This has been a lovely,exciting, yet, saddening, and angry time period.  When You finally understand, see your real world, you want the ugliness to end and our new way of living,, being, to begin.  There is so much we have to come to understand about our world, math, science, medicine, our abilities that were all hidden from us, yes hidden.  These systems, were never here to help or improve us I have mentioned many times we are living in the beast system, satans kingdom.  God gave us free will until we destroy and allow all the horrible things happening to human beings and mother earth, and it is here. Our earth and ourselves  both have to exist together in harmony. We are not above any other species, we work together, we give and get.

I have been graced with Gods love to see and hear what is around me, I have been reborn to truly make my life and my world a better place, I always wanted peace within my heart no matter the chaos however in the midst of the chaos I have peace in my heart because no matter what I will do, be, his love, my love will drive me.  Nothing or no one can break me, hurt me,  I have a loving heart and it can hurt for a minute, well before I would hurt for a while, when you have had such deep love and you lose it, or you have to walk away, it feels like your heart will never be whole again, however you need your heart to continue on, and those lost loves, you will keep them with you in your heart always.   Its crazy, how our mind and heart can work amazingly together if you synchronize yourself with your thoughts, feelings actions. Things can be so unbearable yet so lovely., however I keep going in my world,  understanding its beauty and waiting to see the rest of it !

Yesterday I took my niece to get a manicure and pedicure.  Loved it I do not paint my nails always I like to go more natural.  I have been on a natural path for a while.  I became a vegetarian back around 1996, I do eat fish now and then, some chicken however for the most part, I consume vegetables and fruits. I started intermittent fasting back in November, that I posted, and I am starting to notice a loosening of my clothes.. I have not weighed myself, I should have when I started however I will,its not really the number however it is a map to where I was and where I am at.  I never had a problem with my weight until 2005 and when you have always been one way in movement, flexibility uninterrupted, not painful, to then the weight changes, limitations, difficulties , you want to fix it and change it.  I want to move around freely until my last breath !