So I went on my morning walk, time alone to connect with all around me, I saw two hawks,  heard and saw a frog swimming in a puddle of whatever, and then a wood pecker pecking, I heard him/her in the tree and I kept looking until I saw him pecking on the wood. I  also ran into my neighbor, and we chatted for a few minutes.

I always have things weighing in my heart, and I just never know what I will write about until it just flows.

My heart aches and days go by  and I am saddened by the many ugly exchanges that occur around me , in my community, state wide and the world. This is a huge spiritual war, and if people only took a tally on on the things you think are working for you versus what is, you will find just like the minimalists its all clutter harming you. I am not judging anyone, I do not have that right nor do I worry because I am only responsible, accountable for what I put out into the universe. Now I do have eyes and ears of love that let me see through a lot of ugliness, it is what it is.  I wanted to come back home to the girl I always had inside and I am so loved and I want everyone to experience the wonder of it as well.  When I see all the alternative news brothers and sisters who do their daily grind putting out information that they have invested their time researching to bring you back home, it makes my heart ache how they get ridiculed, laughed at, labeled as crazy, they get threatened , just ugly.  Can people not see how tv. movies,  music have degraded humans and their  interactions ? However, those are just actors right putting on a show , however why do people emulate, copy that crap.  I am not saying all actors, musicians are crap, you have the good and bad, however bad wins, is praised every time.

This is a video from a brother Enter The 5t4rz that says a lot of the issues with the controlled platforms such as google, yt and fb.  That harm the good and praise the bad.  Unacceptable and it should be for everyone.

So to all my brothers and sisters who are in the fight , have been in the fight for at least 2 decades, we have to come together and use our voices , we have been doing it for a while we have to take a turn to stop feeding the platforms that hide, shut down free speech guidelines.. There are other options,  choices, I know it has been mentioned for years, well no more talking, action !