It is a very telling sign right now with all the craziness amplified.  The world is a chaotic stage, however, if you have been given new eyes and ears to see and hear from, you see it all so clearly.  I try as I do to remind all my brothers and sisters around the world this is a spiritual war between good and evil.  It has gotten so out of control because #WeThePeople sit back and let it all play out in front of us, instead of taking action.  Our government, its legislative, executive,judicial branches, is all a sham, it was never suppose to be this machine governing over us., They do not make the  real rules,. These men, this stifling machine, only God made the real rules/ laws, and he gave us free will to decide.  I do not get real choices, my decisions were made, and are being made everyday taking more and more away.

I saw a huge need to celebrate all the great work that many brothers and sisters are doing. Whether their work  is their feet on the ground, traveling., sm, they brought back the true researched journalistic ways, from how news had and is being  manipulated, controlled, censored, on msm  around the world. We have not been getting real news for decades , or we were getting truth and lies intertwined to confuse and keep the people confused of what is true and untruthful.  I have a genuine  love for all of them, people that I have never personally met, however, I truly see their hearts doing what they have been doing.. They have invested time, with no compensation, except maybe donations , to continue to capture your attention about the severity, of what is really going on in our world, They each speak on different areas of politics, medicine, economics, law, military, police, education system.  ALL of these institutions were usurped and do more damage, harm than good and it is time to stop all the evil people, who help this system continue to repeat criminal, unfathomable crimes on our children/human beings, animals, natural resources.  Here is the real important key, we all have to come together to do it, it is a huge beast that has its tentacles in everything, a small group has no chance.  That is why they have been dedicated for several decades, really even since this century, telling you the truth, however, it was manipulated twisted so that you would move on forget about one thing and move on to the next without as much as glimpse to question  what had happened.  We never looked back at all the ugly things, deaths, murders of our fellow brothers and sisters around the world. Ugliness is prevailing, and the reason it is is because #WeThePeople let it  continue.  When will enough be enough of all the killing and destruction of this beautiful precision of all living things ? We turned our backs on all that is precious.  So What Are #WeThePeople Going To Do About It ? Please dig deep, Look at the bigger picture at hand. There is a huge price to pay when we let atrocities happen.