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I Like My Ice Cream, Especially During Hot Summers

Went on another afternoon motorcycle ride out to Pace and then on the way back stopped at Dairy queen off scenic highway for a chocolate dipped cone.  I remember when I was younger (12-13) living in Pensacola and my dad would take us to DQ, I got chocolate dipped cones back then too.  I never went for the super loaded ice cream with sprinkles, syrups,  I was pretty simple.  I was still conservative then with food, I was never over the top.

Embracing New Travel And New Foods

Went for a motorcycle ride, went to Joe Pattis Restaurant for lunch. It is my third time going there in the last 11 years, ( two of those years I was in California) and I’ve enjoyed it each time.  I got the grilled salmon salad.  I was just in a space of eating at home,  doing my own cooking and I have decided to embrace the unknown.  I’m up for the challenge ! I’m conservative yet I am a risk taker, so here I go !

When I was in California I use to go to a Mexican supermarket and I would get bolillos.  It’s a soft bread that had Mexican cream cheese with jalapenos in it.  They are delicious.

Fireworks For Our Years Of IndependenceToday

It’s the 4th of July today and reflecting on my day, it was overcast and it rained pretty heavily earlier in the afternoon.  I got to have dinner with my sister and her family.  Fireworks were going off outside the house sporadically.  Before the 9 p.m.  showtime, I zoomed off on the motorcycle to watch the fireworks.  It was a lovely setting  passed graffiti bridge by the Bay front, watching the colorful booming fireworks. People were scattered all along the grassy area before the bay bridge and the fishing pier.

Motorcycle Riding Is Back !

It has been seven years since I have been on a motorcycle.   I can not believe it has been that long ! Well before that, there was a bigger time gap. I was a teenager living in Spain and I went with a friend to Sevilla on a bike, and another time, took my sister’s dirt bike for a ride out in town.  Sevilla was a long bike ride, at least for my bottom, and it was on a Harley.  I was not quite sure about the function of the gears on my sisters bike, however I took off with it, and took a chance figuring it out along the way.  Well I finally broke the time line, I went riding yesterday and it was great.  I was the passenger so it was still not quite the same, as driving it myself, however I will get there.  It is such a feeling of freedom, to maneuver around all the traffic and be closer to the outside surroundings.

Lovely Wednesday

I did not go to my nephews game last night.  My father filled me in and there was a question of an illegal bat being used by the opposing team.  The  refs pondered, looked up rules  over the call, let it go during the second inning, in the 4th inning they reversed their call.  The game started back to 2nd inning eliminating any points that were scored during 3rd and 4th innings.  They lost 14-7, however they got the experience.  Next will be football !

So I went and had breakfast this morning at Trigger’s with my sister and her family, family friends, and my dad.  It is the first time I have ever been there, it was breakfast so that was kind of a safe restaurant experiment for me.  I will have to go back and sample the chefs fish dishes, sauces and such.  I’m up for the challenge of my taste buds.

I Fished For The First Time

I remember going fishing some few years back, however never participated. I was not sure what I would take away from the experience,  I really do not like to hurt living animals, things.  So away I went last Friday (June 8th) with an open mind.  We got out to salt water after 7 p.m. and were there till after 12 a.m.  It was not the most ideal day because it was really windy. I was casting the fishing rod,  I baited the hook, through the smell, through the hours, and I caught about a 3 pound salt water catfish ! I was told to put the catfish back in the water, they are not edible like the fresh water catfish.

New experiences open up a whole new world to you.  You begin to see something very differently with its endless and inviting opportunities.  If you just look at something, you create a narrow stereotype of what it is or who does it.  There is salt water fishing gear and freshwater fishing gear.  I have things to learn.  So if you are an avid fisherman drop me a line on some important strategies or knowledge you have learned along the way !

My Hat Goes Off To Production Events And Road Crew Personnel

Monday I got to experience the take down of the Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores, Alabama .  It is amazing to see behind the scenes, the people who put up all the equipment and then take it down.  The money that goes into events like this from the bands to the catering. The massive audio, video equipment that gets stored and shipped around the U.S .  The road crew ans-amble is pretty neat.  Everything is down to a science, a well oiled machine.

Everything is Springing Up !!

The sound of  lawnmowers, cutting the newly grown green grass.  Bushes are blooming a variety of beautiful colors.  It is amazing how seasons change, winter is leaving, and spring is arriving.  I’m sure for the states that have had a hard hitting snowy winter, it has to come as a welcoming change.

My nephew Landon, who is 3, started soccer practice.   My brother has shared with me video of Landon in action, driving the ball down the field.  He is not aggressive  towards his teammates pushing them out of the way, he just manages to kick the ball away from them.  He seems to think it is his duty to to have the ball in his possession, kicking it down the field.  It is hilarious to watch the youngsters playing their own version of soccer on the field.  They are merely in practices right now still learning the rules.

Do We Know All of History, Philosophy, Ecology?

Somewhere along the way we may not truly understand everything we were taught or learned in school.  We read life long works written by the great philosophers, people in history that paved the way for how humanity operates today, or the nature structure of the animal kingdom. Through the years we forget, or simply ignore making the difference or connections.

I was poring sparkling water and mixing it with pomegranate juice ( I like to do that with a lot of juices) and I immediately thought of my friend and old roommate in Jacksonville, Fl who use to mix seltzer and cranberry juice.   My discovery of sparkling  water and fruit sodas originated many years ago when I lived in Sicily.    In Spain, where I was born,  my favorite carbonated fruit drink is  Kas naranja or limon and my aunt’s wonderful cooking.  I enjoy eating her food more than going tapa hopping around town. I spent a tremendous amount of time with her this past May and she cooked amazing, healthy meals everyday.  I always have a smile when I think of food and beverages I enjoy.

The memory of my history of soda got me thinking, to reflect back and think of who my influences were.  It is making the connection, remembering its origination and connecting the dots.  I think people have lost there way of critical thinking.  Our history, wars, film, music,  re account what we have seen, read, heard.  I think we owe it to people who died, spent their life work examining and finding the truths and improvements, a better outcome of our humanity.  Things are re-presented, repackaged to us through stories in film, books, music, and we forget or ignore it all.  History has a profound wealth of wisdom, however, there are things that need to be re examined and tweaked, like how Washington D.C. runs, and the great thing is that we have the original interpretation of our Constitution.  Through the years there have been revisions and we need to eliminate those revisions like the Patriot Act .  History fought for Racism, gender, sexuality, and we still ignore it all.  We are free to be who we are, isn’t that what people before us fought for?

Martin Luther King fought for everyone, if one race is oppressed, we all are!  He was a visionary and saw the control government had and still has.  He stood for all, for every walk of life, and sadly people still think it was only for the African Americans.  Not one class, one race, one sexual orientation rules, civil rights is for all.

First and Only Bullfight

I went to my first live bull fight, we took a bus at 5:45 in the evening headed to El Puerto De Santa Maria to the Plaza De Toros, The plaza was very nice built in the 1800’s, we were lucky it was early may,  I could not imagine the plaza in the July- August months.  The bull fight  experience was very mixed.  I enjoyed the connection between the bullfighter and the bull, however, any harm that came to the bull I disagreed with …after the bullfight we stopped at a bar and had some tapas.

Tapas are appetizers that are  very typical of the Spanish cuisine.  I usually tend to eat at home, enjoying the savory taste that I am accustomed to.  I tried to explain to some family members that I am not a Prima-Donna, or a fuss bucket, I know what I like and when eating out there is always the surprise element.  I was brought up with home cooked meals so the healthier leaner methods of cooking are my preference.