Thursday:  I trimmed some shrubs yesterday with a hedger, I waited until they were finished blooming.  They were getting much bigger, they are not the dwarf size.  There are shrubs that should be manageable, really I look at things always from a perspective of managing  them. I do not believe in being wasteful, or not maintaining, caring for things. There are many great people through out our century who downsized their lives, because being free to be, and do, is way more important than being locked down by things that give nothing in return.

Friday : I woke up having a scratchy sensation in my throat and feeling tired.. Everyone was moving around getting ready to leave for the beach and I decided to go, even though I was feeling off.. I went with my mom , sister, niece to walk on the beach.  It was a nice cooler morning. As usual, I brought my phone however never took it out. Really, it is more for sharing my journey, all my memories are in my heart and mind, stored away. I just took it all in, the ocean, my tribe of female generations,  the people fishing, visiting, enjoying their friday morning. So when I got back home, I gargled and cleansed my sinuses with saltwater.  I made some hot green tea. I always push liquids, mainly filtered water, and nice herbal teas, to cleanse, push out the invaders. The last two days I had swept the back yard, concrete,the neighbors have an oak tree that sheds pollen and I think that may have irritated me.  I am not delicate in health, and have never suffered from sinus allergies, except the last couple of years have been a little different

Today I woke up a little congested in the chest. I had my lemon tea, followed by water. I gargled with saltwater for throat and sinuses.  I had some organic green tea. I understand much of the soil on our planet has been compromised, however ,I still choose the lesser of two evils. I always give thanks for the food I will eat and that it nourishes my body to allow me the optimal benefits for the functions I will perform throughout my day.

I followed a young man from Gaza today, on twitter. He sent me a personal message and asked how I was doing.  People are resounding with amazing grace.  He lives in a country of Palestine, being palestinian, he has seen  his people and land being taken away for decades. Israel can not keep committing these atrocities, No country has the right to invade, kill others for  greed, resources, compliance.  Think this through brothers and sisters.

I am meeting my lovely sister for lunch today. looking forward to her beautiful spirit. It is nice to have a beautiful exchange of energy going back and forth.