Went for a walk this am, it is a great time to take in the beautiful scenery, all the grass coming back to life, azaleas, camellias, blooming already. I am not sure what my favorite flower, plant, shrub is, they are all so pleasing to the eye. Climate has a lot to do with what thrives and is seen in your area of the world. I remember when I was in California, the beautiful flowers in the medians, just wonderful colors everywhere.  When I lived there I had the view of just magical landscape. I had stayed in Shasta for a couple days, and wow, all,those beautiful trees, the lakes.  I remember coming across some horses while walking in the forest. It is amazing how timing is everything. You have to be aware, certain gifts come so quickly,

How many times have you heard this phrase,” The world is a stage” well if you only knew how literally it is.  In plain sight ,when you look around  the world, if you have traveled or seen ancient ruins via the internet, there are monuments, symbols, numbers, that have a different meaning for a different group and  club.  We, the children of God have  the real seed/non manipulated seed,  are not included in the secretive groups. Since the beginning of time there has been a hidden force of people working together behind all their marking,s markers of what they are about, involved in, numbers, hand signals, colors,it is a ugly energy that they unite and build on to make it stronger and to capture more of Gods children. It is a sick machine of kidnapping our children,doing horrible things to them to continue their army seed of lineage.  There is  positive and negative energy, if we united and put out positive energy into our thoughts and actions we would smother the ruling  demonic force.  It starts with doing and being love, care for your family, your community your world.  Stop blindly looking at the same repeated narrative, investigate, get to know your neighbors, your local shops, help your community thrive for the better of everyone, especially our children. I was given free will, not institutions putting out fake laws to stifle and destroy my essence. I follow Gods law and it has always done me well, even when I was not 100% devoted.

We are perfect, we have amazing abilities that we are unaware of,  however, the tv, hollywood, politics, fake science, is trying to destroy us in to  all these unnecessary mutilations, cloning, transhumanism. Just like plastic surgery why did we lose our minds to look a certain way, to even allow our beautiful children to get sliced and diced, what kind of thinking happened ? If you look for the truth, which is God, you will shed the nonsense and get real sense of who you really are.  I have always taken care of myself, not for vanity, not for anything else other than, I have this one life , one body and I want to move until I can no longer move anymore.

One of many of my brothers great works Blackstone Intelligence Network

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