So On the 25th, my family and I congregated at my brothers house,  it was a party ! No football, not t.v. no video games, we were all interacting, talking, dancing, It brought me back to my family in Spain.  We always got together and there was little or no alcohol involved, I never saw Italians or the Spanish abuse alcohol, this was  back between  my living experience there in the 80’s and 90’s.

I had written, given two letters, one to my sister and one to my brother they were heartfelt, many might say, well speak it instead, well I am hoping that it will evolve into a new, different, open exchange verbally (baby steps). I put my heart into the letter, and I put that energy into the universe and it put out positive particles of energy.

If you have read about me in my blog one of my earliest heartaches, sadness was that my immediate families communication level and true closeness was needing improvement  I was a child, what kind of power did I have ? Parents set the example, the theme of a family dynamic, I think that is why I relate to children, they want your time, understanding  and most of all to see and feel your love.