It is 2:20 in the morning, woke up and had to type what was in my heart and mind..

In this journey of my life , it is like moments, memories are being shown through different people, I have tears streaming down my face as I type. .Living in Spain, Sicily, Florida,, California,, visited Iowa,  Maine,  North Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas. I have had just priceless human connections, ,experiences that I will always carry, just like I know what sadness is, or feels like.  Within the last year and a half, new people that I have connected with on some level with, my conscience, reminds me, takes me back to those moments in time, its a huge hug and reminder to my heart.

Most of my upbringing was done in Spain and Sicily, so I feel that in those cultures,  family connection, discussion, food celebration is what grounded me.  My mother is from Spain and my father from Iowa, so I already had two different cultures  inside me. I missed out on my family in Iowa, where I gained it in Spain. There is a different kind of passion,  the way of living has differences.   I’m not sure really how to translate or describe the experience, children could be kids, playing outside with nature, making true face to face connections without any devices, just a peer of  youngstervilles.  I have had a tremendous life, regardless of some heart break. I think about  the people that were in my life, and  who shared that time and  space  with me, some I have reconnected with. through fb.

Another great brother, Robins Hood yt channel,  I may have posted a link or video before however he is caring for his fellow men and women around the world, like all the other brothers and sisters I post, I may not get every  caring youtuber, blogger, website, however I will try !

Video Was Taken Down