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Pensacola, Florida Flood, And Its Surrounding Communities

Pensacola, my home town, suffered a big, massive flood on April 29, 30 2014,  we got at least 18 inches of rain, just rain, however neighboring neighborhoods got several feet because of low lying land.  Governor Rick Scott declared Florida a state of emergency .  A lot of residents have lost their homes, many are having to reconstruct theirs, tearing out sheet rock, throwing out furnishings, personal memorabilia,  so far it has affected 3200  residents and businesses.

There is a link in the PNJ website to charity, volunteer groups in the Escambia , Santa Rosa, Okaloosa communities.  For example in Pensacola, manna food pantries  was affected with the flood they need help restocking their shelves to help feed the needy within the community.

Who is covered for flood insurance ?  Most people who live near or on the water get  coverage through their homeowners insurance.  With all the hurricanes and coastal water in Florida, insurance companies make it very expensive to get coverage because they do not want to pay out or get wiped out( go bankrupt).  For people who live in water free zones that coverage was not necessary, so what happens now?  Will residential homes and businesses get assistance from FEMA ? Will they get assistance period?

Here is a list of all types of insurance companies in the United States. ( home health , car, travel. workers compensation etc…)  All this coverage and yet normally we do not get what we pay in to these insurance policies.  Something is mathematically wrong, just wrong period.






Another Brake During A Break

So in December I stepped away from my laptop again, having a physically demanding job leaves me little time for other projects. I am currently working more hours than my honey bunny , he is pursuing his dream of being a stand up comic and he is amazing.  He has already done several payed gigs within the gulf coast area(Alabama, Louisiana) only  6 months into his journey.  He knows how to deliver a punch line, well many. He dominates the English language, and is very layered in his delivery ( highbrow). He is very intelligent, quick wit, very knowledgeable, and all of that is a plus in the field of comedy.   He is old school style like George Carlin , Bill Hicks, Mitch Hedberg,Dennis Miller.  I met him 12 years ago in a speech class and he was an amazing speaker then ! He can do anything. He has many skills one is a software engineer/ programmer, writer.  Comedy will not be his only legacy.


Are Holidays A Designated Family Day ?

Thanksgiving is a day carved out for family,  if  your location or other factors do not allow for much family time, today or most holidays will be the day, like today.   However it occurs for you, I hope you enjoy all its aspects.  Family comes in  a variety of packages nowadays, so who or what represents your family is to each individual.  On most holidays it involves food , and who does not enjoy a smorgasbord of cuisine , especially if you did not have to cook it !   My parents, I believe to this day, have never missed cooking a thanksgiving meal, we have never gone out.  There is something magical about my mothers cooking, and it is always a treat for me.

So today I will be splitting myself in two and inviting my boyfriends side of the family over and then darting off to my mom and dads to visit and enjoy the two meals.  Telling and playing catch up with our lives , sharing family stories or adventures.

7 Months Is Too Long, Too Much Has Occured To Not Comment

Hello family and friends, I’m still with the landscaping job, and it is really physically taxing, more than I thought. It has caused me to take a backseat to living, my family, and I am not proud of that.  My philosophy has never been to live to, or, for work, however, it is what I have been doing. I dropped the ball on balancing, juggling, work and play, however I will improve on it.  I have let my nieces and nephews down by disappearing, where before the landscaping job, I was always more present with them .  The younger ones especially, do not understand as well as the older ones why I am  not coming around.   I am a 44 year old woman, so it is a little more challenging in the energy department.  You are never too old for most things, however aging does put up an obstacle or two in your path.  Aging slows you down, however it will never stop you.  Shoot, all I have to do is look no further than my parents who are living examples, still moving, healthy in every way.

In June We lost my brother -in-law and I became even a little more withdrawn, I owe a Huge apology to my brother and sister-in-law for reaching out to me and I just withdrew, it was a new experience , I was embarrassed that it took my brother in-laws passing to see a glimpse of how difficult loss is, that  my amazing sister-in-law Jeannie has already lost 3 members of her family and I was never there for her. Even though loss does not affect you directly, it may some day and I hope that when it does you have people to help you threw it.  We all have to face our own struggles however it makes it just a little easier in our day to day lives to have love come in, demonstrated in its many colorful ways.

I have fallen behind a little with U.S. and worldly affairs; Benghazi, Iran nuclear weapons Affordable Care Acttyphoon in the Philippines, etc…  all things I will be commenting on.

Nat’s New Job

I work between a 6 to 12 hour day, five days a week ( I’m sure in the summer it will be 6 days a week).  I enjoy mostly everything about it,( the only downside is breathing in dust, pollen debris in leaves, grass and plants)  I drive a truck with a trailer, and I travel all areas of Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, and Gulf Breeze.

It keeps me very busy so I do not have a lot of down time to think about my Sandy.   My brother in- law is fighting his battle with cancer.  It is very upsetting that our globe is over run with a high number of individuals and animals affected with cancer.

Something is very wrong with cancer running rampant across the globe, and no cure, after countless years of study.  I do not buy it.

Back To Typing And Sharing Again !!

It has been a little over a month since I have been blogging.  Different things have been going on, changes.  A couple of months ago I lost my dog Sandy, I miss her terribly,  and I cry every now and then, she was one of a kind.  She was the best dog, the best companion. I think and look at things a little differently.

I work with a landscaping, nursery company now.  I love being out doors and working on commercial and residential landscapes.  As soon as I get my new phone I will start posting pictures and videos.  I still plan on doing P90, now that I am more physically active, using many more muscles, I will be less intimidated and more conditioned for it. Walking and running was not working all areas of my body.

I am not a fanatic when it comes to working out or looking good, I just want to challenge myself to stay active, strong, and healthy for as long as I can in my life.  I want to be able to do anything physical, and have nothing hold me back.  There is no certainty in life, so I want to seize opportunities to do mostly anything.

See You Later Dear Family Friend

My precious Sandy passed on Sunday morning.  The days seem different without seeing her.  She was a beautiful noble soul, one of a kind.  Sandy is in my thoughts, and I remember different moments about her.  I was just telling my mom that she was a unique dog.  We never went through a chewing faze with her,she never destroyed leather, shoes, socks, nothing.  She was the best behaved dog, super smart. Well, she did like laying in grandma and grandpa’s flower beds, and eating their green peppers. She could never be petted enough, she would nudge you with her nose on your hand if you stopped.

My beautiful boyfriend had mentioned that if I wanted to get another dog, he was for it, of course he stated it was not to replace Sandy.  Without a doubt, I will eventually get another dog.  I want to keep my heart open to a new experience with a new dog, with new lessons to be learned.  It is one of the best relationships you can ever have.

Shooting That Killed Children In Conneticut

The horrible school shooting of innocent children is unspeakable.  Animals, children, the elderly are a no no on my list of people to harm.  I am in no way advocating to hurt anyone, however, in fighting you fight people your own size, able to defend themselves.

There are people who snap, and then there are people that have issues for many years.  Mental health, the mind is a powerful thing, and not everything will have answers.

I had a brief conversation with my brother and his wife regarding  guns.  It should always ignite conversation about what is going on in our country, how to improve it ( when our bill of rights come into question, write to your congressman ) .  Anytime something horrible of this magnitude happens it gives government the opportunity to take more of our freedoms away, we have to think that  bad things are going to happen, however we can take action to solve it in a logical way, to lower incidents or the access to them.  The NRA was established for a reason, it is not a bunch of shoot em up fanatics, they stand for our freedom and our protection.  My boyfriend had a great idea of arming teachers .  Train teachers to use a gun,or have some form of weapon to defend themselves and their students.  Our  2nd  amendment  in the United States Constitution is the right to bear arms and that is not negotiable. I want and I have the right to protect myself against my government, or any hostile take over. There is no discussion, guns do not kill people, people kill people.

I’m Battling With T Mobile Over A Recurring Charge

At the end of June this year I switched my cell phone service from T Mobile To Straight Talk. I wanted more freedom of usage, with ST I have unlimited everything for $45.00 a month. I know offers are changing again and I will eventually make another switch.  I do not like being locked into anything regarding cell phones.

I had gone with a Non contract, non binding account with T Mobile, I did not want to be locked down especially since offers and services become cheaper, little did I know That T Mobile would charge me a recurring fee after the fact.  I was sent a letter with ” we regret your cancellation and there is a remaining balance of $48.42″ I had my last monthly charge to pay, never was there any other charges included in my letter.   Well then I get another bill due by 8/21/12 in amount of 96.78, the added 39.99 recurring charge and taxes totaling 48.36.  I was upset and called them and the customer service rep was not budging. I explained my case and  she insisted I still had to pay it. Well instead of asking to speak to someone with more authority I was upset and did not.  I let it go, I felt powerless going up against the big company, looking back that was a mistake for me to feel or think that way.  I have excellent credit, I have never had problems, delinquency, paying for what I use.   I let it go and then in late October T mobile turned my account over to Diversified Consultants .  I got a letter from them that I have 30 days to dispute or they will consider debt valid.  So I proceeded to fax them a letter with the additional 10 pages of correspondence from T Mobile pleading my case.  I’m  offended that I have to take these measures ( I will own that I did not follow up after my unresolved call with T Mobile)  So It is a waiting game now.

My purpose is not to hate on T Mobile, they are a business that provides service to the masses, and because they do, they have to be professional to all, everyone has a different situation.

I Went Skydiving !!

I went skydiving for my first time on Nov. 10, two weeks ago !   We traveled to  DeFuniak Springs, Fl, where there is a huge hanger  20 + acres of land, just beautiful open country.  We were greeted by the owners of skydivelive Melanie and her husband Jim and her team of instructors.  A nice welcoming family team.

We had to watch standard video on the risk of jumping,  you sign a waiver knowing the possible outcome.  I had no fear, no worries.  Then we proceeded to meet our instructors who put us into our gear, that was provided.  They explained having to strap you in tight and the several positions you would make during the jump.  They were very professional , I did not have many questions, most of it is simple easy rules to follow.

Your first several jumps are tandem, before you jump solo with a instructor next to you.

It was a short and amazing experience.  I analyze everything and because I did not know what to expect or how to feel, it went really quick.  There were about 5 other jumpers besides us, jumping solo, one was  a wingsuit jump.   We were all straddling the two benches in the plane, Melanie the owner, is still active in the military,  flew us into the sky for our jump.  Four jumpers went before me.  The wingsuit  jumper was jumping last.  So I am at the door with high winds and I’m looking out below me, not scared,  and the instructors yells go !  The first 60 seconds of free fall,  did not register for me.  Once the parachute was pulled I got to float in the sky and take it all in. We jumped 13000 feet,  it is the highest sky jump  we found in our area.  It’s a nice experience.

I will post video as soon as I can !