Natalia is NatBlog

Today I woke up at 3 am and I did some dishes that were left over from last night.  I wash by hand,  there is no dishwasher .  I moved on from dishes to getting updated on news.

Well This is something On my mind and in my heart.  We Know the system is not working, we know there has been major corruption for millennia however, at some point we have to minimize reporting and use all that wonderful information and take it to our streets in our neighborhood. We have to build a new way of being, doing with eachother,  I  will not participate with new elected  people with the same regime, system, we have in place, because it was and is a sham.  We were never suppose to be ruled upon, limited, governed over.  I was given free will, and my laws, a millennia ago.

I want all my lovely brothers and sisters to understand what I am conveying here.  We can not do the same thing that the msm is doing, just  repeating truth news, we have to take action to the streets and talk to our neighbors,communities. I know every single one of you can because I have been watching all of your beautiful spirits shine on my screen explaining and teaching me !  Many of the truth tellers have people that listen to you because they see you through your words that you care.  I am not here giving orders, we all have a duty, responsibility to balance reporting on sm and on our streets, remember, there are many of our brothers and sisters  that are not connected or connecting on the internet, so they have to be reached, no man woman or child left behind !

I know that there are people that have already put their communities in action, I would love to hear from them, We need to hear from them. I have to get my stuff prepared because I will be giving all of you updates on what I am doing.. I have to walk the talk, because I care, so I do it, to be it, because I am it.  Real change happens when we do the acts that are within.