Sunday : I woke up around 4 ish  am  had a chat  with several brothers on line, it was a nice disuccsion exchange  of concerns,  and new ones on the horizon.

Monday : it is a little after 2 this am could not sleep so naturally I type..

I started typing las night and then got way too sleepy.  So after I chatted for a little bit, I went for my morning walk ( all the brothers reside in different states, have  different walks of , we  come together as a community during these twilight zone times.)

Everything  harmful, ugly is coming to light and I think it is because we have a lot of brothers and sister that are seeing through the theatrics,. Our  energy around the world  is fighting the dark forces that have ruled for this  century and many others.

Went back to sleep now 530 am ,  We need to stop feeding into the red and blue paradigm, it is getting us no where, they are two sides of the same coin. I know People think that Trump is going to make all these changes however I believe it is us, we the people of the world, standing up to all our controllers, government puppet heads.  It is all theatrics, mans laws, convoluted, going nowhere law,s that harm, further restrict,  and take more rights away. We never needed mans controlling government, military, we were never meant to be at war with any country  and especially killing, and destroying his creations.  God gave us our laws  and free will ! Does it not make you appreciate the independent choice now ? We have to all come together to have a true discussion about how we can thrive in a more caring, sharing way where all originals are honored,  no mater the culture, region, species they are.

Another amazing sister, Sam Mugzzi who has been putting out great work for the world !