Yesterday, I went to work, oh yeah, I started last Monday. I am at an elementary school grades pre k-5.   They asked me if I wanted to stay til early next week because their worker is still not able to return back til then., and it was not a problem. I have an opportunity to travel in all the schools in my county to see their food situation. We have to get out, get active, be involved with everything that sustains us, people, plants, animals.  We have to reeducate ourselves to what is the real true nature of ourselves and our history.

Great video by HighImpact Flix YouTube Caught by YouTuber in Test + Gross Super Bowl Idolatry??  I could not share however you should check it out by clicking on HighImpact Fix .

So I will add another awesome video, I have added him before, Mr.  Unity Collective I just felt I needed to post their work.  They have been doing videos, just like all the other videos I post of brothers and sisters around the world wanting to show you, inform you of a better way to be , act, make a change in your world.  Do not keep following the fake, lying narratives, they lead humanity, mother earth to destruction.  We have been following unlawful rules, ways of thinking, acting, being for a century in our life time.  It is time to be free the way our most high intended, do you really understand this ?