So I just woke up and it is only a little after 11 pm, what !  What is right, not enough sleep, however, I have some things floating around in my mind so I will jot/type them down.  I think I fell asleep around 830 pm. I  woke up around 5 this am and had a busy Monday,  I was outside for a good 4 or 5 hours.  I did my solo walk, where I got to be alone with my thoughts. In the neighborhood I never know who I will run into or what nice surprises I may see.  Sunday I saw from my window a bird bathing on the street, he/she/ had found a puddle and was just letting him/herself be immersed in the water,  I got to see a marvelous moment for a good 2 minutes.. Those are little gifts that spring up out of no where if you are paying attention to seize it.  There is no hierarchy, humans are not at the top of the world kingdom. You have to care about things that you share the world with, we would not survive alone, no man is an island.

I went back to sleep, and got up at 5 ish .  Since I joined twitter this year, there are some great brothers and sisters putting out such great tweets regarding all their own research, provoking thoughts. I retweet what I like, speaks to my heart, and I love the wonderful spirit that is out there in the world. We just need many more to join the spiritual fight. There are many that have God in their heart, it is obvious because when he is in your heart, you speak, act in his like. You become defenders of truth, and all that is his beautiful creation. The many who have committed horrible crimes need to ask for forgiveness, it is not to late to change your ugly ways..