I see all kinds of postings everywhere and some of it just makes me sad, makes my heart ache.  Have we forgotten that taking sides, the two sides paradigm divides us. I  could careless who the president is, when we know he has no real power.  The people controlling, stifling us, make all these crazy fictitious, concocted  rules/laws  so we blindly give up OUR true beautiful gift of free will.. It is all an illusion of rule.  If we stopped participating in their confines we could start living by Gods laws, natural, law , universal law. We are still playing by their rules by fighting each other.  Our system is a copy, a fake, to the real original laws that were handed down to us, gods true, not tinkered with children.. Jesus, whether he is gods son or god in human form walked on earth speaking, healing , sharing the true ways of  doing, being with each other and mother earth. So let us stop playing their game.  Let us start creating a better more loving caring world.  We have been feeding this evil system with all the licenses, mortgages, taxes we pay, military, police, courts, they have been able to do all kinds of criminal activities off of us, everyone through out the world. Those phrases, follow the money, money makes the world go round,  think about them. I have never seen any of our money that we hand over help us period !  The majority of the world is suffering, in a world that was created with abundance for all, its precision and harmony, one looking after the other.

Great message from our brother Ken O’Keefe

Saturday: I drove a friend out of town, had some conversations and then drove to Pace , to watch my nephew play baseball.  I got to his game late, however I got to see him hit the ball,and be in the field.  After his 2 games my sister, father, brother and his family went to santinos.  We hung out there, I did not eat, and I got home late, so from 11-11 I was off sm. interacting with friends and family.

Sunday:  I woke up around 7 and just felt like I had not slept, I have been feeling like that for a couple days.  I looked up some things and posted things that anger me, makes my heart break. I did some chores around the house and then vegged.