Thursday : Today I woke up at 3 am and started typing and listening to great info on the internet. My sister from another mister( who I reference down below) made me think about the possibility If we were to lose complete connection on the internet  For some it would be a complete melt down, for others it would be sad because they balance their time, so the outcome would have different reactions.  What would yours be ? I have found amazing beings that I have  connected with on the internet, however, I can still go out in my community and do the same thing, and I have a strong sense that it needs to start happening.  We are on this electrical grid and I am not sure what may play out.  Remember this is satans play ground, he connected us all with the fake electricity, wifi,  when his copy of things is being attacked he is not going to walk away without a fight.  He has had dominion, manipulating , destroying human beings and all the natural resources.

In my weeks of working with the school I see a lot of waste of food, food that could be taken to needy people in the community.  I see children who are angry, just acting out.  Children are our compass people, they understand things in the real,  where a lot of adults are unplugged, so unaware of what is going on. Children, before we start polluting them, are the purest form of energy and they just mirror what is coming at them.  They are putting a mirror to who ever is in contact with them, so do not ever confuse this,, they are showing you , yourself. People have checked out of life, yes checked out.  People think they are plugged in however,  do a test, check yourself,.  Where are you , what is your stance on all the issues, theatrics being played out. in the msm ? Does it match what you find in your local community ? What is true to you ? Who are you ?  How do you improve, impact your family, community, world ?

Storm Navigator I saw and heard her important messages. She has been caring, sharing her knowledge with the masses, the world, for over 6 years. She is not a guru , she is a being who is operating on a more conscience level than most of us.  We the people are all at different levels of true comprehension of our own self, community, world,  universe.