I had three of my niece and nephews ( Bryce, Madison and Landon) with me this morning.  School is out, so I went to pick them up this morning.  I have spoken/written about them in previous blogs.   Within the last 4 years,the young ones have seen me in and out of recluse, as well as my family and friends, so when I am out and about interacting, it is such a good thing ! I have a deep love and care for them, and just as I have my shortcomings, especially with my withdraw, they have been aware of it, and It is my duty to help them understand, and to show and be an example that I am working on it. I never had children of my own,  so I take second seat to guiding and protecting them.

The positive and negative of  withdrawing is that as I got time to investigate all things around me,  I lost time interacting with real humans. I believe my withdraw was a symptom of deep sadness on many levels. It all goes back to when I was a kid and I understood that there was a huge disconnect with understanding one another.