Month: January 2018

We All Followed, Participated, In The Wrong Direction

So yesterday in my post I mentioned the boxes that  the controllers were putting us in, to divide us when we have always known to respect everyones differences.  However, somewhere we forgot all our naturalness and started to buy into all the harming fakery.

Today I want to give a shout out  to the men, fathers, grandfathers, boys. We need our men, they are the (physically) stronger gender, they are our protectors, so get out there and protect your women, families, communities, and world !  Help your wives, help with duties because hers are never ending. Spend quality time, connect with your children without devices. Remember, we need women and men, as well as every original living thing, for us to interact in balance, and harmony with each other.  We have been living in a world that did not celebrate any of the true originals, original creation., dividing men from women,  humans from their true maker.  We followed, participated, in the destruction of our one and only earth.  We, the people of our world, have caused damage, the construct made the rules, we followed them and participated in all of it.  Our governments  gave the marching orders and we acted, we did a lot of damage to each other and our earth. There is a lot of truth that we have to get to, within ourselves, and the controlled construct. We have a lot of work ahead of us, individually, our community, our world. This is an amazing time, lets be and see the good that was always suppose to be.

Never think you are above your brothers and sisters,  we were led to believe, or follow hierarchy however, we do not need to be told how, when to do things. from our government.controlled system.  Most of us have jobs, corporations we work at, what is the ultimate goal of the company/corporation you work for ? On the surface it seems benign, good, however a lot of the constructs institutions around the world were infiltrated, or were bad from the get go, like our medical industry, court systems, school systems, many corrupted constructs  There is bad in the good, however when the bad is dominating in numbers and dictating the rules, we are going off the rails as a human race, as a world. For instance The Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, pushing the synthetic poison. FDA, EPA, … many constructs under the umbrella of supposed protection and yet they were polluting, destroying, our heath, land   ..etc… All these protective measures that protected nothing, and harmed humans and the earth,  while we sat and watched it on our tv, cell phones, laptops. It is time to be, to do, to make it right my brothers and sisters !

There is a lot of take down happening all around the world to get the criminals off the street and to lock down their funneling.  There is so much  on the internet, msm , so if you want to know what is going on, you need to participate on line and check it out.  You will start to see and hear what is the real truth that has been hidden, corrupted, treasonous..etc..

#WeThePeople,  #MakeTheWorldGreatAgain,  #Love, #ReleaseTheMemo,

I Am Because I Choose To Do And To Be

I do not need to make a stand or to band with women, even though I am a woman, I am of the human race. I am making and taking a stand for all my brothers and sisters around the world ,to come back to real thinking, real being. I wish for my brothers and sisters  to understand when they start  truly  being what was written and created, natural, loving caring, harmony, positive energy, we will see and be a different world.  We are all equal, no one human is better than anyone else,  either is one gender, we balance each other, we compliment the balance of nature, God made no errors, no accidents with anything.  All his true beauty was tampered with and we bought and followed the ugly narratives, the lie, he is the truth . We all have different levels, measures of intelligence, skills, ..etc.. however, it is appreciating, loving, respecting, caring for one another, regardless of ones gender, their differences., not making them less than.  When you love  yourself, you will be it, act it, see it in your world.  Not everyone will truly do and see all at the same time, however, I will keep  repeating my message until I can help others on their path to true self and love again. I say this is as a matter of fact because I did it myself, and that is the only way it can happen, is by doing the work yourself.

Whether the stand was for women, LGBT,….etc it does not matter, this separation of groups is unnecessary because we are all free to be.  All these  propagandized boxes that have gotten off the rails, pinned us, divided us, no one group can fight for rights that they already were born with, we just got tricked by smooth talking tricksters. and polluted airwaves, messages. We have to start to see through eyes of love not lust, objectification ,all the low levels of thinking, acting, that we were tricked into operating under. They told us and sold us an unnatural, way of being, looking and thinking, I hope everyones  true understanding, will become crystal clear.eventually.

I had a conversation with my niece yesterday that I wanted to share.  She had made pancakes yesterday for breakfast, from start to finish,  So I ate one of her lovely pancakes, I thanked her and told her what a great job she did.  I proceeded to ask her to expand her thinking regarding her mother, grandmother, all mothers who cook for their families.  I asked her to put herself in their shoes for a day. So I asked her to envision  making instead of just the breakfast meal but the 3 daily meals,and then cleaning up after every meal, doing laundry, cleaning the house  etc… Then I asked her to repeat all those activities everyday for 5 years then 10 years…..  I thought it was important for her to understand, really see and appreciate the love work that her mother, many mothers do for their children.  We have to start improving our relationships with our families.  You have to start in the family, husbands and wives doing, being, to be the example your kids will follow.  You have to start with your immediate surroundings to then go wider, bigger.  If you can not be real with yourself it will not transpose into all other important people and areas of your life.

#MakeTheWorldGreatAgain,  #Love,  #WeThePeople

Forgive Yourself, Forgive All

Our Father…(the lords prayer began to have a deeper meaning)  When I see the beauty behind the words I see it and hear it for the first time.  We are all guilty of behaving horribly to one another in one way or another, and yes others have behaved horribly unto us, however, once you make it all right within yourself you will be made a new, rebirthed into the true you, you always were.  We all came into the world connected to the all, pure, aware beings, we were connected to the all, until we were polluted,with the inverted, indoctrinated construct truth/lie and we continued in the lie.

The construct of our medical institution,  as well as government, court systems, schools, they were all hijacked, to stunt us, enslave us, whether you believe this or not, it is the truth.  These corporations are all shackles on us, we were not made to live this way.  We were created to live and be truly free, in balance, harmony with minerals, plants, animals, our universe as the true creator intended.

We have had natural cures from time in millennia, God provided all the herbs, natural plants, everything we needed, period !  Just look at all our native, indigenous brothers and sisters, they are the example,however we separated ourselves from them, when they have always been living the true way, being in community with one another, sharing replenishing from mother earth.

Two people Cindy Kay Currier, and Mark Passio, are two that I  have learned from regarding Natural Law.  I have posted about them, and a fraction of  their work on Natural Law.  Unfortunately  all of Cindy’s work was taken down, not sure where it all stands however I know it is not the last that we will hear of her.

Mark Passio who if you have not read or seen his work you should,he was once part of the evil construct, and he woke up He is a brother, a human being who is asking for help, he has given freely and he is asking for a little help in return, from brothers and sister who live in his immediate home town of Philadelphia, to continue to put out his important love work ! Gods work ! I do not care who mocks me, keep searching for your truth, and when you discover it, find it again you will speak it and do it. God will grace you again when you come back to your true divine all.

For those that have never read my blog, I am your sister from Pensacola, Florida who decided to share my journey, my heart, mind, about my experiences and thoughts of what I was living, reading, seeing and It made no sense, until I really started to do the real searching. You have to search within and make peace with the hurt, pain, forgive yourself for your trespasses and then you will be forgiven by the most high, so that you will forgive those who trespassed against you. God washes it all away, you become/ return to  a new  true,loving being you always were.

Understand The Love That Is Truthful From Real Brothers And Sisters

I love all my brothers and sister, and those who have been doing their love work for years.  They are all different in their  presentation of their messages, in their individual, different ways,and yet their intent is the same, just masterfully displayed in many different ways.. Their end goal, intent with their work is love to their fellow brothers and sisters all over our world. To make this an easy transition of the changes that are happening, taking place right now. When you start to hear and see the fakery of news, the hollywood show that it is, you  will come to really appreciate our everyday brothers and sisters who are doing this work for free or for little donations,  I forget, someone in the truth community remarked on Megan Kelly getting payed 5 million a year while they are putting in all their time for no where near that amount or doing it free. !  I have always felt all elites in the monopolized, corrupted  corporations were over payed, and that money, their money, never went into circulation in our society, or our world.

I just have to say the work I share is out of love, I am no one special, I have been on my journey to find my way back home to my creator, and I have finally, truthfully, connected back. I have been changed, I have new eyes and ears that see a whole other world then what I was originally seeing.  All my worries, fears have been dispersed because I have found my truth, I am everything and everything is me in the creators universe, our most high.  I am one with it all, I am not above or below anyone or anything, I live in harmony, love, care for everyone and everything.

I have posted information about the wonderful Wilhelm Reich  in a earlier post and I have to mention him again, our medical institution was hijacked, indoctrinated , He gave us proof that everything is energy ! Orgone energy ! Yet many are not aware of him and the change we would have been seeing and living so long ago.  Remember, we all have our own sadness, pain we have to come to terms with and then our outward sadness of what our world could have always been.

Great video shared by another brother Timothy Hicks !


I Wish For All, New Eyes To See And Ears To Hear The Truth

My family and I got together last night and accompanied my niece to her favorite restaurant, it was lovely to have my whole immediate family  together. I have mentioned several times how I have carried sadness in my heart for years, well it so happens that my sister ended up moving back home with us  sooner through circumstances, lifes curve balls, other opportunities. She and her family (except my nephew Nathan) moved back in July, well I looked at the move as something completely different, I looked at it as a beautiful gift that I was getting, my do over to see and feel my family with new eyes and ears.  God is always putting things in your path to communicate with you, and until you truley understand it all,(we are the all, everything is us, we are everything) see it, or hear it, you will miss it all !  Get right with him, seek him out whoever you vision as the most high, the true creator, look at all your light and darkness inside yourself no matter how pain ful.  Have you ever heard the phrase “the truth will set you free” well it is true.  We were born as truth and then we were derailed by a devils kingdom, his  construct , copy. (language, history,religion   etc… he hijacked, hid, inverted, twisted what is right and wrong, yin/yang . So you have to be reborn with new eyes and ears. You have to be forgiveness to receive it, so when you forgive yourself the most high will see your mind, heart, action,  and you will see and fill and hear things so differently, you will return back home to what you always had inside, you just got tricked to believe all the craziness outside of yourself you may think I am crazy, I do not care, I am here to continue to type away because it is my duty to look after my brothers and sisters.  That is why I post all of them on my blog and on my fb page,  and on my playlist on my yt channel. They are all angels trying to get you to understand there is a spiritual/ good/evil(digital/data) war going on and we need each and everyone of you to help, together we can be an army of many.

This is another wonderful sister at You are free tv, this is another labor of love for all my brothers and sisters around the world ! She is reporting the true Intel to the world, for those to see and hear.

There are no words to explain the transformation that takes place inside of you once you choose to be, take part in the divinity of the all, the all that was breathed into giving all matter life, human beings, fire, water, soil, plants, animals  etc.., in order for you to connect to it all you have to go back to yourself and realize you are part of the universe, it is encoded in every single one of us, thanks to Enter the 5t4rz his decoding of our brain and our base of where our brain/spine connect, is where the key to our spirit connection is.  If we choose to  go within ourselves to forgive ourselves, and begin to love ourselves and our creator, who was always there for us, our gifts were always within.  I think things change within automatically, it is like you have a direct, true connection again.  You will  choose to be choosier with what you read, watch, spend your attention on, and act upon I all that is true/ right, is the best thing you can ever do for yourself and your soul !

Natasha nothing but the truth


Multiple Messages Of Love

It is cold in Pensacola, Florida this morning, we are in the 30s,  I know many up north are experiencing much colder weather. Hopefully all my brothers and sisters are warm and have shelter.  I hope Titus Frost had wonderful success in Boston yesterday showing love to our brothers and sisters in need. Another mention is  news from California, fires, now mudslides, which has left our brothers and sisters homeless..  Here is another brother Jim from California doing his love work for the world !

It is my niece Madisons 10th birthday today, and as I was reflecting, back when she and her family (my sister’s family) when they lived here she was 3, I have posted this picture before, it has two of my favorite beings, Sandy my dog who I love, and miss, and my little maddie pattatie, all three of us use to go on walks together, Sandy was a gentle giant, a teacher to all.  Madison had no fear ever around her, sandy protected all her family members.

A detour to a previous post I mentioned how I was intermittent fasting.  I have been doing this since this past November and I feel so much better. I have had a rash on my stomach for a while and it is what started me on the path of detoxing my  body. I had been to the doctor a while back and nothing came of it , rash was still there.  I do not fast to starve myself, I do it to eliminate the fat, toxins,  I have accumulated for years to make my organs healthier.  I am bigger than I use to be, however,  2005 is when I started to put weight on, I’m still healthy , I  do not drink, or smoke,  I have healthy eating habits and  I movie, however I need to build my physical strength again. I came to find for myself that we do not need that much food for our survival, and a lot of the food we have is harmful, our processed foods that contain hardly any nutrients, it is highly addictive with all the manipulated sugar in food .  The system is created to pollute our minds and body because we are all made perfectly to self heal, many false things are institutionalized to harm us, tricks,  not to understand we are treasures of God.  Remember, we are encoded with his love, everything that he breathed life into is a mirror of us/everything  down to a living molecular cell.

An Amazing Populous in Alternative Media Platforms

I put two videos in this post that I thought were very important, the published work  that all the truthers are publishing is important. There is a community out there, you just have to search, and you will find them. One is the Titus Frost yt channel who puts his being into action, he is putting together goodies from money he has earned through his labor of love work. If you live in Boston and you can help, look him up, he is going to be driving to find  our brothers and sisters who live on the street to provide them with a little love, with a back pack of goodies !

Today 1 pm Boston #OpSafeWinter Op.

The second video is of my brother Triple and I thought this was an important video for truthers and all of us around the globe to hear.  it is time for us to change our world.  We all have our skills, strengths, in what ever way you can to make change.

These are two of many of  the real people bringing you truth, they are real human beings coming to you showing themselves in their pure form, not hollywood fakery, Think about how hollywood tricks you on so many levels to the point that it tricks you to not like yourself, love yourself, the way you are !!! The plastic surgery, the clown make up, all to alter who you are ! It is  not balance ,it is off the rails to the dark side,

To Do Or Not To Do

Everything is being made more and more convenient so that we become less and less interactive with real human beings. A desensitization war has been in the works for years, (since the print press, then radio,  tv,  video games,..etc..) We are turning into robots,, you may think that sounds crazy however how many years have people been in public places, and not payed attention to anything around them.  The preference  towards a device rather than a true, real human to human exchange speaks volumes, it is a false sense of true connection.  How many times do people watch tv dream of things they will never do, that is because tv hypnotizes you.  I am not saying people are not motivated however there is a big chunk of us that are not living our true authentic lives, instead we watch others doing it through tv, video games, social networking, and we are glued to the crap instead of making changes in our lives and the community around us. We were created to live, love, care in harmony with our universe, not to stay locked away in a building, They market the convenience, sell it to us in a nice package,however, is it really a convenience?

There is a good and bad to a lot of things however when the bad intent out ways the good, it dominates ans is a prevalent harm that we ignore, that is a huge problem.  How many times have we heard the phrase ” everything  in moderation” ? When I look at the world, I do not see balance, I do not see much harmony, I see our world off the rails in excess, supporting awful, illegal corrupted institutions. When we to not do, when we do not choose to be, nothing stops the ugliness from spreading, increasing its tentacles.  We can not sit at home like dislike things, we have to get out in our community and figure out and uncover how the nice packaged worded institutions are really functioning. One huge hot button is the  horrible things happening to the children, our children, around the world.  They are our future, they are innocence who we as mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunt, uncles, siblings of age  is suppose to protect them..

Melissa Honeybee Zaccaria is another researcher, journalist, love worker reporting on all the allowed pornography on twitter,, you tube accounts while people putting out truthful decent material are being hidden, shut down.  We have people that are dedicating time,,legwork, travel throughout the United states, and the globe, reporting to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. I will continue to share with the world all our brothers and sisters who are doing the real work in our countries, not the horse and pony show you see on the news, unless you decode , read in between, however what good is most of it anyways.  We all need to take action in our counties, locally. make our communities safer for our children, everyone. We need to put a stop to the money funneling, laundering all the ugliness we see allowing them to continue lining their pockets and allowing them to continue all illegal activities.  We need to take a deep dive into, how it all really works, what the hidden hand is doing behind the scenes.

The map that I mentioned in a previous post is a huge masterpiece of all the inter connected corruption on a global level, please download it, learn how everything really works in our world,  learn what has been going on for at least in this century.

Do You Choose To Be Or Not To Be ?

In talking with my sister this morning, we were having a discussion about changing the world and I believe with all my heart, mind and action aligned, I/we accomplish that by one person at a time. You have to be the change you want to see, ( many through centuries have spoken deep profound words to alert us, to tell us ) so if you believe in love, caring , sharing, having support, you have to be it, to see it, speak it, type it, and hear it.  On a molecular level  we/everything was created with the same stuff the oceans,  grass, trees, animals, all that is around us ( all created by our creator, most high). When I started to hit a wall mentally and physically, I was in heart pain, I had  to stop spinning on a wheel , I wanted change, I began to research, I started to see that everything is a part of me, I have a responsibility to be what I want to see and feel , Do unto others as you would have done unto you, this is universal law, it is, there is no disputing it. , I choose to make my world a better place and now I see and hear to  put out positive vibrations when I interact with all the things I come in contact with.  I am emitting either a positive or negative charge, (good or bad, kindness or ugliness)I have to choose to be one or the other(to be positive or negative) I have been posting about changing  my inner dialogue changing my ways .

I have been on this journey for a while, since I was a kid, and with my blog I wanted to share real human pain, confusion, and to make sense of  the craziness of the world, the rich being rewarded and the poor being penalized  …etc.  Everyone has to come to a true understanding of what is happening around them, and unfortunately none will have eyes to see and ears to hear until you choose, make a decision what path you want to take, and the work you have to put in to get to the truth.   We were antenas born putting out a slew of output,  and receiving not all true input. Many do not understand the stagnation, hamster wheel they have been spinning on and continue to spin on. Wouldn’t you want to understand the universal consequences you make everyday not knowing or truly understanding how it all affects everything ?  Our circuitry/antenna is constantly flowing around, all these molecular cells/atoms interacting.  So if we all put out positive charges, positive ways of being , we would not see ugliness, homelessness, all the things that are ugly in the world. When you come to that understanding, your world will be very different, you will have new eyes you are looking out of, and new ears to hear from. Everything about you will change because once you understand truth, all that is you will become it and be it. The lies that the movies, tv,churches, government all spew are for you to sit back, and just wish things to be better.  Well are you better, are you acting in complete alignment with what you think, feel, and do ? None of it will work, improve if your wiring is crossed.  You can not think negative and do positive,  all 3 have to align, Jesus was our example, that is why he was born to leave his human body as a reference to us about his way of being, and doing. Energy has a momentum, so use it wisely,

Another beautiful brother Mr. Triple, from Unity Collective on youtube has been sending you his love labor for a while.  I will continue to put all these beautiful human beings  that I have followed and learned from on my blog post because these are visible, real humans making a difference in our world.

The Map, The Map, The Map, The Map

There is a lot of me, mine, in the world however I do not market meism, I like the word to be (to be or not to be)  beism  is not meism, you have to love yourself before you can love interact in a loving way to anyone else.  You have to be it, love, kindness, caring, generous, positive,,, can not give something you do not have. You have to take action, you have to act in kindness, love, care, etc….you can be or not be these things however I’m willing to bet God made you perfect with all these beautiful actions, you just have to rediscover them !

I have to break for this Important map, there are you tubers, posting the map, It is a tremendous body of work, an entire break down of all the research that connects, links all the corruption of our world leaders, corporations, think tanks,  news,, hollywood,  all who deceived us !  Who put this masterpiece  together ?  I know many have collaborated through the years, knowing or unknowingly, was it one or many, not sure but fills my heart.  It is surreal that it is happening, I am typeless, wordless, no words to describe how I feel to see all the truth coming to be ! This is huge Worldly brothers and sisters !

This is another, one of many behind the scenes sisters Trump News, Truth Natasha , who has been working around the clock for years putting out truths on her you tube channel and her blog.