I am a firm follower of the creator, I take his laws to heed . He gave me the non disputable laws of the universe, there is no wiggle room, no exceptions.  I have mentioned in various post about how my life truly changed when I came to him, asking for forgiveness and a yearning to change and understand my ways of making a true difference.  He gave me the eyes and ears to humble myself. All that is created is important and exists side by side together, not separate, not in a hierarchy.  It is all made of the same stuff at a molecular level, that is not by coincidence, our universe was not a mistake or a blimp or a big bang, it was beautifully designed with much care and precision.  When you come to truly understand this you will finally get what you see and hear with such clarity.  When I look at grass it is green in spring and summer, it is and that is that.

Many on alternative media are fighting  our government .  There are all these institutions, constructs that charge us  money  to live. (I do not remember currency every being a part of the bible ) and what do we really get out of it ? I should be able to drive, have a home, without all the licensing of things. Our creator gave us free will, free does not mean institutions that make me do anything.  The system is rigged, you can not operate without all these documents, well you can, however there is more difficulty because less people live outside of the system.  It is a well orchestrated, strategized web of keeping us in participation of it, or what if, we all said no more, I want a better, healthier way of doing, being, not the road blocks that limit and stifle me. I  do not want to be led in a certain direction, because they are trying to take me/ us to an even bigger prison, if that is even fathomable. We are all in a cageless prison, with the allusion of choices and free will. I want my God given right !

Step back and assess your  food, your healthcare, your data, entertainment,it has all polluted us, has it made us better, more evolved ?  Where is the care, share, in our families, communities, world ?  Murders, genocide , man made diseases,  destruction of all natural resources, homeless,  this is not Gods kingdom, it was usurped.  We were given a phony lie of everything.  Question and really take a look at everything.