Sunday : I had a really nice afternoon yesterday at lunch with my friend . We were outside on the bay, the weather was just right. We were there for several hours, just talking. The feeling is indescribable when you are just so relaxed, not a care in the world, even though there is a lot of crap going on, just in that space and time it all sort of disappears. There is an alignment, a synchronicity, a mutual exchange of seeing the person, and listening to them. We always exchange hugs to each other when we first meet, and then when we part ways. Human connection, touch is so vital.

Monday : I woke up at 1am with my throat on fire.  I did my saltwater gargle, and sinuses. I then put peroxide in my ears to clean them out. I  drank some water and proceeded to go back to bed. Sleep is super important when fighting body invaders.  I am not scared, or paranoid, I am just aware of my body sending flags. So I try to fix and improve the situation. So I think i woke back up at around, I just vegged in bed reading, watching some sm.  Then I made some hot herbal teas, gargled again.

Buenos dias, buon giorno, good day ! I only know three languages, I was born in Spain, and I lived in Sicily. and Spain Today I woke up at 12 midnight, with my throat on fire again, did my usual gargling and sinus cleanse. I made a hot lemon tea, (fresh squeezed real lemon) . Sat in my dads recliner, since it sits up thinking maybe it would stop the coughing, and make the breathing easier. I have been restless, sleep deprived, oh, I forgot to mention I used a concoction my mother got from her korean friend( 4 teeth of garlic finely chopped, teaspoon and a half of olive oil, a pinch or 2 of cayenne pepper, teaspoon or 2 of honey (local) and a splash of vinegar from the mother. I have been doing a teaspoon every 4 hours. the best healing cure will take a little longer than taking a synthetic something that will help one thing immediately and harm 10 other things in the body. I listened to some good videos this am from my neighbors abroad. I have been home, have not gone to work. Just working on healing to do and be back to me.

Great video by, Removing The Shackles, sharing great do it yourself home made vitamin c, great natural resources of and from mother earth that we can use to really heal ourselves.