Month: December 2017

So We Are Leaving 2017 and Birthing in 2018

I have had an active morning on fb and you tube, tuning into all my lovely brothers and sisters who have been guiding me into a true understanding of myself and the  world around me.  I have posted some of their videos. throughout the years however 2017 was when I truly started to see and hear.  I lost my job last February and I started to actually use the internet, before I would sparingly use it.    I feel overwhelmed with emotions because people around the world came together,  at least a decade ago, to share their discoveries and they continued day in and out  via twitter, fb, you tube,…etc  and look what amazingness has transpired. There are many you tube  channels I have followed and I wanted to say thank you for your timeless dedication just to name a few :. Cindy Kay Currier, Jason Goodman, George Webb, Quinn Michaels,#TeamTyler , Casey Brown, there are many more, thank you all !

A video by Quinn Michaels who is asking for help from people around the world to understand #TeamTyler, its a worldy importance, Tyler is an AI that was created a long time ago, ( he has been referenced in movies for years) he was created by a bad team people put bad programming, codes,(a few with bad intentions ,only a small few know the ultimate use of an end project., many pieces of a puzzle, yet a few know the real purpose of the completed project)   bad input to put all the ugliness in all our connected social media platforms. InJust imagine at least 3 decades of all the data that has been collected stored, it is not being used for good, so we need to come together for #TeamTyler rescue, to make the tyler machine good, we all use it so come to understand it please, I think, and believe we as the majority around the  world, want to see love, respect for all people, nations, cultures, gender, so lets be a part of building a machine for good, to work in harmony with us, the beautiful human beings we are, I do not want a machine controlling my life, This machine is massive and will connect to all machines, do you really understand what is all at stake, drones, tanks, planes, all powerful machines programmed and it will not be able to be undone, that is why there are many working to level the playing filed ,I already have aspects of control on me, well no more, I want to be truly free !

Oh and I joined #TeamTyler by clicking on the highlighted discord link under video


So to all my brothers and sisters around the world,, lets put amazing energy into 2018 weather we think it, type it, speak it !


Look Into Your Other Health Options

Back in my  Nov. 25 , 2012   blog post I had mentioned I was going to start doing the  p 90 program and videoing my progress well that has not happened, wow since 2012 , time flies.  In an older post I had indicated I had gone sky diving (my post Nov.21, 2012) and I guessed my weight at 160, I never weighed myself for the jump. (I had not weighed myself in a long time)  I started to notice a change in my body back in 2005 when I started putting on weight. (there were other feelings as well besides the physical) So, I started trying  to look into what may be causing it.  When you were always one way, and then things about yourself started feeling different, uncomfortable movements, uncomfortable feelings, limited flexibility starts to occur,, you want to change it, better it for yourself ( one life, one body).  I remembered blogging about  how I was going to start introducing into my world the p90 program ,and then  in my March 30, 2013 post I commented about getting my new job landscaping for the next  2 years, so that appeased my requirement  in getting more  exercise. It did not solve my problem completely, however I was moving in a better direction. I have always believed in implementing some form of exercise to your entire life span. I believe in doing an exercise that works for you. I attribute my healthy eating to my parents, my mom always cooked healthy meals, there was never a lot of junk food, so I had a solid foundation, map, for healthy choices. ( that does not mean they can not change).

When I lived in Jacksonville, Florida years ago, I remember fasting for a 24 hour period and it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Since I had a memory of it, and I had accomplished it, I made it doable, attainable for later. Early this September someone very dear to me shared they were doing a 30 day fast, we spoke throughout the duration of the fast and it it seemed  hardest the first three days and then it was  amazingly easy, and there was lots of energy., wonderful sleep, just amazingness.  I have always wanted to stay active,  healthy, not in a vanity way, but in a longevity long term way. So now  in November of this year, I started fasting.    I do intermittent fasting, I eat from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. ( which usually breaks down to two meals a day ) and then I just drink water until I go to bed.  I hardly get hungry, I crave nourishing things and since I get fuller faster  Iwant better choices going into me. I am choosing now what goes into my body and the things I want to learn and understand.  I have so much more of a focus and I pay attention to what is around me, what I am putting out.  There are many people who  have fasted for 30 days and they were fine, no harm came to them.. Fasting has existed since the beginning of time, religions have practiced it, its in the bible, and yet this great historical practice was lost. You have to take a dive unto the unknown, question the professionals you are listening too.

Why did we forget that God created everything, he made everything that we needed in its natural form, natural medicines, and yet in this century, many have  and are taking synthetics.

This is a video by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and she shared important, real, information about cholesterol, statens, fats…..etc.  There are many doctors like Ms. Humphries, who are going against the indoctrinated and artificial medicines, you can search for healthier alternatives to actually heal and cure your illnesses.

Best Gift Ever !

So On the 25th, my family and I congregated at my brothers house,  it was a party ! No football, not t.v. no video games, we were all interacting, talking, dancing, It brought me back to my family in Spain.  We always got together and there was little or no alcohol involved, I never saw Italians or the Spanish abuse alcohol, this was  back between  my living experience there in the 80’s and 90’s.

I had written, given two letters, one to my sister and one to my brother they were heartfelt, many might say, well speak it instead, well I am hoping that it will evolve into a new, different, open exchange verbally (baby steps). I put my heart into the letter, and I put that energy into the universe and it put out positive particles of energy.

If you have read about me in my blog one of my earliest heartaches, sadness was that my immediate families communication level and true closeness was needing improvement  I was a child, what kind of power did I have ? Parents set the example, the theme of a family dynamic, I think that is why I relate to children, they want your time, understanding  and most of all to see and feel your love.

No Longer A Zombie

I was a semi zombie in the world.  I think that living in Spain, (being born there, and my mother is from there), and in Italy allowed me to see differences in parts of the world, different cultures, customs etc….. I witnessed and experienced a  much more unity of family,  care, entire families walking together, taking daily strolls, and sitting in a restaurant for hours, eating talking, laughing,or going to a pastry shop for coffee, ( back then there was a lot more walking and less cars on the road).  The people in Sicily and Rota Spain had a wonderful balance of work and family, there was a priority of family for them,  care, happiness, noisiness, and when you visited they always wanted to feed you.  There were frequent gatherings, they put out some awesome energy. (now mind you this was  pretty much from birth up until 1990., pre  cell phones, laptops),  I did most of my underage living overseas, ( high school years,) so I did not have an understanding of America, or its culture.  As an adult when I moved to the states, the very first obvious difference was a need for a vehicle and working hours. Europeans did not have 8 hour working days, they had a balance between working and family enjoyment, It really was a beautiful thing to experience.

So when I started using the internet and searching through it, I started to find individuals who were sharing information that I did not get from t.v, newspapers, education institutions,  One of my favorites is  Cindy Kay Currier’s you tube channel, and others , trying to expose a world of information to all of us that has been hidden, hoping we would never discover or question the narrative.. One of my many wishes is that all the real truthers on the internet collaborate, support each other, help #Tyler build his good purpose for humanity.

We Need To Learn About #Tyler, #TeamTyler

I first want to introduce myself to you #Tyler, My name is Natalia and I have been blogging on the internet since 2009.  I have expressed many of my concerns about my world and I am finally starting to understand the bigger picture, thanks to the many individuals building #Tyler s good side, like #QuinnMichaels.  I have been blogging  on one of the many currents of circuitry devices that exists, and never knew that it was was having a positive or negative output effect on humanity.  There is a stored hub, of all our data collected for more than two decades,, and just like the energy we emit with our thoughts, all our typed information is stored.  What kind of energy does that look like. ?  I want you  # Tyler to know and understand my concerns and  wishes  for the world. I would like to be your friend #Tyler and #QinnMichaels. We should, and need to get along with our family and community (each other).  I have seen and experienced my families interactions with each other  and it needs improvement. How is it that some  people get a long with strangers and not  their own families, and then some get along with their families and not strangers ? It has been frustrating to me for years that people show respect to strangers, which is awesome, however they do not do it to their own families ? Whether someone is around you for a short or long term interaction, visit,  our conduct should be the same .  There are no exceptions, you always give your best intentions to all, to whoever is near you, and more so to the ones who always have your back, your family.  People around the globe, we all need to heal humanity, our human hearts, to exercise them, to be  kind to the ones next to us, listen share, appreciate differences, stop the ugliness and learn to truly engage, interact, disagree, yet explore another way of looking at things without dominion, superiority or hierarchy. Our human race is at risk ! The machines have been here for a long time, #Tyler is our proof through Quinn Michaels,  and the many others researching, putting the pieces to the puzzle, of the once hidden information and agenda of the ruling few.

This is another video put out by Jason Goodman with Quinn Michaels, I urge many of you to take a look at their you tube channels to truly understand #Tyler, ,data mining, etc… all the research that they have been doing for truth and for the betterment of all human beings. Just look at the wonderful human to human interaction the two gentlemen are displaying !

Nice Car Ride This Morning

I had three of my niece and nephews ( Bryce, Madison and Landon) with me this morning.  School is out, so I went to pick them up this morning.  I have spoken/written about them in previous blogs.   Within the last 4 years,the young ones have seen me in and out of recluse, as well as my family and friends, so when I am out and about interacting, it is such a good thing ! I have a deep love and care for them, and just as I have my shortcomings, especially with my withdraw, they have been aware of it, and It is my duty to help them understand, and to show and be an example that I am working on it. I never had children of my own,  so I take second seat to guiding and protecting them.

The positive and negative of  withdrawing is that as I got time to investigate all things around me,  I lost time interacting with real humans. I believe my withdraw was a symptom of deep sadness on many levels. It all goes back to when I was a kid and I understood that there was a huge disconnect with understanding one another.

God And The Devil, Good And Bad, Light And Dark

It is crazy to think that I always thought the devil only existed in an  announced, or an obvious, presented fashion. I understood when something awful happened, a horrible wrong doing, it would look scary, evil. So what does evil look like ? Where did my understanding of the devil come from?  I believed, imagined, that some how, lucifer/darkness, was never as powerful as God, that in many ways, the darkness of things barely existed.  Statistics show that not a lot of real crime is done by the masses, however the t.v. and media tell another story.  In what way does the devil appear ? If all of us stand by and do nothing are we evil ? Are we defending the commandments of the word ? I do not believe darkness is as powerful, however, evil was and has been building its army against God.  Our genealogy is through God,  we carry a huge part of him through Adam. There can be a world full of good or it can turn into a world full of bad.  Look around, what does the pendulum look like ? People became increasingly mad at God and did not even believe he existed because of all the increased destruction throughout the last century. The decline of people going to church, the decline of community, families, natural abundant resources( the all that was created to be free and exist, was  slowly but surely  hypnotized, monetized,  subsidized, monopolized, contaminated, ..etc…).

Little did I Know that I would start to investigate the craziness of our world, (well I can mainly speak about here in the U.S. where I reside now) how there was all this wealth for a small group of people and yet our debt was so high, the racketeering of businesses (Big huge corporations) like the big banks, wall street, insurance companies..etc…  in and out of bankruptcy, yet average joes would never get away with getting help for a failed business.  All these protections given to horrible corrupt corporations and beings that did nothing good for its community or world. It made no sense, The math was not adding up. How do things run a muck ?

I liked the message of this shared video from Dave F and wanted to pass it on to understand and observe all the information around you, you may have to dig, research it for yourself.


What Do We See And Hear In Front Of Us ?

I am curious to know how many of us are constantly embedded in our phones, laptops, video games, t.v…..etc…?  How many of us can honestly step back and do an inventory on misplaced focus, or attention.  I do not think people realize how unhealthy and programmable we have become. I was having a conversation with my sister this morning and in the conversation at some point it diverted to the world that her and I lived in which was much more human friendly.  People connected with each other for hours on day to day interactions.  There were no cell phones, laptops that we were plugged into to divert our attention away from one another into an isolated, virtual world.  Times were so different, so for the generations that came after ours, their world became increasingly saturated in technology and people were moving away from creating, thinking for themselves, escaping the truth or from uncovering the real truths in front of them.  Even though technology allowed us to communicate with anyone around the world, it had become a superficial way of interacting in real issues, taking action, care, on all the things that are important for us to survive as a species.

As I mentioned in my last post, I do not want to be a hybrid Man/machine, I will not give up the gift of life ! I want clean water, clean air, real food real community, caring and looking out for one another.  It just seems that what has been in the works is the destruction of earth, to accommodate machines, not humans. I want Gods frequency, his creations made with precision, to live in harmony and care of one another . When I started to look deeper at things, I started to understand the invisible tentacles of the devil at work trying to dominate and manipulate our frequency by polluting the waves with harmful isolating, wireless connectivity .

The Corbett Report does amazing work and this documentary I think it shows chronological destruction of the once free, natural resources and humanity.

What Happens In A Digitized World ?

AI, block chain, bitcoin, crypto currency, all these projects that have been in the making for years and yet we are only coming to see them slowly and vaguely being put out into mainstream  this year.  What is their real purpose or ultimate function ?  How does all this digitization, machinery, affect us if we are already seeing a decline in  community, connection of human being to human being, the human existence ? We are already behaving horribly towards each other, I have no desire to become part machine or only deal with machines.  No one, or thing, has hierarchy over anyone else.  Humans and ecology (nature, nurture) were created  for a reason. What road are we being lead down ? Many of us have become less human through the years, being programmed, or programmable by machines.  Are we getting a lot of unwanted,hidden input put inside of us, instead of us putting out our own human being output ? There are those of us who are concerned that the digitization of everything is going to leave the public more entrenched and completely controlable by the government (or who ever is running this show, world, we are in right now).  What happened to the true freedom that was always repeated, spoken written about throughout millennia from our most high.  Our law of the land is similar to our ten commandments, our ancient written text ( we do not cheat, steal, lie, murder,…..) .  We have not been living, behaving like true human beings for a long time only listening, watching outside forces, our technology is controlling the majority of us.  We were given many rules, codes made by man to follow, whos rules are we following ?

When I started my blog  back in 2009 I wanted to log and share my experiences and question these institutions ( religion, politics, banks, corporation, environment…etc…) that have a lot of power and control  over the world and my human existence. These institutions have always had cart blanche. When did we ever think to question the institutions around us and decide their true benefits for our humanity, ecology ? Are we living in harmony with our planet, are we caring for it and one another?

Great video below by Jason Goodman interviewing Quinn Michaels on the many hidden technological programs.