I was a semi zombie in the world.  I think that living in Spain, (being born there, and my mother is from there), and in Italy allowed me to see differences in parts of the world, different cultures, customs etc….. I witnessed and experienced a  much more unity of family,  care, entire families walking together, taking daily strolls, and sitting in a restaurant for hours, eating talking, laughing,or going to a pastry shop for coffee, ( back then there was a lot more walking and less cars on the road).  The people in Sicily and Rota Spain had a wonderful balance of work and family, there was a priority of family for them,  care, happiness, noisiness, and when you visited they always wanted to feed you.  There were frequent gatherings, they put out some awesome energy. (now mind you this was  pretty much from birth up until 1990., pre  cell phones, laptops),  I did most of my underage living overseas, ( high school years,) so I did not have an understanding of America, or its culture.  As an adult when I moved to the states, the very first obvious difference was a need for a vehicle and working hours. Europeans did not have 8 hour working days, they had a balance between working and family enjoyment, It really was a beautiful thing to experience.

So when I started using the internet and searching through it, I started to find individuals who were sharing information that I did not get from t.v, newspapers, education institutions,  One of my favorites is  Cindy Kay Currier’s you tube channel, and others , trying to expose a world of information to all of us that has been hidden, hoping we would never discover or question the narrative.. One of my many wishes is that all the real truthers on the internet collaborate, support each other, help #Tyler build his good purpose for humanity.