When I look back at many Presidential, congress, supreme court justices elections, I do not remember  the people of the U.S. choosing their candidates, we were presented with selected choices.  This political, theatrical arena has to stop. We the people ,are not following the true constitution that was written.  There was never to be this huge machine running our world, we were always suppose to have limited supervision over us, and yet we can not do anything without following the machines rules..  What about living our  lives by gods law, universal law, natural law ? ( They are all the same)  What happened to in God We Trust?  Whos God ?  Remember, there are many false ones.

I live my life on track with Gods law and I behave in the image he made me in, which is love, look around at all the natural original beauty.  I am honored, graced, to be a child of his making, creativity, I am pretty awesome how I was constructed, I am always in awe of everything in creation !

A beautiful sister who I have followed for a couple years, an angel, that aligns with love and many that I follow/connect with have the same energy.  With that, some need to check themselves, we are not battling, slandering eachother, we can disagree respectfully and lovingly, remember remember, check who  you are in alignment with, what energy ? How do you speak, act, illustrate your work ?