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Ric O’Barry, OPS, And All Collaborators of, The Cove, Bring Transparency

I watched  The Cove documentary  last Thursday night ,  for those of you that watch Whale Wars, this film just adds tremendous insight to the bureaucracy Japan  and other countries have  over  the IWC.   We need to stop exploiting animals and mammals.  Any animal that is caught and taken out of its natural habitat is going to suffer.  Think about the zoos and the water parks that hold these animals captive.  It is time to look at the bigger picture and to require justice and a better life for all.   We do not need an hour of  entertainment this bad, at this cost.

Taiji, Japan

Roger Payne

Ric O’Barry has a new show on animal planet, Blood Dolphins

Earth Island

Louie Psihoyos

Jim Clark

OPS (Oceanic Preservation Society)

This is the month for slaughtering until March.. …..

Most people feel there are bigger fish to fry than saving Dolphins, but it is all relevant.   The Dolphins just represent a mirror to the many monstrosities that happen  in making a buck.  The “out of sight out of mind “concept does not work.  We need to rethink accountability and the depths of  exploitation.  Supply and Demand, there is all kinds of negative, consequential , destructive commerce that exists because we buy it.

Introducing Max, Sandy’s Pal

Max is my sisters dog, and Sandy has been spending a great deal of time with him.   Max is a rescued dog from Katrina.  It is a shame that during hurricanes, fires  etc…a lot of animals get left behind.   The two buddies are quite a pair.  Size does not get in the way of their play dates!

My Fearless Niece With My Dog Sandy!

Here is my niece Madison massaging my dog .  Madison simply loves animals !  She constantly hugs and kisses Sandy.  I can not describe the feeling that comes over me when watching my niece and dog interact.  Sandy has claimed Madison and is very protective over her, and the other children.

Sandy has not been exposed to children or people like she is now, on a continual basis.  I have had to make adjustments in my life which brings Sandy and I to a new way of living.  It is different, however, I hope to fulfill both our lives.

I Love My Dog, Sandy!!!!

Let me introduce you to my fury companion, Sandy!

She is a Husky, German Shepard mix. My fury friend is right at 100 pounds. Sandy has been in my life for 6 years so far, since she was a little pup. She is the second dog I have owned in my life. When I was growing up, we never had animals. She has been a blessing in my life!  She challenges me to be better.  She swims, she goes camping, she has traveled cross-country through out the US, she is a trooper.  She is always by my side and loves me no matter what! Animals are special and unconditional that way, humans unfortunately put limits on how they receive you and the love they give you.

Love SuperFetch, So Go Fetch That !!

Yes, Just another great miracle dog worker, Zack George on Animal Planet, teaches us that if we direct and guide consistently, the dogs will follow.  Let’s give our dogs another purpose in their life!  Our four footed friends want to feel needed and it makes everyone’s life more interesting. If we build it, they will fetch!

Superfetch,” Dog Goes Bowling”

Who Out There Is A Cesar Millan Fan?

For those of you who have never tuned in to his National Geographic Channel show, or his site Cesar’s Way, he is quiet informative on the importance of the energy and discipline that owners bring to their dog’s life experience and environment. Cesar is an advocate for eliminating the negative behavior owners mistakenly reinforce in their dogs, and caring for the unsocialized canines that some times erroneously are put down. Besides rescuing and rehabilitating them, his true intentions are directed to the owners/caretakers of these amazing fury companions, to be the assertive alpha pack leader . The training is really geared towards the humans. There are magazines, books, sessions etc., that he has marketed, however use whatever tool you need, pertaining to your individual circumstances, in fulfilling the best life for you and your fury friend.

Dog Whisperer, ” Surrendering Territory”