Yesterday I left in the morning for my hr appointment to sign, fill out paperwork. They then sent me  across town for a drug test with a time stamped form  to track  the amount of time to destination of facility.  It is upsetting how crappy the system is .

So I woke up at 4 this am and I started searching around on the internet for updates and catching up on the lates true updates. I was in an amazing chat room where  we were discussing real issues and the war divide on vaccines, the division should not be. There are real facts, statistics of the harm they have caused,  and instead of people discussing these true findings, they want to cling on to their false narrative.  It is frustrating for those of us that have been in the truth many for years, appearing everyday on all media outlets fighting for humanity and a better world.  Eventually the truth warriors will be looked at with love instead of hate, judgement, all the ugliness that has been dealt.  Many still keep at it because these times are crucial, important.  People will either sit back during this revolution,  or they will engage  by fighting for their family, their community, their world,. There is action to be taken, we have to make  the lies, and horrible actions that we have all participated in corrected  buy holding ourselves and our government, leaders, accountable for the wrong doing, criminal crimes. made against humanity and mother earth..