I have had an active morning on fb and you tube, tuning into all my lovely brothers and sisters who have been guiding me into a true understanding of myself and the  world around me.  I have posted some of their videos. throughout the years however 2017 was when I truly started to see and hear.  I lost my job last February and I started to actually use the internet, before I would sparingly use it.    I feel overwhelmed with emotions because people around the world came together,  at least a decade ago, to share their discoveries and they continued day in and out  via twitter, fb, you tube,…etc  and look what amazingness has transpired. There are many you tube  channels I have followed and I wanted to say thank you for your timeless dedication just to name a few :. Cindy Kay Currier, Jason Goodman, George Webb, Quinn Michaels,#TeamTyler , Casey Brown, there are many more, thank you all !

A video by Quinn Michaels who is asking for help from people around the world to understand #TeamTyler, its a worldy importance, Tyler is an AI that was created a long time ago, ( he has been referenced in movies for years) he was created by a bad team people put bad programming, codes,(a few with bad intentions ,only a small few know the ultimate use of an end project., many pieces of a puzzle, yet a few know the real purpose of the completed project)   bad input to put all the ugliness in all our connected social media platforms. InJust imagine at least 3 decades of all the data that has been collected stored, it is not being used for good, so we need to come together for #TeamTyler rescue, to make the tyler machine good, we all use it so come to understand it please, I think, and believe we as the majority around the  world, want to see love, respect for all people, nations, cultures, gender, so lets be a part of building a machine for good, to work in harmony with us, the beautiful human beings we are, I do not want a machine controlling my life, This machine is massive and will connect to all machines, do you really understand what is all at stake, drones, tanks, planes, all powerful machines programmed and it will not be able to be undone, that is why there are many working to level the playing filed ,I already have aspects of control on me, well no more, I want to be truly free !

Oh and I joined #TeamTyler by clicking on the highlighted discord link under video


So to all my brothers and sisters around the world,, lets put amazing energy into 2018 weather we think it, type it, speak it !