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Must See Documentary

Ethos, is a documentary to watch ! It is in its entirety on YouTube here for your viewing.    The information provided in the film is to get you to think about how we keep corporations in business, if we changed what we bought, we would see the change we want. It goes into other important areas (Banks, Private Bankers of Federal Reserve Bank ,Corporations,ect..) that many people fail to see.

There is an abundance of good documentaries on the internet, you just have to research and depending on your viewing choices, you tube will offer similar suggestions based on your areas of interest.



Love The Newsroom

The Newsroom, written by Aaron Sorkin, (bravo !) the chemistry between the characters Will McCoy (played by Jeff Daniels) and MacKensie McHale (by Emily Mortimer),  is similar to the onstage chemistry between Annette Benning and Michael Douglas in American President.  It is simply incredible writing for all the characters.  It’s a look inside a daily account of how news is verified, reported, choices made for what is televised to the public.  Another amazing product from HBO, season 2 starts in June !

It is how we would like to see our news being reported, the important stories, the truth.  Our news broadcasting companies are in the toilet, It needs to change.

The Televised Injustice To 6 Boys , And Many Others Like Them

If you have not seen it, the three parts to a Paradise lost, you must.  It is a documentary documenting 18 years with 4 separate films on the real case that took place in the state of Arkansas  that begun on May 5 1993 . I watched all 4 films, the three parts of paradise lost and West of Memphis.

This documentary, the time invested, all the professionals from camera crew to attorneys who donated their time freely for the last 18 years to stand up for human rights, god bless all of you.  They felt it was paramount to stand up for the three boys who were unjustly, corruptly sentenced to jail for a crime they may or may not have committed. From the arrest to the trial it was all botched,made up, nothing was researched, forensics, interviews, It had many holes, and stunk like swiss cheese. Why did Hollywood get involved ?

Thank you HBO, thank you, for reminding us that we have a horrible legal system and that most citizens do not get media worthy attention.  Citizens in the U.S. can face horrible injustice, many real people do all the time . We need to be reminded that not everyone will walk away, people will stand and come together, and reason, logic, truth can or should prevail in the end.  They want people across the world to invoke critical thinking, the media as well. as our justice system distorts legal rights.

How many times have you seen, heard about new DNA testing that exonerated wrongful guilty sentencing for many innocent people who have served many years in prison needlessly.


Inspirational Humans

Yoky Matsuoka, I learned of her on Nova Science Now. She won the MacArthur genius award.  It makes me proud to see women who recognize a difference within themselves at an early age  and fight to keep that difference.  She struggled between being smart and being popular. In the link that I provided for the video she appears towards the end, however the entire video is interesting.  It should never be a struggle for kids and she is encouraging girls to let their smartness stand out.

Thank you to Mr. De Grasse Tyson for wanting to ignite our minds to math and science, and reminding us its our path to improving our society.  Sir, Come back to Nova/ PBS or put another great series out there !

I Like Tom Petty’s Music

Tom Petty has been around for a while, his music is ageless.  I like what he and his band create.   Mr. Petty has written a lot of his songs, he is pretty freaking talented. This particular song is a reminder to stay on your path no matter what the distractions, opinions, you stand for something and you do not recant.

Tom Petty and The heart Breakers, I Won’t Back Down

What Would John Lennon Do ?

The Beatles brought some great artistry to the world.  They were all individually talented.  I watched a documentary, LennoNYC a couple of months ago, on John Lennon , when he left England to live in New York.   I was inspired and felt admiration for such an amazing human being. He achieved super stardom and yet he remained true to himself and fought for every-ones freedom.   There are other great cats  such as Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and many more throughout his era.  Watching the documentary was as if it had taken place today, because of how I feel about our government, the ridiculousness and the many lies and deceits of all our wars.  This all brings me to one of the greatest songs Mr. Lennon wrote, Imagine.

Music is Always a DeStresser

I like Florence and The Machine, Shake It Out, is one of many songs to go to, or think of when getting  frustrated or upset about needless things.  We are human, we slip and go to the stupid zone or we have to unload our mistakes.  The definition of crazy/ insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  I’m shaking it out !  Lyrics to a great song.


Florence + The Machine,  Shake it Out