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Jessie James Lyrics, Another Healing Tool For The Self

Jessie James her song, “I look So Good Without You” I like it.  Women need to be reminded that you are great without the Ex in our life.  Whether you end the relationship or they do, it is not personal, everyone wants what is authentic, and best for their spirit !  People do not make or create our happiness, all of those beautiful gifts are within us.  We are great and whole all alone!  We tend to forget who we were before the other person came into our life and  into our world.  Personal space is huge, and when someone comes into your space, you still need to remember you.  For women everywhere,whether you are a Mother, Wife, Girlfriend, or Friend, continue pursuing your dreams and ambitions in life for you, no matter what or who comes into your world, or if they leave it!


ANNIE LENOX, A Special Scottish Spirit Working For Aids Awareness

Annie Lennox is an amazing musical Artist, Song writer, who’s genius, timeless work has been around for years.  She speaks to my spirit as a woman and a human being on this planet.    She is known for her band Eurhythmics, but she also went solo.  In her fourth solo album, “Songs of Mass Destruction”  released October 2007,  launched the SING campaign,Annie Lennox Sing , working to raise awareness and support for women and children affected by the HIV/Aids pandemic in Southern Africa.


So, What’s Your Take Away On Tiger Woods?

Does a famous professional athlete succumb to the dissection of his personal life? Should sports investors pull out when backing a major money making athlete that screws up in his personal life? We have seen this time and time again with athletes. Maybe not the same scenario, but the conflict it causes investors, fans and kids across the globe when they realize that athletes are humans too !   All I have to say is that I am glad that my personal goof ups, are not broad casted worldwide.

Mr. Maher, Why Wait Until February?

I enjoy his show, Real Time With Bill Maher,  he speaks his mind  tells it like it is. Always has a balanced debate panel of guests on his show. He is very informed of the current events, he is one of many alternative news sources of mine.  He tackles the weeks current events with his conservative and liberal panel.  Our News is very censored, that is why I thank the heavens for great t.v. shows and the Internet.

Richard Dawkins on Real Time with Bill Maher (October 2, 2009)  video


The Bee Movie, Illustrates The Importance of Bees To All Generations !

The Bee Movie, an important message of our times, since the population of bees has declined, pollination, is a non negotiable process, it is one of our main sources for food in the world. So children, the next time a bee is buzzing around you, do not swat at it or try to kill it. Bees have a much bigger task at hand by pollinating plants, and making nectar for honey. 1/3 of our world food source, and honey come from these working bees.  Do not fear Bees, they are like other insects that provide an important purpose on our planet.

Bee Movie, 2007