Month: February 2018

In God I Trust

When I look back at many Presidential, congress, supreme court justices elections, I do not remember  the people of the U.S. choosing their candidates, we were presented with selected choices.  This political, theatrical arena has to stop. We the people ,are not following the true constitution that was written.  There was never to be this huge machine running our world, we were always suppose to have limited supervision over us, and yet we can not do anything without following the machines rules..  What about living our  lives by gods law, universal law, natural law ? ( They are all the same)  What happened to in God We Trust?  Whos God ?  Remember, there are many false ones.

I live my life on track with Gods law and I behave in the image he made me in, which is love, look around at all the natural original beauty.  I am honored, graced, to be a child of his making, creativity, I am pretty awesome how I was constructed, I am always in awe of everything in creation !

A beautiful sister who I have followed for a couple years, an angel, that aligns with love and many that I follow/connect with have the same energy.  With that, some need to check themselves, we are not battling, slandering eachother, we can disagree respectfully and lovingly, remember remember, check who  you are in alignment with, what energy ? How do you speak, act, illustrate your work ?


I Do Not Want Any Boot On My Neck !

Sunday : I woke up around 4 ish  am  had a chat  with several brothers on line, it was a nice disuccsion exchange  of concerns,  and new ones on the horizon.

Monday : it is a little after 2 this am could not sleep so naturally I type..

I started typing las night and then got way too sleepy.  So after I chatted for a little bit, I went for my morning walk ( all the brothers reside in different states, have  different walks of , we  come together as a community during these twilight zone times.)

Everything  harmful, ugly is coming to light and I think it is because we have a lot of brothers and sister that are seeing through the theatrics,. Our  energy around the world  is fighting the dark forces that have ruled for this  century and many others.

Went back to sleep now 530 am ,  We need to stop feeding into the red and blue paradigm, it is getting us no where, they are two sides of the same coin. I know People think that Trump is going to make all these changes however I believe it is us, we the people of the world, standing up to all our controllers, government puppet heads.  It is all theatrics, mans laws, convoluted, going nowhere law,s that harm, further restrict,  and take more rights away. We never needed mans controlling government, military, we were never meant to be at war with any country  and especially killing, and destroying his creations.  God gave us our laws  and free will ! Does it not make you appreciate the independent choice now ? We have to all come together to have a true discussion about how we can thrive in a more caring, sharing way where all originals are honored,  no mater the culture, region, species they are.

Another amazing sister, Sam Mugzzi who has been putting out great work for the world !

I Matter, My Voice Counts As Long As I Do No Harm

So I went on my morning walk, time alone to connect with all around me, I saw two hawks,  heard and saw a frog swimming in a puddle of whatever, and then a wood pecker pecking, I heard him/her in the tree and I kept looking until I saw him pecking on the wood. I  also ran into my neighbor, and we chatted for a few minutes.

I always have things weighing in my heart, and I just never know what I will write about until it just flows.

My heart aches and days go by  and I am saddened by the many ugly exchanges that occur around me , in my community, state wide and the world. This is a huge spiritual war, and if people only took a tally on on the things you think are working for you versus what is, you will find just like the minimalists its all clutter harming you. I am not judging anyone, I do not have that right nor do I worry because I am only responsible, accountable for what I put out into the universe. Now I do have eyes and ears of love that let me see through a lot of ugliness, it is what it is.  I wanted to come back home to the girl I always had inside and I am so loved and I want everyone to experience the wonder of it as well.  When I see all the alternative news brothers and sisters who do their daily grind putting out information that they have invested their time researching to bring you back home, it makes my heart ache how they get ridiculed, laughed at, labeled as crazy, they get threatened , just ugly.  Can people not see how tv. movies,  music have degraded humans and their  interactions ? However, those are just actors right putting on a show , however why do people emulate, copy that crap.  I am not saying all actors, musicians are crap, you have the good and bad, however bad wins, is praised every time.

This is a video from a brother Enter The 5t4rz that says a lot of the issues with the controlled platforms such as google, yt and fb.  That harm the good and praise the bad.  Unacceptable and it should be for everyone.

So to all my brothers and sisters who are in the fight , have been in the fight for at least 2 decades, we have to come together and use our voices , we have been doing it for a while we have to take a turn to stop feeding the platforms that hide, shut down free speech guidelines.. There are other options,  choices, I know it has been mentioned for years, well no more talking, action !

Gods Law Versus Mans Law

I am a firm follower of the creator, I take his laws to heed . He gave me the non disputable laws of the universe, there is no wiggle room, no exceptions.  I have mentioned in various post about how my life truly changed when I came to him, asking for forgiveness and a yearning to change and understand my ways of making a true difference.  He gave me the eyes and ears to humble myself. All that is created is important and exists side by side together, not separate, not in a hierarchy.  It is all made of the same stuff at a molecular level, that is not by coincidence, our universe was not a mistake or a blimp or a big bang, it was beautifully designed with much care and precision.  When you come to truly understand this you will finally get what you see and hear with such clarity.  When I look at grass it is green in spring and summer, it is and that is that.

Many on alternative media are fighting  our government .  There are all these institutions, constructs that charge us  money  to live. (I do not remember currency every being a part of the bible ) and what do we really get out of it ? I should be able to drive, have a home, without all the licensing of things. Our creator gave us free will, free does not mean institutions that make me do anything.  The system is rigged, you can not operate without all these documents, well you can, however there is more difficulty because less people live outside of the system.  It is a well orchestrated, strategized web of keeping us in participation of it, or what if, we all said no more, I want a better, healthier way of doing, being, not the road blocks that limit and stifle me. I  do not want to be led in a certain direction, because they are trying to take me/ us to an even bigger prison, if that is even fathomable. We are all in a cageless prison, with the allusion of choices and free will. I want my God given right !

Step back and assess your  food, your healthcare, your data, entertainment,it has all polluted us, has it made us better, more evolved ?  Where is the care, share, in our families, communities, world ?  Murders, genocide , man made diseases,  destruction of all natural resources, homeless,  this is not Gods kingdom, it was usurped.  We were given a phony lie of everything.  Question and really take a look at everything.

Do Not Be Fooled By Cuddly Names Of Organizations

There are people creating petitions to change our choices that are being mandated ( where is our choice , voice for natural plants ?) and just not healthy for my brothers and sisters around America, or the world, The first petition, we have an opiod problem with loritabs ( a synthetic form of heroine) prozack, …etc…all these synthetic  prescripted pills that are harming us rather then helping the problem.  People take them for injuries, painful injuries and then get hooked, why hasn’t the DEA done anything about it ? The system is pro bad, everything that harms, restrics us from our free choices. They want us to destroy ourselves, the less of us there are, the better the numbers for them.  We are the majority people, we can make significant changes to our lives,  community, and world, if we came together for the good of everyone.  I may not need to use marijuana medicinally, however I may want to use it recreation ally how I see fit, or not use it period.  I can think outside myself and still wish it to be available to whoever needs it If you are pain free good for you !  We could all be, however until then, we must  act,, do, in unity I fight for all having access to all the natural herbs that our creator put on mother earth.. If we all bought healthier we would pay less for it, all the bad stuff for us is cheaper because a lot of people buy it.  It is a fact my friend, supply and demand .


The second petition is getting the UN and its funding out of the United Staes UN out of U.S.  Have you ever heard of car dealerships, restaurants as fronts for moving drugs, weapons,  well these institutions corporations appear non harming from the outside however they are doing horrible, treasonous things. The name United Nations sounds very benign very pro unity well it is anything but.  What has the UN done for you, your world ?

Sleep Is Important For Our Health

So I just woke up and it is only a little after 11 pm, what !  What is right, not enough sleep, however, I have some things floating around in my mind so I will jot/type them down.  I think I fell asleep around 830 pm. I  woke up around 5 this am and had a busy Monday,  I was outside for a good 4 or 5 hours.  I did my solo walk, where I got to be alone with my thoughts. In the neighborhood I never know who I will run into or what nice surprises I may see.  Sunday I saw from my window a bird bathing on the street, he/she/ had found a puddle and was just letting him/herself be immersed in the water,  I got to see a marvelous moment for a good 2 minutes.. Those are little gifts that spring up out of no where if you are paying attention to seize it.  There is no hierarchy, humans are not at the top of the world kingdom. You have to care about things that you share the world with, we would not survive alone, no man is an island.

I went back to sleep, and got up at 5 ish .  Since I joined twitter this year, there are some great brothers and sisters putting out such great tweets regarding all their own research, provoking thoughts. I retweet what I like, speaks to my heart, and I love the wonderful spirit that is out there in the world. We just need many more to join the spiritual fight. There are many that have God in their heart, it is obvious because when he is in your heart, you speak, act in his like. You become defenders of truth, and all that is his beautiful creation. The many who have committed horrible crimes need to ask for forgiveness, it is not to late to change your ugly ways..

No Man is An Island, And No Thing

My sister and I were discussing how rude children are these days and they get it from the rude and ugly behavior that is playing out on social media. Not to mention the fact , that many households have both parents working, so parenting has taken a back seat.  People are overworked, underpaid and then have to pay in and follow all the rules that non caring, out of touch people  make.  It amazes me that congressmen, lobbyist, corporations sit at the top of the pyramid and continue to be there.  Remember  CEOs  make ridiculous bonuses and salaries, because the money is not trickling down to the people, in our world who actually do the work, to make it into its existence in the first place.  There is no one man company.. There are no true investments being made to improve our world, it is all a smoke screen, theater,.  We have programs to feed, save the children, animals, children who are ill, disabled ,however, our children and animals are suffering on such a massive scale. Anything goes nowadays and by anything, nasty behavior. shallow priorities. .We the people of the world have a lot of work to do in our homes, our community, our world. We have to reconnect back to was is really important, not the things that do nothing  to improve ourselves, family, community or world.

Children get their marching orders from their parents, teachers, coaches…etc..   I see a world where children are constantly being ordered, told what to do.  Children are playful loving, caring and we destroy that amazing spirit, or limit it, stifle it.  We need to show them , explain to them the reasons or reasoning behind things,  Adults out weigh them, out smart them, or manipulate them, they have no way of defending themselves. No one wants to be told what to do everyday 24/7, they need to understand these rules and maybe some of these rules are not real or effective in the first place.  If you want a healthy independent responsible child then you need to remember when you were a child and how you wanted a listening ear, voice of reason, not orders.

It makes me think of an awesome man Brandon Fouche who rehabilitates aggressive dogs labeled as ” to far gone to rehabilitate”.. I did a post back on May 29, ,2014, Louis Theroux did a documentary in Las Angeles about the huge amount of abandoned dogs . We can not abandon our children, no matter how tired, over worked, this is where one has to reassess everything in their lives and maybe make real changes to improve oneself and his family, community, world around him. I relate the two ( dogs and children) because we are not teaching animals, children how to be, we are taking our ugly energy and trying to get great obedient followers.! They feel our energy, so check your energy, vibration you are putting out !  Be clear about what your intent, desired result, not surface, for the moment, however, a long term, long lasting understanding of things.

No man is an island .

The World Is A Stage

Went for a walk this am, it is a great time to take in the beautiful scenery, all the grass coming back to life, azaleas, camellias, blooming already. I am not sure what my favorite flower, plant, shrub is, they are all so pleasing to the eye. Climate has a lot to do with what thrives and is seen in your area of the world. I remember when I was in California, the beautiful flowers in the medians, just wonderful colors everywhere.  When I lived there I had the view of just magical landscape. I had stayed in Shasta for a couple days, and wow, all,those beautiful trees, the lakes.  I remember coming across some horses while walking in the forest. It is amazing how timing is everything. You have to be aware, certain gifts come so quickly,

How many times have you heard this phrase,” The world is a stage” well if you only knew how literally it is.  In plain sight ,when you look around  the world, if you have traveled or seen ancient ruins via the internet, there are monuments, symbols, numbers, that have a different meaning for a different group and  club.  We, the children of God have  the real seed/non manipulated seed,  are not included in the secretive groups. Since the beginning of time there has been a hidden force of people working together behind all their marking,s markers of what they are about, involved in, numbers, hand signals, colors,it is a ugly energy that they unite and build on to make it stronger and to capture more of Gods children. It is a sick machine of kidnapping our children,doing horrible things to them to continue their army seed of lineage.  There is  positive and negative energy, if we united and put out positive energy into our thoughts and actions we would smother the ruling  demonic force.  It starts with doing and being love, care for your family, your community your world.  Stop blindly looking at the same repeated narrative, investigate, get to know your neighbors, your local shops, help your community thrive for the better of everyone, especially our children. I was given free will, not institutions putting out fake laws to stifle and destroy my essence. I follow Gods law and it has always done me well, even when I was not 100% devoted.

We are perfect, we have amazing abilities that we are unaware of,  however, the tv, hollywood, politics, fake science, is trying to destroy us in to  all these unnecessary mutilations, cloning, transhumanism. Just like plastic surgery why did we lose our minds to look a certain way, to even allow our beautiful children to get sliced and diced, what kind of thinking happened ? If you look for the truth, which is God, you will shed the nonsense and get real sense of who you really are.  I have always taken care of myself, not for vanity, not for anything else other than, I have this one life , one body and I want to move until I can no longer move anymore.

One of many of my brothers great works Blackstone Intelligence Network

Video taken down

Heart And Mind Of A Child To Adult

I have never been married.  I recovered from tremendous heart ache after a couple of years of struggling, wanting a real change. I shared that heartache for me stemmed earlier on in my childhood, wanting to feel love and to see it displayed. It was a sum of things that was saddness, I always understood kindness, caring, sharing, however, it was not being lived to the fullest with people around me or in the world. So I protected my heart, however It was not hardened.  From a very young age, and I posted about this in a aboutnat post that I had a strong awareness about myself, that even though I had pain, heartache I still marched on to my own beat. I never wavered, I never sold myself out to anything or anyone.  Some where in my divine being I knew I was more than flesh and bones and pain. There is self examination, that every one must do,  If you do not understand yourself, how will someone else ?  To understand yourself you have to understand your creator, the one and only who created the all.  So I am in a place now where I have new eyes and ears, my life was transformed when I let God in my heart , he was in my mind, however I never got it until I did.  Once I asked for forgiveness,  the truth about God, his beauty, selflessness of unconditional love is really ignored and so underrated.  I get sad still when I see such ugliness being done by many, many people do not truly understand their ugly ways.  I am sad and afraid that many of my brothers and sister may never come to really understand his awesomeness. I am excited for the new adventures, a new true and deep love, who knows what awaits this heart and mind of mine, I’m excited and open to the magnificence of it all now, and this time I will not settle for anything or anyone less.

I caught this video last night live streaming about 40 minutes into its stream, this is another amazing brothers yt channel On Point Preparedness

Memories Within The Heart And Mind

It is 2:20 in the morning, woke up and had to type what was in my heart and mind..

In this journey of my life , it is like moments, memories are being shown through different people, I have tears streaming down my face as I type. .Living in Spain, Sicily, Florida,, California,, visited Iowa,  Maine,  North Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas. I have had just priceless human connections, ,experiences that I will always carry, just like I know what sadness is, or feels like.  Within the last year and a half, new people that I have connected with on some level with, my conscience, reminds me, takes me back to those moments in time, its a huge hug and reminder to my heart.

Most of my upbringing was done in Spain and Sicily, so I feel that in those cultures,  family connection, discussion, food celebration is what grounded me.  My mother is from Spain and my father from Iowa, so I already had two different cultures  inside me. I missed out on my family in Iowa, where I gained it in Spain. There is a different kind of passion,  the way of living has differences.   I’m not sure really how to translate or describe the experience, children could be kids, playing outside with nature, making true face to face connections without any devices, just a peer of  youngstervilles.  I have had a tremendous life, regardless of some heart break. I think about  the people that were in my life, and  who shared that time and  space  with me, some I have reconnected with. through fb.

Another great brother, Robins Hood yt channel,  I may have posted a link or video before however he is caring for his fellow men and women around the world, like all the other brothers and sisters I post, I may not get every  caring youtuber, blogger, website, however I will try !

Video Was Taken Down