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The Bee Movie, Illustrates The Importance of Bees To All Generations !

The Bee Movie, an important message of our times, since the population of bees has declined, pollination, is a non negotiable process, it is one of our main sources for food in the world. So children, the next time a bee is buzzing around you, do not swat at it or try to kill it. Bees have a much bigger task at hand by pollinating plants, and making nectar for honey. 1/3 of our world food source, and honey come from these working bees.  Do not fear Bees, they are like other insects that provide an important purpose on our planet.

Bee Movie, 2007

ImproveThe Women

I have yet to see the original but the remake of The Women, in 2008, is my go to movie. It is a reminder of how we lose all the way around, when we put ourselves last. I speak for myself as a Woman, a Daughter, a Sister, an Aunt and a Girlfriend, If you are okay, everything around you will be okay! This means saying no, setting boundaries, doing things that inspire you and that keep you alive in the journey of life, what ever role or title you take on.

The Women, 2008

Jo Frost, My Hero!

Back in 2006/2007 I was in Trader Joe’s in Oceanside, CA. I had just finished shopping and I was waiting outside for my friends, when walking past me is Super Nanny, Jo Frost ! I never approached her because I didn’t want to come off intrusive, but I wish I would have told her that I believe in her work and the incredible message she is sending to parents. Well, I’m saying it now!, you rock Super nanny!!

I have always had a soft spot for children.  I think growing up, my house could have been a little less rigid.  Children need balance  with love, discipline, mental and physical stimulation, and fun!  Children need to be all they can be, not what a parent wants them to be.  Everyone needs to find their own individualism.


Love Ted!!!

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) are conferences held throughout the year in the US, now in Asia and Europe as well on “ideas worth spreading”. …

I literally got wind of this website when I was channel surfing and landed on the Bravo Channel, Kathy Griffin‘s My Life On The D List Show. It was an episode where Rosie O’Donnell tells Kathy she wants to sit in on a TED conference, and in exchange, she will set up a meeting for Kathy with her idol Cher.

Also want to give a shout out to my other Ted, the sitcom Better Off Ted , love it too!! Just clever satirical snapshots of Corporate Science.

A Microscopic Look At Motherhood

I must say, having the title and responsibility of an Aunt is a mere glance into the enormous, undertaking role of motherhood. I may change diapers, bathe, and feed my niece and nephews, but they get returned to their parent(s). As a person who is without child, I have a daily routine that only involves me. I may get up in the morning, take a nice hot soaking bath, while watching the news with a soothing cup of hot tea, before I start my day. In a mother’s world, she is woken up to the tune of a little person, maybe several times throughout the night, crying for a bottle in the early morning. So the mom who has had interrupted sleep, starts her day feeding her hungry child, who will have many other needs and unexpected surprises, whenever, whatever they are, through the coarse of a day,every day (24/7) to react or respond to!

I have heard Oprah Winfrey on her views of Mothers worldwide, and I wholeheartedly agree, Being a Mother is the toughest, most important job on the planet.