My title of yesterdays post has such deep levels because all the wonders of the world have always been here we were just not given access to all the lovely beauty of it all. The seed of lucifer has been alive since the beginning of creation.. Our history is distorted and hidden, look around the world at all the monuments, obelisks . the similarities in architecture, there was a luciferian seed team that has been around for millennia, bad masons , mafia, Illuminati, all these gangs  teams working together in secret ,hence secret societies. Their markings, signs are all over the world..  People that look like you and me, however, very evil, vile doing all kinds of criminal activities. at work, our true history is not what we were told or learned. Most of these people are the really wealthy, follow the money in every institution, not all the wealthy individuals are bad , however a good chunk of them. The vatican, monarchs, presidents, congressmen, prime ministers, free masons, shriners, law enforcement, courts, judges, attorneys, social workers, charities, many  are all woven into our society under a hidden agenda. The longitude and latitude of all the pyramids in the world line up, there  is no coincidence. The cutting of the stones,  the precision, the technology had a lot to do with free energy, electricity, magnetism. Under all the pyramids are tunnels to water, people , cultures had this technology way back when, we are not the modern century !.