There is a troubling feeling I have had for years, I stopped going to church because churches to me were an empty building, many frequent them however no one changes their ways. The sermons in the bible do not cut it, there is more that is not being said and taught.  Many churches have been indoctrinated, and a lot of them are fronts for horrible things.  Our institutions have all been usurped right under our noses. I am not judging anyone’s religion, however our world would be a beautiful place if people really understood and had faith in God.   I speak very matter of fact because he is in my heart, in every part of my being, and because I chose to find him, comeback to the beauty that always was, I am graced with amazing love.  I do not have ugliness in my thoughts, heart or actions, I am completely truthful in my interactions, whether it be human beings, animals, etc… I respect all that is created by him. I do not put myself above anyone, however I will defend anything that is harmful to any of his creations.,

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