I have never been married.  I recovered from tremendous heart ache after a couple of years of struggling, wanting a real change. I shared that heartache for me stemmed earlier on in my childhood, wanting to feel love and to see it displayed. It was a sum of things that was saddness, I always understood kindness, caring, sharing, however, it was not being lived to the fullest with people around me or in the world. So I protected my heart, however It was not hardened.  From a very young age, and I posted about this in a aboutnat post that I had a strong awareness about myself, that even though I had pain, heartache I still marched on to my own beat. I never wavered, I never sold myself out to anything or anyone.  Some where in my divine being I knew I was more than flesh and bones and pain. There is self examination, that every one must do,  If you do not understand yourself, how will someone else ?  To understand yourself you have to understand your creator, the one and only who created the all.  So I am in a place now where I have new eyes and ears, my life was transformed when I let God in my heart , he was in my mind, however I never got it until I did.  Once I asked for forgiveness,  the truth about God, his beauty, selflessness of unconditional love is really ignored and so underrated.  I get sad still when I see such ugliness being done by many, many people do not truly understand their ugly ways.  I am sad and afraid that many of my brothers and sister may never come to really understand his awesomeness. I am excited for the new adventures, a new true and deep love, who knows what awaits this heart and mind of mine, I’m excited and open to the magnificence of it all now, and this time I will not settle for anything or anyone less.

I caught this video last night live streaming about 40 minutes into its stream, this is another amazing brothers yt channel On Point Preparedness