Saturday: I had chores around the house to do and then I just vegged.  I felt tired from the moment I woke up. I still have more packets to hand out in my neighborhood, however it is not happening today. The packets consist of templates provided by Cindy K. Currier on her yt channel.  She has links  underneath  her videos. Anyone can click on them, download them, use them or come up with their own plan of executing togetherness, a group discussion of how to better interact with each other moving forward in a place of true community and neighbors, many are already doing it, many are not. We were not put on this earth with the other kingdoms to ignore each other, we have to work in harmony and respect all cycles of life.

My neighborhood is my child hood home.(between 6-8th grade). This was my  only experience living in the states, then my family and I were off to Sicily and Spain.  I am currently living with my parents .  I came back homem, when I was broken and need a safe place to strengthen myself. I have mentioned in previous posts my battle for a couple years that I was in and out of happiness , withdrawn.. I am grateful that my parents welcomed me with open arms.

Today I woke up later then my usual 4am I am pretty sure my szechadium rhythm  is out of sync with the hour ahead. So I usually have some filtered water, then a cup of hot water with real squeezes of lemon , then I nestle back in my room to look at the updates of my fellow neighbors around the world. I like to check in with them too.  I have my immediate neighbors in my neighborhood, and then my neighbors around the world. I truly have a love for my brothers and sisters that are abroad, I have learned from them in more ways than one. Some may find me ingenious, being  too nice but I am here to say I am a real human being and my words are for real and there are many like me.  I asked God, the one and only true creator, for help,  for forgiveness, guidance and he graced cleansed my heart made it whole again, and  I have been returned back to my ways of that pure child of love .  It is for real,and that is why I ask all of my brothers and sisters around the world to do the same. We are all sinners, we have let horrible things happen around the world to our precious life cycles and we have to rectify and correct our ugly ways.  You have free will to choose what you will do.  I made my choice.

I was thinking the best way to express thoughts I had and why do we listen to outside controlling forces, a government that we have, who dictate rules that serve us no purpose. The system is constructed to keep isolating us and to not have faith trust in our fellow humans, however, the people that we see on tv, politicians, I do not believe many are humans, they are the contaminated seed, their dna was manipulated. they do not hold the values that I hold for cycles of life. We have to weed out the liars, deceivers from the truthers, there has been manipulation, infiltration into every aspect of our lives and it is time for us to stand up with and for each other. We have to start being vigilant and discern what is true and not. The only way to change the monstrous system is by taking action and getting out of the system, let it crumble, do not pay into it another penny.  All our finances that we have paid into have created this evil system, playground,  that they have funded with our payments to the dmv, mortgages, investments, 401 ks, insurances for life, car, houses, health, property taxes think of a dollar that everybody pays in now take that by many dollars each person pays to live, when god made everything in abundance and FREE. It is a bigger paradigm scheme than  what Bernie madoff went away for. Are you mad yet ? Are you ready to take the steps ? I want a better way of living, of being, for myself, and the future of our human race. I want to leave the world better than I found it.