Sunday : Did not sleep the best last night, woke up to chatter of  concerns of lice so my niece, my sister and myself manoeuvred to put olive oil in our hair, then my sister and I took all bedding off beds, we tossed, threw away all bed pillows, and mattress  cover .  My sister and I took off to a laundromat to wash all bedding , then while beddiing was being washed, we went and bought new pillows, mattress cover. I had a back bed pillow I had since I lived in Jacksonville and I tossed it as well. It was in great condition however it need to be replaced. I did not think it would survive the wash.  I take care and maintain things.  I tend to be picky what I buy. I like quality, that I can use , that is functional, practical not temporary. So then we bought lice shampoo, got to the house and all three of us washed our hair, you put the solution on for ten minutes then you lather it with warm water, wash then you take a comb and comb off all the dead lice.  My niece and I had more than my sister. I think this is the only time I have ever had lice in my life.

Monday: Did not sleep very well. Did some house chores and then just read,, tweeted, visited with my sisters dogs Milo and Max, Max is still with us. I have an older picture of max. in my blog, max and sandy, my dog were buddies. Sandy is buried in my parents back yard so I am near her.

Went to my nephews baseball game, an hour away,  out in rural country, just so  calm and spread out with many  roaming cows outside. I took a picture that I will post. When we parked my sister said something so I walked to the trunk of the vehicle and there was a thin wired fence with cows and goats literally feet away. The sight just lit me up, it was another little gift during the travels there. My nephews high school has scheduled games on their spring break. How crazy is that and then he is going to a university  as well during this time off  with his high school team.  There is no break for this child.  I am very disappointed with school sports.  In my opinion they have taken it too far with the hours the players put in.  It seems very robotic.  They are humans not robots.

Tuesday:  I am off this week because it is spring break for the children, yet I had a training class to go to today.  I thought it was from 8-3 well I brought my mailed reminder with me, as I sat in the car before driving off something told me to look at it, and it said 7  instead of 8, so I quickly called the hall center and told them and luckily they were doing a section from 7-9 so the lady I spoke with told me just to come on in at 9;30.  Crazy how I had 8 stuck in my head, anyways no harm.

This is one of several things that is new about me. I  lose track of time now before I was always aware, and now I understand how you can lose track, when you are in complete enjoyment you are not rushed, preoccupied with worries and stress, just complete enjoyment.

This morning I went with my niece and sister to my brothers house to pick up the boys, we all went to the waffle house, had breakfast,  before we dropped one of my nephews off for his trip.