So I chose to work for the school board to see and understand the nutrition children are getting, just a real perspective of elementary, middle, and high school. I cook however this is on another level A couple of concerns already  in the group of children from k-5, a lot of them are unruly. These are our children and our future.  I am not a mother, I have not  had a child, however I have a special place in my heart for children because I understand the true beauty that existed until outside forces changed or put limits on them..

This current job brings me back to when I lived in California,  for 2 years at the Rosicrucian fellowship. I posted about this back on January 7, 2010.  I was there between 2005-2007.  I was not a member, however, I did not know the link of the Rosicrucians to the veiled web, so I was probably in some bad company and never knew it. The truth is there are many churches that operate covertly and do horrible things to our children, the sex scandals in churches never ended, they still continue. It was heaven and hell. ( the hell was an incident that happened to me there, and then personal struggles in my relationship)I loved the community, different people from around the world. It was 40 acres of heaven,  I landscaped and worked in the kitchen, with some amazing ladies and it was just simply great energy, and when cooking , really anything you do, you should be putting out great energy,that is what makes love go round and everything better. Now as a warrior sometimes you will be very blunt, a straight shooter, use colorful language however words never hurt anyone, ugly actions do.

So 13 years later I am back in a kitchen working with ladies to prepare the meals for the children. It also reminds me of a good documentary that Michael Moore did when he traveled around the world. I will have to elaborate more on that tomorrow.