We the people of our world have blood on our hands.  When we do not stand to defend anything precious , innocent, being harmed, raped, killed in such a vile manner, we are all guilty.  We are to fight against oppression, harm, murder, mistreatment to any human being, animal, nature period !  Our world was created by God however satan dominates the earth, he fell and he has been weaving his web around everything natural and putting in his ugly copy and we believed a copy.  When will we all wake up and look to ask for forgiveness for what we participated in and turned a blind eye, sat on our booties in front of satans tv beveling many lies !

HighImpact Flix   has done many great videos to help save his brothers and sisters from  deceivers,  many may not like to hear it , however it is the truth, many were tricked and then continued to participate, people in the military and all who supported them around the world..  The majority of people defended supporting the killing of humans, destroying cities, and their cultures.  In my  more recent posts I have spoken about how we all have to come to the horrible truth that we have sat by and let horrible things happen to humans, animals, our earth.  Every single one of us has to own our complicity.  It starts with how we treat our family, community,  people, animals , ecology, around the world.  forgive our selves for trespassing and those who trespassed against us. 

Many of us have a lot of work to do, to come to the real understanding of the fake world, copy, the satan kingdom we are participating in. Each one has to come to his and her accountability of the ugliness we bought and paid for.  We have to stop funding all the bad institutions, military, hospitals,  pharmaceuticals , government, hollywood, courts, prisons, it is all connected and if we stop participating, it will all end. We can work to a love, caring, sharing world  putting back , re introducing all the awesome natural resources, free energy that always existed ! There is many layers to this onion, and if we have faith we may get to live heaven on earth !  I would like to live heaven right now !