Children In The South Are Back To School

By: Nat on August 11, 2017

So school started  back yesterday for  my nieces and nephews in Pensacola, Florida, as for many other students who live in the southern states.

When I look back at all the years educators, parents, have been battling the horrible  education system,  the lack of funding that goes into the schools and to the salaries of teachers, how our education ranks in the world, and yet the horrible system just continues.  Why do we never see improvements ? We have all these un important people who make millions of dollars, who do not invest in the important areas of  our country,  and yet we still believe in government to make the changes that we never see !

Well there is a very important reason our education system ranks horribly,it is because it was  hijacked just like a lot of our other institutions. Below did a wonderful video piecing  this information together. There are many brothers and sisters who do such in depth research to put their work on the internet to share it and alert us of the hidden truth.

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