So yesterday in my post I mentioned the boxes that  the controllers were putting us in, to divide us when we have always known to respect everyones differences.  However, somewhere we forgot all our naturalness and started to buy into all the harming fakery.

Today I want to give a shout out  to the men, fathers, grandfathers, boys. We need our men, they are the (physically) stronger gender, they are our protectors, so get out there and protect your women, families, communities, and world !  Help your wives, help with duties because hers are never ending. Spend quality time, connect with your children without devices. Remember, we need women and men, as well as every original living thing, for us to interact in balance, and harmony with each other.  We have been living in a world that did not celebrate any of the true originals, original creation., dividing men from women,  humans from their true maker.  We followed, participated, in the destruction of our one and only earth.  We, the people of our world, have caused damage, the construct made the rules, we followed them and participated in all of it.  Our governments  gave the marching orders and we acted, we did a lot of damage to each other and our earth. There is a lot of truth that we have to get to, within ourselves, and the controlled construct. We have a lot of work ahead of us, individually, our community, our world. This is an amazing time, lets be and see the good that was always suppose to be.

Never think you are above your brothers and sisters,  we were led to believe, or follow hierarchy however, we do not need to be told how, when to do things. from our government.controlled system.  Most of us have jobs, corporations we work at, what is the ultimate goal of the company/corporation you work for ? On the surface it seems benign, good, however a lot of the constructs institutions around the world were infiltrated, or were bad from the get go, like our medical industry, court systems, school systems, many corrupted constructs  There is bad in the good, however when the bad is dominating in numbers and dictating the rules, we are going off the rails as a human race, as a world. For instance The Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, pushing the synthetic poison. FDA, EPA, … many constructs under the umbrella of supposed protection and yet they were polluting, destroying, our heath, land   ..etc… All these protective measures that protected nothing, and harmed humans and the earth,  while we sat and watched it on our tv, cell phones, laptops. It is time to be, to do, to make it right my brothers and sisters !

There is a lot of take down happening all around the world to get the criminals off the street and to lock down their funneling.  There is so much  on the internet, msm , so if you want to know what is going on, you need to participate on line and check it out.  You will start to see and hear what is the real truth that has been hidden, corrupted, treasonous..etc..

#WeThePeople,  #MakeTheWorldGreatAgain,  #Love, #ReleaseTheMemo,