There are people creating petitions to change our choices that are being mandated ( where is our choice , voice for natural plants ?) and just not healthy for my brothers and sisters around America, or the world, The first petition, we have an opiod problem with loritabs ( a synthetic form of heroine) prozack, …etc…all these synthetic  prescripted pills that are harming us rather then helping the problem.  People take them for injuries, painful injuries and then get hooked, why hasn’t the DEA done anything about it ? The system is pro bad, everything that harms, restrics us from our free choices. They want us to destroy ourselves, the less of us there are, the better the numbers for them.  We are the majority people, we can make significant changes to our lives,  community, and world, if we came together for the good of everyone.  I may not need to use marijuana medicinally, however I may want to use it recreation ally how I see fit, or not use it period.  I can think outside myself and still wish it to be available to whoever needs it If you are pain free good for you !  We could all be, however until then, we must  act,, do, in unity I fight for all having access to all the natural herbs that our creator put on mother earth.. If we all bought healthier we would pay less for it, all the bad stuff for us is cheaper because a lot of people buy it.  It is a fact my friend, supply and demand .


The second petition is getting the UN and its funding out of the United Staes UN out of U.S.  Have you ever heard of car dealerships, restaurants as fronts for moving drugs, weapons,  well these institutions corporations appear non harming from the outside however they are doing horrible, treasonous things. The name United Nations sounds very benign very pro unity well it is anything but.  What has the UN done for you, your world ?