I saved this draft  back on  May 5, 2018 .

I could not sleep, it is 3:15 in the morning and I had several things floating in my mind that I wanted to share. The first thing is #TimePhoneHack , any hash tag in the twitter sphere. The  use of  hashtags,  a form of algorithms to use, search, manipulate data,  like many other things can be manipulated. So I am trying to change my physical and digital world. with my internet interactions  on sm outlets and in my daily face to face in person ones.  All 7 billion of us interact, feed a big AI machine with words, videos, pictures, data that is being used in many hidden ways. They are teams of people who are like data traffic thieves using bots to,  AIs, to direct all this information and it gets used in horrible ways in these groups, like data mining for cryptocurrency.  There is a world of good and bad at play here and it is more behind the scenes than we can imagine, always, and I wish a good population of people would see this more clearly.

There has been an avalanche of sm devices taking over human face to face interaction  that is not healthy.

Many have been tricked to follow, sign off on these platforms and devices  with confusing legal jargon  rules , coded laws, that do not benefit us in any way.  There are options , better ways to be and to do, so many wonderful things the first step is to be and do better. When we interact with family, friends, our community, be better towards and for each other. People want to criticize the kumbaya, or Utopian  stereotype. If you do not do it and be it you will never see it in your reality.  Our reality is being Artificially manipulated and it has been for at least this century.

No matter where you are, who you are with, how or what mechanism you use to interact with, it should always be just, honest, kind.