Monday : Went to work and during  my weeks at Brown Barge Middle school,  I have been having nice discussions with a security guard, and a custodian.  We share experiences, information, and it is just pleasant, no titles, an understanding that we all matter, regardless of age , ethnicity etc…, we  understand the basic fundamentals. What I mean by this is there are no titles, no one is better.  The ladies I work with are a tougher crowd.  I sense they have had lots of hurt, anger, injustice..  I always bring the love, the care, yet I am invisible, not seen. I am spoken to in an ugly manner, when told how to do things, and then told to follow a protocol and then,  I am  suppose to toss it out the window another day or time, no consistency.  It is hard to watch people act so cold, with frustration for no reason, especially when kindness, is being displayed presented, there is no awareness on their behalf,  of how they behave, no accountability, compassion. The school system is horrible to everyone, the children, teachers, all workers that make the system function. Jobs have increased responsibilities on a worker where they are doing the job of 3 people. People are overworked, over stressed and the system is doing it, yet the people that work for that system want to take their frustrations, grievances  out on fellow coworkers when people work together, however the system is not working with anyone, it cares not for anyone.

I have experienced  unpleasantries with people, the majority of it came from work related experiences because I had been in hibernation withdraw for a while. I saw pure ugliness, words, actions being displayed.  People are so lost in low vibrations, they have let the negative forces bring their beauty to such a low existence.  When I see it, I feel it and it tears at my heart. This is something that I know because God graced my heart full of love and understanding for all living original life cycles.

Wednesday: Went to walmart and got an oil change there for the very first time. I had called ahead of time to see what the waiting time would be, they were not that busy. When I got there they said it would take an hour, there was only one guy doing them, I had to pick up a couple of items, like fluoride free toothpaste, and I wanted to see if they carried fruit trees.  I wanted to get a lemon and orange tree.  They did have the trees however they were outside in the parking lot and it was after they had called me over the intercom for my car being ready. The oil change  cost me  29.88 plus tax.. So I got in my car and drove off, and forgot to look in parking lot for trees. Another day I will do it.

Thursday:  After work I went straight to the chiropractor for my second adjustment, and then had a 30 min massage.  I hold a lot of tension, tightness, I was telling my friendly  massage therapist that I  do not hold on to things, yet she so wisely was saying ,that you may think that however your body is doing and telling you something else. She is awesome, good energy, nice calming music, good natural peppermint rub, and conversation. She had taken out the tension, i felt so stretched, loose after her wonderful touches.  Human touch is so healing, and we all need it  Hugs, kisses, massages, aresses, it just depends what the interactions, ages. I do not care how old or young you are, we all need tenderness, kindness displayed, exchanged.

Friday : I woke up at 4am  and started watching , catching up on updates from my neighbors around the world. I hope people are taking the neighborhood challenge and starting to implement a new way of being, acting doing in our families, communities, world.  When we care for one another we not only raise our vibration, however the worlds.  It is so needed.  We dropped the ball many years ago when technology slowly creeped up and began isolating us.  I see it more clearly because I grew up without technology. I played outside, interacted with children in my age bracket.

Today I did some chores and was planning to go to my nephews baseball game however my timing was off, and I just feel a little more tired, drained then usual..I take it easy and listen to my body.  I have more packets to hand out in my neighborhood. I am behind however looking forward to meeting more neighbors and eventually will pop in to the original 8  I spoke to.