hours the players put in.  It seems very robotic.  They are humans not robots.

Tuesday:  I am off this week because it is spring break for the children, yet I had a training class to go to today.  I thought it was from 8-3 well I brought my mailed reminder with me, as I sat in the car before driving off something told me to look at it, and it said 7  instead of 8, so I quickly called the hall center and told them and luckily they were doing a section from 7-9 so the lady I spoke with told me just to come on in at 9;30.  Crazy how I had 8 stuck in my head, anyways no harm.

This is one of several things that is new about me. I  lose track of time now before I was always aware, and now I understand how you can lose track, when you are in complete enjoyment you are not rushed, preoccupied with worries and stress, just complete enjoyment.

This morning I went with my niece and sister to my brothers house to pick up the boys, we all went to the waffle house, had breakfast,  before we dropped one of my nephews off for his trip.

No Man is An Island, And No Thing

My sister and I were discussing how rude children are these days and they get it from the rude and ugly behavior that is playing out on social media. Not to mention the fact , that many households have both parents working, so parenting has taken a back seat.  People are overworked, underpaid and then have to pay in and follow all the rules that non caring, out of touch people  make.  It amazes me that congressmen, lobbyist, corporations sit at the top of the pyramid and continue to be there.  Remember  CEOs  make ridiculous bonuses and salaries, because the money is not trickling down to the people, in our world who actually do the work, to make it into its existence in the first place.  There is no one man company.. There are no true investments being made to improve our world, it is all a smoke screen, theater,.  We have programs to feed, save the children, animals, children who are ill, disabled ,however, our children and animals are suffering on such a massive scale. Anything goes nowadays and by anything, nasty behavior. shallow priorities. .We the people of the world have a lot of work to do in our homes, our community, our world. We have to reconnect back to was is really important, not the things that do nothing  to improve ourselves, family, community or world.

Children get their marching orders from their parents, teachers, coaches…etc..   I see a world where children are constantly being ordered, told what to do.  Children are playful loving, caring and we destroy that amazing spirit, or limit it, stifle it.  We need to show them , explain to them the reasons or reasoning behind things,  Adults out weigh them, out smart them, or manipulate them, they have no way of defending themselves. No one wants to be told what to do everyday 24/7, they need to understand these rules and maybe some of these rules are not real or effective in the first place.  If you want a healthy independent responsible child then you need to remember when you were a child and how you wanted a listening ear, voice of reason, not orders.

It makes me think of an awesome man Brandon Fouche who rehabilitates aggressive dogs labeled as ” to far gone to rehabilitate”.. I did a post back on May 29, ,2014, Louis Theroux did a documentary in Las Angeles about the huge amount of abandoned dogs . We can not abandon our children, no matter how tired, over worked, this is where one has to reassess everything in their lives and maybe make real changes to improve oneself and his family, community, world around him. I relate the two ( dogs and children) because we are not teaching animals, children how to be, we are taking our ugly energy and trying to get great obedient followers.! They feel our energy, so check your energy, vibration you are putting out !  Be clear about what your intent, desired result, not surface, for the moment, however, a long term, long lasting understanding of things.

No man is an island .

To Do Or Not To Do

Everything is being made more and more convenient so that we become less and less interactive with real human beings. A desensitization war has been in the works for years, (since the print press, then radio,  tv,  video games,..etc..) We are turning into robots,, you may think that sounds crazy however how many years have people been in public places, and not payed attention to anything around them.  The preference  towards a device rather than a true, real human to human exchange speaks volumes, it is a false sense of true connection.  How many times do people watch tv dream of things they will never do, that is because tv hypnotizes you.  I am not saying people are not motivated however there is a big chunk of us that are not living our true authentic lives, instead we watch others doing it through tv, video games, social networking, and we are glued to the crap instead of making changes in our lives and the community around us. We were created to live, love, care in harmony with our universe, not to stay locked away in a building, They market the convenience, sell it to us in a nice package,however, is it really a convenience?

There is a good and bad to a lot of things however when the bad intent out ways the good, it dominates ans is a prevalent harm that we ignore, that is a huge problem.  How many times have we heard the phrase ” everything  in moderation” ? When I look at the world, I do not see balance, I do not see much harmony, I see our world off the rails in excess, supporting awful, illegal corrupted institutions. When we to not do, when we do not choose to be, nothing stops the ugliness from spreading, increasing its tentacles.  We can not sit at home like dislike things, we have to get out in our community and figure out and uncover how the nice packaged worded institutions are really functioning. One huge hot button is the  horrible things happening to the children, our children, around the world.  They are our future, they are innocence who we as mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunt, uncles, siblings of age  is suppose to protect them..

Melissa Honeybee Zaccaria is another researcher, journalist, love worker reporting on all the allowed pornography on twitter,, you tube accounts while people putting out truthful decent material are being hidden, shut down.  We have people that are dedicating time,,legwork, travel throughout the United states, and the globe, reporting to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. I will continue to share with the world all our brothers and sisters who are doing the real work in our countries, not the horse and pony show you see on the news, unless you decode , read in between, however what good is most of it anyways.  We all need to take action in our counties, locally. make our communities safer for our children, everyone. We need to put a stop to the money funneling, laundering all the ugliness we see allowing them to continue lining their pockets and allowing them to continue all illegal activities.  We need to take a deep dive into, how it all really works, what the hidden hand is doing behind the scenes.

The map that I mentioned in a previous post is a huge masterpiece of all the inter connected corruption on a global level, please download it, learn how everything really works in our world,  learn what has been going on for at least in this century.

Children In The South Are Back To School

So school started  back yesterday for  my nieces and nephews in Pensacola, Florida, as for many other students who live in the southern states.

When I look back at all the years educators, parents, have been battling the horrible  education system,  the lack of funding that goes into the schools and to the salaries of teachers, how our education ranks in the world, and yet the horrible system just continues.  Why do we never see improvements ? We have all these un important people who make millions of dollars, who do not invest in the important areas of  our country,  and yet we still believe in government to make the changes that we never see !

Well there is a very important reason our education system ranks horribly,it is because it was  hijacked just like a lot of our other institutions. Below Truthstream did a wonderful video on how common core is just another  convoluted tactic to scramble  our children’s minds.  There are many brothers and sisters who do such in depth research to put their awesome  work on the internet to share it and hopefully wake up the masses of the many hidden truths.

The Pursuit of Justice For Children Entangled In A Horrible System

I get email updates from the Dixie Chicks, I have been a fan for a long time.  In the email Natalie Maine was performing a rendition of Mother, by the great Pink Floyd, for multiple reasons, one in particular the West Memphis Three case.  They made a documentary of it, West of Memphis I have not seen it yet , but its on my list.

There is something fundamentally wrong going on with our society, our children are being tossed away, Nature and  Nurture have a lot to do with it.  We have so many institutions that are corrupt, and our Government  governs a lot of these institutions, and is helping them put our countries priorities in the toilet. Health care, Education, and the Environment are just a couple.

The Chatty Twins On Youtube !!!

It was just a great moment caught on video.  It just brings smiles and laughter witnessing an amazing transfer of  interaction.  Children are communicating before their words get perfected.  I have always been in awe of children.  Nature and Nurture go hand in hand to the stimulus that children take in. Children mirror what their parents do, and take in all that is around them.  So sorry to break it to you parents, you provide them with their fundamentals, so whether it is their cognitive skills or motor skills in question,  it is on you to build the best foundation for them!

I was given heads up on this great talk on TED regarding the start of children s words.


Sleep Over, Baby Sitting My Nephew Saturday Night

It has been a while since I have mentioned my nieces and nephews.  Landon and Madison are the youngest and they are growing so quickly.  Landon is 2, 5 months younger than Madison, mirroring  similar stages regardless of their gender.

So Saturday night I went to my buddies house, while his mother and father went to a Christmas party.  I spent some one on one time with him.  He was sporting a pair of red footed, Christmas pj’s , that is what he calls his pajamas.  It was  nice to spend time in his,  unfiltered, in the now,  world.  It is nice to be in the presence of an unconditioned human being.  They are so free.

I Was Blessed By The Breast Fairy Since I Was 11 Years Old!!

I was developed at the age of 11 ( and this was in the  late 70’s).  Now it seems that girls are developing at much faster rates ( reaching puberty at age  7!?%).   No conclusive research, however, some of the factors could be hormones in food, child obesity,toxins.  This is not normal. I love children,  this world is always passed down to them(the next generation).

Baseball Season Is Back!!!!

I love to watch the little people play sports.  I went to my nephews game( 7 and 8 year olds ) last night and it was  enjoyable and entertaining.  This is my nephew Bryce’s 4th year playing and what a difference in performance.  He plays lots of sports, his mom started him when he was 4.  I believe he inherited his dads natural athletic abilities.  The genetics in our DNA is amazing, and we never know what other things are passed down through generations.   If children play sports they learn valuable life tools.  (not every child needs to play sports, he or she can have other interests) My mom made the comment yesterday that when my brother played baseball, (they split up the children according to their age) he was a tall boy and very good, parents would get mad and think that he was lying about his age.  It is amazing to me how sometimes parents get more political than the kids,  competitive, misguide, and teach them incorrect lessons of sportsmanship.

Spring Break Is No Break For Parents!!!

For children of all ages it is a week of vacation and for parents it is planning time.  Children need to stay busy doing productive things, healthy activities.  My older  nephews each have a  different week off being that they go to different schools.  I feel for parents who do not have family support, okay, not everyone has the ideal family support  however, for those who do, it is a blessing.  Family can encompass great supportive friends as well.  It is always going to have a deeper meaning to accomplish everything on your own, but everyone would love to have a helping hand now and then.  Especially now a days with both working parents, or single parents.